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Traveling to Bali and Singapore. Here Comes Honey!


(A photo from a previous adventure!)

Traveling to Bali and Singapore is in my plans for this week. What an opportunity; I am beyond grateful. When it comes to opportunities, I have an idea why some of us are enthusiastic souls, and some of us derail chance after chance. However, I am hardly the cautious type. I am taking off enthusiastically into ‘the wild blue yonder’ without trepidation, partially because the adventure at hand outweighs my fears.

It is best, I have found, not to give credence to insecurities and what ifs. What I prefer to do is focus on the subject matter, in this case, the incredible adventure I am about to experience.

Enthusiasm plays a significant role in making confident decisions. Apathy has no place in my vocabulary largely because I know that I am blessed.

I go off into ‘the wild blue yonder’ about most things, traveling into the unknown often and not just on an airplane. If someone says to me, ‘try this,’ I say to myself, ‘why not?’

And, that my darlings is the reason I have seen parts of the world most Americans would never dare to see. Most people call this wanderlust. I call it enthusiasm.

Ready, set, adventure!

And, so with 100% enthusiasm, my ultimate concierge and I are off to the Orient tomorrow. We will set off on a 17-hour flight to Singapore where we will spend a few days and then off to Bali for quite a while. My bags are packed, and I am ready to go. In more ways than one.

I will close the door behind me without any ‘emotional baggage.’ Time has been spent making sure that America, our pooch, will be in good hands. Hours have been invested into connecting with our well-chosen travel agent. I have checked weather conditions in Bali and know I will probably need a rain poncho, and I contacted a friend, who has lived in Bali for years. She will introduce me to the Balinese, and I will share my adventures with you. I am always thinking of you, darlings.


I am a hip, 21st century, technologically savvy grandmother

On the tech side, I am well prepared for this trip. This 21st Century grandmother has her iPhone programmed for free phone calls. I also have WhatsApp for free messaging.

I have a new App on my phone, Pocket Travel, that has our day by day trip, our flights, our dinner reservations, and a message center that will allow messages to flow back and forth with our travel agent, Ayse and with Ines, my Managing Director, at Honey Good.

Ines and Ayse will also be able to message back and forth. My laptop and iPhone have been checked for any ‘bugs’ and are ready to take off with me so I can continue my musings, text many of my grands, and send photos and videos. I am smiling to myself because I can say that I take better care of my tech products than my jewelry! La De Da. Please look into these apps.

Enthusiasm meets organization

I have given myself the right to be 100% enthusiastic because I am well organized.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a type A personality, yet I somehow manage to get everything done and land on my feet.

Here we go again with my Apps; I use the Reminders App on my computer and on my phone. Use it darlings! I have it in my favorites, and during the day I leave it visible on my desktop so I can add a new responsibility or delete a ‘job accomplished.’ I love deleting!


Friendship + adventure = JOY!

Girlfriends will play a large role in this trip, darlings. I will be meeting up with friends from the USA and around the world; we share a bond. We are a group made up of all nationalities. But first and foremost, we are women who mirror one another in our values and lifestyle. I will take photos and share with you, of course.

I am meeting, Sue, again for the first time since we were children. She has been a resident of Bali most of her adult life. Before that, she lived for years in Japan. She is going to introduce me to Balinese life, including its people and their customs. There is no better way to understand a country.

Well my darlings, my ultimate concierge and I have appointments for together pedicures, so I have to say good-bye for now, but not for long. I am so filled with enthusiasm for ‘everything.’ The trip. Seeing my friends. Using my Apps. Musing to you. Sending videos and photos. Meeting the Balinese people. The Hotels. New friendships along the way. Shopping! Even going through the airports! And, last but not least, spending romantic and intellectually stimulating time with my ultimate concierge as we travel to Bali and Singapore.

Have you traveled to Bali? To Singapore? Do you have tips to share? Places you adored? Do tell! Please share your thoughts with me via TwitterFacebookPinterest, Instagram or in the comments section below.

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    1. You are right. We are loving them. We just arrived in Abud. I will be writing a story this week. Stay tuned. Warmly, Honey

    1. It is a fun word. It is endearing. It is dated but in actuality, it is a forever word, because affection for others is ongoing. Please try liking it now!! I am smiling and very happy you enjoy reading many things on my website. Warmly, Honey

  1. Been to both Bali and Singapore! Loved Bali!! The art district in ubud was our favorite. Fond memories of sleeping in a house with open air netted bed with tribal music at night and over seeing the rice paddies, the spices and food were amazing and the beautiful offering left with our breakfast made by a local house boy who went to the market daily to prepare fresh local meals. The local people were so warm and shared stories of traditions in Bali. We dive so we dove off the colorful old boats, saw the monkeys in the forest. Walked the temples with sarongs and saw the emerald Buddha. Some beliefs and traditions took us back but we respected their ways to get the local way of living. Very special place back in 1988. We’ve lived abroad and traveled a lot, Bali was probably our favorite place! Enjoy!!! Back then, we went to. Mick Jagger favorite hang out restaurant that had huge tasty lobster dishes. Hope you find it if it’s still there!

    1. We are in Ubud now. Just arrived. I will write my story of Bali later this week. It will probably mirror your story. I hope are time here will be as eventful as yours. Warmly, Honey

  2. I have been to Indonesia but only to Jacarta. Absolutely love the people!
    Have a wonderful trip…savor…enjoy and make beautiful memories!

    1. I am taking your advice and am savoring, enjoying and making beautiful memories. Thank you. Warmly, Honey

  3. Omg, do not travel Lion Air or Garuda Airlines if you can possibly avoid them: terrible safety records. Otherwise follow Crazy Rich Asians as a food guide in Singapore. Have a great adventure!

    1. Flew Singapore Air. Perfect flights. Loved the movie, Crazy Rich Asians. I am following the food guide. Happy Holidays. Warmly, Honey

  4. I have traveled alot and fell in love with Bali…I think the Balinese are the most beautiful people (inside) in the world…they know how to treat others so kindly. I am a young 65yrs but looking for a Volunteer opportunity…if you come upon something I would love to hear. Looking forward to your Bali experiences

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