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The Buzz: Helping Those in Need

Helping Those in Need

It’s been another splendid week here at, and as always, for that, I am eternally grateful. However, as blessed as we are, I also spent much of my week reflecting on the devastating hurricane, Florence, that is headed towards the United States and what people must be going through as they prepare to evacuate their homes.

Can you even imagine?

So today, I decided it was time to take action! Instead of simply watching the devastating destruction play out on my television screen, I’ve decided to be proactive and to help as much as I can, even from Chicago! Want to get involved? I found this resource to be a great way to start.

Helping Those in Need

Don’t think you have much money to give? Darlings, any amount helps! I think people forget that sometimes… but even $5 can make the world of difference to those families (and pets) stuck in a shelter or for task forces down in the heart of it all bringing supplies to those in need.

Even if you don’t have any money to spare, that is also perfectly fine. Donating your time is another beautiful way to show you care. I know this community of strong, powerful women are some of the most caring people out there. So let’s show the world just how true that is!

How will you step up and do your part?

The Week in Review

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Did You Have a Wonderful Week? I’d Love to Hear About It!

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  1. Susan, so sorry this is late but I want to congratulate you on your new addition.What a beautiful,precious pup. Love the name AMERICA.So happy for you and Shelly.Always,Janice

    1. So HAPPY to hear from you. I am going for lunch in Kankakee by the Sea tomorrow. I am glad you like the name, America. I do too, naturally. Glad you are safe and sound. I will see Carole Graveline tomorrow. Be well. xo Susan

    2. Sorry, I am late in answering. I am very busy with AMERICA (glad you like his name!) I was also in Kankakee by the Sea last week having lunch with our classmates. I think you know they meet monthly for lunch and chatter. I love going. I hope your home and garden were not touched by Florence. Please keep in touch. Warmly and always, Susan

  2. I’m with you on helping those who are in need. It’s why I started Books To Keep near our Florida home. We donate new and gently used books to the 5 food pantries near us. In the 4 years since our book club started the project we’ve donated more than 11,000 books! If your readers would like to know more about the program and how they can start one in their communities, simply go to

    1. You are so special. I hope you will sign up for MOXIE! on my site. It is going to be very special. I went to the site. I am an admirer of yours. Warmly, Honey

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