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How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel During Quarantine

How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Hotel During Quarantine

With COVID-19, I think a lot of us are itching to get out of the house and travel. Maybe some of us are craving the feeling of going on a vacation and lounging in a hotel. Or, before this all began, you felt discouraged because you maybe felt like your home is not the equivalent of a hotel-standard for company.

However, there is a way to feel like you are staying in a 5-star hotel in your favorite vacation spot, and all you have to do is decorate. And… what a perfect time to do it while we can’t go out!

Here are some things you can do, all of which can be bought online and done with minimal help or on your own. 

Buy New Mattresses

First of all, if you have had the same mattress for 25 years, you may want to get a new bed. If you find you sleep better in hotels than you do at home, the problem may be your old mattress. To fix the first problem, buy a certified organic mattress for better sleep. With the new beds, put pressed white sheets on them, and you will already notice a hotel feeling.

Keep Your Home Clean

Any nice hotel you have been to probably won you over based on the fact that it was always clean. If you want more of a transition to a hotel home, keep your house clean. Wash your sheets more frequently than twice a year; preferably wash them every two weeks. Keep the floors clean as well. If you do not have the time to vacuum regularly, purchasing a robot vacuum like a Roomba may be a good purchase for your house. Avoid cluttering things and, instead, put them away neatly to add to the hotel feeling. Maintain clean showers, toilets, mirrors, and sinks, and dust often to keep a pristine look to your house, just like the famous hotel you love so dearly.

Get Outdoor Decorations

It does not matter if you have a pool or hot tub in your backyard, as long as you have the ability to lounge outside comfortably. If you do not want to splurge on buying and installing a pool, purchase comfortable outdoor chairs, tables, firepits, volleyball nets, or whatever you want to convert your boring backyard to your dream hotel’s outdoor area. Also, while you are outside, make sure you keep your grass neatly cut in the summertime, as well as keeping pretty landscaping to add to the eye appeal.

Stick to a Color Palette

Whether you pick neutral colors, like whites, blacks, and tans, a beach color palette, like blues and greens, a romantic look, like reds and pinks, a rustic vibe with woodwork and browns, or any other color palette your heart desires, make sure you stick to those colors. If downstairs looks like a farm but upstairs looks like a beach, guests might get a little confused. Pick what vibe you want to go with, and execute that look and that look ONLY. It will make your home look much more attractive if everything matches.

Tone Down on Decorations

In hotels, less is more, so put that same thought into your home. If you have a theme you want to go with, obviously you can have decorations that match the theme, but every wall does not need to have 60 framed pictures. Flowers are a perfect decoration because they liven up the room without drawing all of the attention to them. You can either buy fake plants that you never have to replace, or you can devote yourself to keeping real plants alive. Succulents are also trendy right now, so those are also a good décor idea if you want to add to the minimalist décor effect.

Warm Lighting

Hotels are home of the warm lighting at night, natural light during the day look, so consider adding that look to your home. Purchase lamps with simple shades and put them on the ends of all of your beds on the nightstands. In the daytime, put blinds and curtains on windows that are easy to move so you can have natural sunlight light up your house during the day. For light at night, try lower wattage light bulbs in lamps to add a cozy look after you turn out the bright overhead lights.

Surround Sound for the House

Getting surround sound for music is the smartest invention since sliced bread, as you can continuously play relaxing elevator music at a dull volume. You can also use it for watching movies all together as a family, for demonstrating the feeling of sitting in your hotel beds watching the same film altogether on vacation. Surround sound can be pricey, so if you want to take the cheaper option, get wireless speakers, so you can still play the hotel type music all around from your phones, you will just have to connect all of the speakers.

Soft Bathrobes

Perhaps one of the most famous hotel perks are the silk robes they leave for you in the closets. You can invest in your own silk robes for the family and any guests you may have, or you can just buy the plush type robes for a little cheaper. No matter what, the robes will bring in the feeling of being in a hotel faster than any other feature.

Have Fun With It!

No matter what you decide to do, have fun with your home. It’s your space, and deciding what to do with it should be an exciting process. Let us know if you have any more thoughts or questions. 

Have any of you tried to make your home like a hotel? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. This advice is stellar, and it works! I took this advice from my sister in law over 25 years ago and have expanded on it, and carried it through to each home I’ve lived in throughout the years. My home makes me feel so wonderful, every room in every way, all coordinated, uncluttered, fresh living spaced, right down to the pressed white sheets, fresh towels, robes, etc. We feel like pampered guests in our own home. It makes us happy to be here and who cares about going to our “favorite hotel” away from home. This is it! Thanks for the confirmation and refresher.

  2. I’ve always felt that the master bedroom should be an inviting sanctuary. I did a fair amount of business travel for a number of years and as a result I was able to bring some of that feel to my own space. It has always been a well kept space, never messy with clothes, etc. There is nothing better than the luxurious feel of quality bed linens and I think that it had an impact on 49 years of marriage. I was brought up in a household without a washer and dryer, my mother always sent our laundry out so I got used to ironed sheets and still iron mine to this day.

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