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Weekend Musings: Paris Fashion Week, Spring & Much More!

Spring Is On Its Way

Darlings, how is your March going? We’re almost halfway through and spring is on its way. I love spring because the flowers bloom and everything seems fresh, clean and new. 

My week has been busy as usual, but I’m back in sunny Calfornia with my Ultimate Concierge and my pooch, America. I love being in the desert and I have been working hard with my Honey Bee’s on our new site and an upcoming Facebook Group. 

Stay tuned for more updates! 

The Best of Paris Fashion Week 

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I love fashion, and I know my fashionista’s here will appreciate this post!

The last week was Paris Fashion week and as usual, all the best turned out their best. There was lots of 80s latex (wow!) and plaid looks, animal print, funky patterns and much more. 

I hope you enjoy some of the best in this slide show from Town & Country. 

The Coronavirus – What we do (and don’t) Know

It’s been a little scary out there with the Coronavirus out in the world. So, how do we deal with it? Well, I say the more we know, the better! 

In this great Ted Talk learn everything we do and don’t know about the virus. I hope this helps you understand it more. 

Are you traveling during this scary time? If you are, or if you travel at all, knowing how to disinfect your space on the airplane is a great skill!

The New York Times wrote a great article with several ideas on how to keep your seat and space germ-free if you must travel (or for when we start traveling again).

Read it HERE

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