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Honey Good’s Perfect Picks Of The Month – March 2020


MARCH 2020

Darlings, we had such a great response to “Honey Good’s Perfect Picks” last month! You all put a smile on my face.

This month, the month of Moxie here at Honey Good, I decided to share with you several more products that bring me joy. I wanted to include some rain gear (as we are prepping for spring here in the states), makeup, exercise bikes and much more.

I do hope you enjoy my “Perfect Picks” for March!

Hello Gorgeous Coffee Mug

You are all gorgeous! So why not remind yourself of it daily? This fun mug makes me smile and is a good reminder every morning to feel gorgeous about myself. Get one today!

Dior Rouge Couture Collection

I love a great lipstick because it can make you feel powerful, sexy, beautiful and everything in between. One of my daughters gave me this as a gift which makes this pick just that more special. This Dior Rouge Couture Collection is full of bright and muted colors for every occasion. Treat your lips and treat yourself!

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike: ME-709

Darlings, as we age we must take care of ourselves. I love exercise bikes because I can get my daily workout in and I can also read while doing it! Stationary bikes are great because they are low impact, which is great for your joints and they are perfect for any fitness level. You can go as fast and hard or as slow and easy as you want to. This bike is great and very affordable.

Peloton Bike

If you’re looking for a harder and more exciting workout, the new Peloton bike is all the rage. One of my daughters and sons-in-law has this Peloton and I love it. This bike is more expensive but allows you to take spin classes with instructors and take your exercise experience to the next level. As the website says, the Peloton bike is an “immersive cardio experience that will keep you coming back”.

Kate Spade New York Dome Umbrella

With spring coming, so is the rain. I consider umbrellas accessories. They are a statement of who I am. I choose this umbrella because it is neutral and very feminine. We all need a lovely umbrella to perk us up on cloudy rainy days. Why not look fashionable while walking down the street? This lovely Kate Spade umbrella with white spade flowers is just the ticket! It’s understated yet beautiful.

Finish off your rain ensemble with a high top rain boot. I bought a pair for my granddaughter and myself. They come in bright yellow and black and other colors. And, in medium and short heights. This boot is for all ages. Nothing can ruin your day more than wet socks! So, keep those toes dry with a good rubber boot that is comfortable and fashionable. You can always search “wellies” if you want fun patterns and crazy colors but the brand I adore is Hunter. Either visit amazon or go directly to their website to find the right pair for you.

We all need a great pen, darlings. It is a ‘splurge’ gift for yourself. And, you do deserve it. We write our timeless words with our pens. We sign our signatures, write lists, take notes and doodle with our pens. Every woman should own one beautiful pen to lay on her desk or take out of her handbag to write a reminder note to herself while out for lunch with a friend. My daughter-in-law bought me one over 25 years ago that I use today. This timeless Elsa Peretti Ballpoint Pen from Tiffany’s will last you a lifetime. Trust me, it is worth the investment to give yourself or for that special someone on a very special occasion.

This vase is a keeper. Put fresh flowers or beautiful green leaves to gaze at on your desk or a coffee table and even in a kitchen window. It is stark white. A vase can be just as important as the flowers. With spring coming, and flowers blooming, you’ll need a piece to hold your lovely blooms. I bought this vase for a shower gift and I would gift it as a wedding gift as well. This Jonathan Adler vase is simple, beautiful and a piece of art that will last forever.

Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know to Start and Sustain a Thriving Garden

My girlfriend has a raised-bed garden. If you dreamed of starting a perfect garden for yourself or for a grandchild this is the time. Gardening is meditative and relaxing and great for the mind and body. This wonderful book takes you through all the steps to start your own thriving garden! Using a raised-bed makes gardening easy and you can do it in smaller spaces. So much fun!

Peonies: Beautiful Varieties for Home & Garden (Table Book)

On the theme of flowers, I wanted to include a table book of beautiful flowers to brighten up any living space. I love Peonies and the photographs in this book are beautiful and will bring a smile to your face just as they bring one to mine.

Galileo Thermometer

I love my Galileo. It comes in three different heights. I have the tall one. It is a conversation piece and keeps perfect temperature. A Galileo thermometer is a wow gift for you or for someone you love. The colorful glass vessels inside rise or fall as the temperature changes. This thermometer is a great addition to any home. I keep mine in my bath to notice the daily weather as I prepare to dress for the day.

MOVA Globe

The MOVA Globe is a delight! I just had to include it in my March picks. As you know, my Ultimate Concierge and I love to travel and seeing this globe every day on our den table makes us dream of our next destination and to remind us of all our romantic adventures. What makes this globe so special is that it never stops revolving on the lucite rack. All it needs is light. It is miraculous to watch! I gave this to my husband on his birthday with a card that said, “Always see the world with rose-colored glasses”.

Stories For My Grandchild – A Grandmother’s Journal

Stories for my Grandchild

Finally, I’ve included my “Stories For My Grandchildren” journal. It’s the perfect gift to fill in your life story to give to your grands as their keepsake no matter what time of year. But with Mother’s Day around the corner, this is the perfect occasion. Share your stories and memories with your family to pass down from generation to generation.

What are some of your March product picks? Let me know in the comments below. 

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March 11, 2020


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  1. Eileen Higham says:

    The two things I wanted to pick from your perfect picks were out of stock , and I just got your email this morning . What gives ?

    • Pete says:

      Oh no! We’re so sorry… the products were available when we created the post. BUT NOT TO WORRY, we have found new links to the same products that are in stock and we have updated the website. So, sorry for this. BTW… this is Pete the tech guy commenting back 🙂

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I am so sorry.I believe you were given a new link. Please let me know I know Pete responded to you and told you he changed the links to another outlet for purchasing. Of course we did not do this intentionally. I will speak to my content manager and see if there is a way to check before we let anyone at Honey Good try and buy a product that is out of stock. Thank you for letting me know. Warmly, Honey PS Which two products? Thank you for liking my choices.

  2. Patricia Smith says:

    The Galileo Thermometer is a perfect gift for the friend who drives me (have a car but do not drive any more) and for my Grandson…he and wife just bought their first homes. I’ve printed out the info and will order this for June birthday, and in
    August also. Thanks for your good ideas. I was born and raised in Chicago and love it. (Now in Indiana). I say my blood
    runs faster the nearer I get when visiting the city!

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