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Weekend Musings: My Makeup & Skincare Routine, Good News & More!

Happy May my sweet readers. I can’t believe we made it, but here we are! How are you all doing?

I have been thinking about you all, and I want you to know if you ever need me, I am here for you!

If you are like me and have been craving friendship during this time at home, I would like to invite you to join my Facebook group, “GRANDwomen with Moxie – Where Loneliness Disappears!” We have over 600 members and growing each and every day.

There we post recipes, share our lives and even have weekly virtual happy hours! I hope to see you there. We are having such great fun!

Now, on to Weekend Musings!

My Skin & Makeup Routine

Are you looking for something fun to do in quarantine? Well, I decided it was time that I share my skin and makeup routine with you via video!

I go through my favorite products and what I do to make myself feel good and keep my skin feeling good and healthy.

I hope you enjoy!

Yoga For Complete Beginners

As we have figured out, being in quarantine has given us the opportunity to try things that we have been wanting to try, but haven’t found the time to do!

Yoga is great not only for our bodies but for our minds and mental health as well. This yoga routine off of YouTube is great for beginners and also lasts only 20 minutes. Start easy and maybe you will love it!

Let’s see if we can learn this skill together!

Are you Ready For Some Good News?

If you are like me, you believe in the power of positivity! If you are looking for a different kind of news broadcast, then try “Some Good News with John Krasinski”. He posts new episodes often that include good news stories from around the world!

I am smiling!

This Week’s Roundup of Blog Posts Include:

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  1. On your makeup routine. What eyebrow pencil do you use ? I get my brows tinted but the Covid has stopped that for a while now and in the near future.

  2. Hi Honey!
    I enjoyed listening to your beauty routine! What do you think about the product City Lips? its a plumper with that long named acid I cant pronounce. I bought some on line and lost it after a few weeks..but I was digging it..might try it again. thanks for the remind about sunscreen! What does the Nors product do..brighten your eyes?
    You are lovely!! Thanks for this forum!
    Helen Kane

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