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Style Watch: Why navy and white is always right!

I’m always looking for new fashion inspiration and as of late, I am absolutely fascinated with nautical style. While this fashion trend is nothing new, I still find it to be such a polished look.

Nautical chic, as many call it, first became popular in 1846 when Queen Victoria had a sailor suit made for her son, Albert Edward, the Prince of Wales. After he wore it on the Royal Yacht, British parents started dressing their sons in sailor suits. People followed the fashion lead of celebrities even in the 1800s, go figure! Shortly after this, by the late 1800s, the nautical look became popular among women.

My secret to pulling off this sophisticated look? Simply pairing navy and white without going overboard… pun intended, meaning no nautically themed accessories. Together, this duo, gives off a subtle nautical look, without becoming too old-fashioned or over-the-top nautical.

Pearls are a great addition to a nautical-inspired ensemble. Pearls are one of those staples in my jewelry collection because they never fail to add an elegant touch to whatever I’m wearing, navy and white or otherwise.

The finishing touch to my navy and white look and really every single one of my outfits is my red string and red Hermès bracelet. I like the pop of color these bracelets give to my navy and white ensemble along with the sentimental value that they hold for me.

And there you have it my darlings, that’s how I take my nautical inspired look up a notch on the modern sophistication scale. Just remember, pair navy and white, add some pearls and don’t forget a tiny pop of color!

Ah. one more note… this is a great look for Fall transition. This time of year when the weather in Chicago, for example, is 55 degrees one day and 80 degrees the next. How do you cope with the seasons’ most mercurial weather?

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