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I am here to offer my support with fresh solutions to your questions. My desire is to enable you to push yourself into a favorable answer and as a result feel inspired by your positive action.

A GRAND Woman with Moxie earns her title by trying to meet her struggles with positivity, mindfulness, grit, and her ability to feel her vulnerable side and reach out to another woman for guidance and inspiration.

I believe in the saying Women Need Women.

That is the theme of Ask Honey.

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My Credentials

I have a Ph.D. in life.

There is no greater teacher than life’s experiences. Turning pages in a classroom does not give you true grit or life knowledge. I have educated myself on how to handle my woes with the art of resilience and positivity.

My life experiences have enlightened me to face: widowhood; moving across the sea with a young family; how to blend a family; navigating financial situations; proactively battling cancer; handling disappointment from adult children; second marriage; taking a stand; embracing journaling; becoming an author; how to shop till you drop; entertaining with Moxie; grappling the ins and outs of technology; forming women’s groups; traveling the world; packing and unpacking; the importance of knowing your significant other’s financial plans; deep betrayals from friendships; how to have a successful marriage; how to get along with the in laws and out laws; mother and daughter relationships; how to solve problematic feet and shoes; facing ageism as a woman over 50 in the workplace; reinvention to conquer invisibility; how to dare yourself to dare.

Yes, Darlings, I have experienced everything above and much more…

and that is the reason why my column is dedicated to you.

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Ask Honey - Advice for Women