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The Best Trench Coats for Women Over 50

I don’t care what they say about that d*mn groundhog and his darn shadow… spring is in the air, darlings! If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm weather climate, this may not be as exciting for you as it is to those of us who live in frigid places, where winter — with all of its whitewashed beauty — also brings freezing temperatures, icy rain and a tendency to do as bears do… hibernate! Spring is finally a month away, so it’s time to start thinking about spring fashion, which, for me, always calls to mind the classic trench coat. Today, I have rounded up some stunning and stylish trench coats for spring at a variety of price points, from the ultra affordable to the luxurious.

My Picks for the Best Trench Coats for Women Over 50…

Timeless in Navy from Ralph Lauren
I have written many times, dear readers, about my love affair with navy! This classic trench coat is designed to fit true to size, has beautiful detailing on the gold buttons, and could transition well between seasons! At $225, this option is in the mid-price range but comes from a brand you can trust to last. You can purchase it here.
Cheap and Chic
An option on the more affordable end is this button down, drawstring waist trench coat. The texture of this coat has a soft, knit feel and is easily stretchable, so it can be worn over anything. And with the ability to be dressed up or down, this choice is a no-brainer, darlings! You can buy it here for just $50.
Pretty in Pink
Does this trench coat shout spring or what? This lovely blush color pops just enough while still being subtle as the temperatures continue to rise.  And at just $200, this faux suede coat is much more affordable than it looks and can be purchased here.
Such a Steal!
The most affordable of my picks today is this simple olive, button down trench.  For less than $20, this jacket with double-breasted button detailing is a must-have and will add a timeless polish to any outfit you put together this season. Snatch this one while you can here!
The Luxurious Classic
The most luxurious of my picks, darlings, is this beautiful, Italian cashmere staple. Pairing well with just about everything, it is no wonder this truly versatile look hasn’t changed much since it was first launched years ago. Featuring all of the classic trench details, including epaulettes, a storm flap, and buckled cuffs, this investment will last a long time. You can pick it up here.

Spring Into the Conversation…

I’d love to hear what you think of my picks and perhaps even see pictures of YOUR best trench coats for women over 50. Please jump into the conversation on my Facebook page where we have a vibrant, outspoken community of women over 50 just like you! I look forward to connecting and seeing your spring style, too.
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  1. I seriously like the one under “Pretty in Pink” and will think about getting this, although, of course I don’t need it 🙂

    Style is so important to me as we all grow a little older. My friends, the ones who “mirror” me, as you say always look pulled together, hair, makeup, updated clothes, accessories, shoes, bags . . . but then I notice many women “of a certain age” just don’t seem to put any effort into it. Whatever the budget, everyone can look pulled together with a bit of effort. Don’t you agree?

  2. Dear Honey,

    Love this post. I have been looking for a taupe (NOT yellow-beige) Trench with a removable line for years. London Fog offers one in black or yellow beige.
    I bought the beige but hated the color and gave it away. If anyone knows of another manufacturer I would love to know. I wear an extra-large. I have found
    several in size 4!-I wish.

    Than you!

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