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Weekend Musings: Late Summer Gardening, Yoga, & Much More!

Weekend Musings: Late Summer Gardening, Yoga, & Much More!

This week got me thinking about many things. If you haven’t read my newest series yet called, “Hear it From Honey: It’s GOOD Advice” I do hope you will check it out. I ask my readers (including you!) what they would like to hear from me. It can be an overarching idea or a specific question, but it’s a weekly blog that allows me to answer any of your questions that you may have for me.

This week I spoke on rejection. I know that we have all been rejected, and unfortunately, we will continue to have and be rejected It’s how we deal with the rejection that is important. (At least in my opinion.) As I mentioned in my blog, when you are faced with rejection, take a deep breath and focus only on your self-worth. Use your positive resources; wisdom, experience, knowledge, and principles. Concentrate on valuing who you are and not on what the perpetrator tried to do to you. In other words, darling, never sell yourself short!” I hope this helps. For more, make sure you check out “Hear it From Honey” every Thursday. And, if you would like to ask me a question, please email me at You will stay anonymous!

Now, on to my Weekend Musings…

25-Min Total Body Yoga & Tension Release

I don’t know about you darling, but with the way the world is now, I know I need to release a little tension. What I love about Yoga, is that it’s for every age and every single body. It doesn’t matter if you are flexible, or if you’re great at it, it’s meant to help you and heal you.

Yoga is great for stretching, healing the mind, and being at peace with your inner and outer surroundings. If you haven’t tried Yoga, I highly suggest that you do. I found a short 25-minute video on YouTube for you to try. Just looking at her surroundings makes me feel relaxed. Enjoy!

The 75 Best Netflix Shows and Series to Watch

I can’t tell you how many shows my Ultimate Concierge and I have watched over the last year. I’m sure you all are in the same boat as well. With a year at home, it was almost impossible not to watch shows and movies until we just couldn’t anymore. Personally, we loved the shows Yellowstone, The Last Kingdom, Anne with an E, and Call The Midwife.

Now, if you have run out of things to watch, don’t worry! This list from Collider is here to rescue you. They list 75 Netflix shows and original series to watch. So, take a gander at the list, pick something wonderful, and enjoy your weekend with a nice dinner and a drink. Don’t forget to cuddle with your partner or furry pet!

6 Crops to Plant in August for Late Summer Harvest

It’s almost mid-August, and I know so many of you just love to garden. I got to thinking about what you could garden in late summer, especially if you live in a winter state, and nothing immediately came to mind. So, I went out on a hunt to discover what we could plant in late summer and still have a crop before winter. YouTube to the rescue!
Kim is very easy to follow, and I just love her energy in this video. All of the vegetables she speaks of are easy to plant and very easy to grow. You will be eating the fruits (veggies) of your labor before the summer is out! Let me know if you plant any.

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