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The Importance of Listening To Your Intuition

I always turn inward to listen to my inner voice; my intuition. You are as blessed as I am but do you use this intuitive guidance system? I often write in my jargon: “Listen to your heart, it knows.” And, it does!

When you learn to turn inward and listen and trust your divine intelligence, it will guide your choices throughout your life.

Listen To Your Heart, It Knows

You know when something doesn’t feel right. You feel it in your gut. I refer to this as your emotional intelligence system. This system communicates with you to make a left or right turn or stay the course. In other words, your gut may be telling you something is not right and it is time for a change. Or, you have an uneasy feeling but are unwilling to make a decision until you give yourself time to analyze your unsettled feeling. This may require having a meaningful and positive conversation. Or your gut says to stay the course because your emotional compass, that good old intuition, is reacting with happiness and confidence.

Above all, please be honest with yourself so you can be in alignment with your intuition. Don’t ever let anger or fear be your guide. Calm the waters of your mind first and then tune in.

Body and Mind Reaction

I know I have made the right choice by the way my body reacts and so do you. You feel a weight lifted off your shoulders and a rebound in energy. You feel a return of joy and a sense of relief instead of anxiety, fatigue, and even depression. When this happens, you know you were honest with yourself and used your wisdom; your internal emotional intuition. And, you were true to your higher self.

Be Still

We are constantly bombarded with outside forces. When this occurs it is hard to tap into our inner voice, our intuition. Therefore, remember to embrace the silence of the day or evening for clarity. If your iPhone or Android is constantly ringing, and the kids are constantly texting, and the dog will not stop barking, and you are being pulled in a million directions, it is challenging to tap into our honest intuition.

Therefore, when you are up against making a decision, please make it with clarity. If your mind is not in a restful mood, the waters are muddied. You must first decompress. You have to have a clear channel for your honest and intuitive thoughts to flow through.

Emotions Override Intuition

There are those times we allow ourselves to let wounds guide our decision instead of our intuition. Afterward, we feel remorse. Wounds from fear, anger, or self-doubt, should never be our guide. Step back, settle down, and skillfully decipher between your negative thoughts and your true inner voice, your intuition. Let your wisdom rule. It will illuminate your course of action.

It takes a positive effort to do anything well. Your goal is to own your emotional intuition; to trust it and to never allow negative thinking to interfere and cloud your true thoughts. It is important to cultivate an intimate relationship with your emotions because it knows you.

Owning Your Intuition

I must tell you that every time I did not listen to my heart, my emotional intuition, I have suffered the consequences. I have let my anger overrule listening to my heart. And, I have allowed empathy to overtake sound judgment. I have stayed silent and taken the high road when I should have roared. But on the whole, I have listened to my heart and taken many a stand for my belief in justice, for love and caring, and most importantly to honor myself, my needs, my self-respect, as well as the needs of others.

When you are able to deepen your relationship with your honest emotions you enter a passage into living a more meaningful and rich life. I have found by listening to my heart, my emotional intuition, I have found greater peace and trust in my journey through life. Ride the wave with me. It suits every human being well.

Do you listen to your intuition/emotional intelligence? Please share in the comments at the bottom of this page. We want to hear from you!

Warmly, Honey

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September 5, 2021

Passages After 50, Relationships

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