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The Buzz: Fortune Favors the Bold

Fortune Favors the Bold

The definition of being bold is having the ability to take risks and to be confident and courageous. So by definition, there is a number of ways in which a person could be considered bold.

You may be bold in your style and fashion choices, in how you create new memories and love, and even in how you forge ahead and make the most of each day.

And that’s exactly what I challenge you to do in the coming week. As I sit here looking at the week in review, I wish for you all the courage to be bold in your every endeavor. Because as history has shown, fortune favors the bold.

Allow yourself to make bold choices, to be bold for those around you, and to empower a strength and boldness in those who could benefit from it most. Be the change, darlings!

The Week in Review

Are You Making Memories That Matter?

Every spring, my ultimate concierge and I leave our home in Rancho Mirage and return to our apartment in the sky in Chicago.

This week, in California, I was sitting in my great room looking at one of my small gardens. A peacefulness sets in as I think at length about the past six months of my life in the small community of Rancho Mirage.

I was blessed to have many happy experiences. But, foremost on my mind was the loss of my devoted pooch, Orchid Good, who would not be lying at my feet on our American flight as she has for the last 11 years.

My longing for her has not ceased one bit since she died in my arms, in my California home on April 20. Orchid is all around me.

I will miss that peaceful home, my garden sanctuary, and I will miss my lovely friends.

But, this year, as every year before… read the story.

Creating a Lifestyle of Meaning in Your Retirement

At various times in our lives, all of us come to a fork in the road – that place where we need to make a decision about where we want to go for our future.

Picking a career, choosing a spouse, or determining whether or not to have children are examples of these significant junctures.

Choosing to retire early rather than working for a couple of more decades is a personal decision not unlike the ones listed above. This change in your life direction has consequences – not only for you but with your relationships.

So are you choosing to conform to society or are you creating the future you always dreamed of? Read this story to find out.

Making the Time for Your Relationship

As a young girl, I watched my mother treat my father in a very loving manner. My father always came first. They had a  loving and respectful relationship and my mother just knew how to make him happy. She earned my father’s admiration and love and she was adored beyond words.

In return, my mother also taught me how to make a man happy. She said, “Remember Susan, all men are little boys.” She told me that all men need care, attention, and praise. However, if you take good care of your man, he will revere and love you back.

I have always cherished her advice, but after being in a loving relationship for over two decades, this week I shared with you my own advice… Read the story.

Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just a day away, and if you haven’t purchased gifts for some of the important Moms in your life yet, you may be feeling frantic.

But not to worry, dear readers! This week, I gathered several last-minute gift ideas sure to thrill and touch the most important women in your life.

Would she appreciate a handwritten letter, a bouquet of flowers, or even a massage right in the comfort of her own home? Whatever would make her heart sing, I’ve got you covered… See my last-minute gift ideas here.

Timeless Wisdom & Inspiration From My Mother

My mom is now in her nineties and has weathered so much in the past several years. She has suffered from a broken hip, requiring two surgeries, a broken wrist, and almost choked to death! She should not be alive, but alive she is! And for that, I am beyond grateful.

Recently, I said to her, “Mom, you are a sage dripping with advice. Would you share your wisdom with my Honey Good readers?”

“This will be fun,” she replied. “I would love to!”

I asked her questions on several topics and based on her responses, I quickly realized, I am my mother’s daughter! Find out what she said here.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Late one afternoon my daughters and I drove to the market to buy steaks to “throw on the grill.” We were going to serve dinner to a group of 20!

Our minds were racing, and our mouths were going a mile a minute. Who would set the table? Who would make the salad? What kind of flowers? We were not organized for the task but bantered back and forth between giggles. We knew in the back of our minds dinner would be marvelous even though it was last minute.

As we drove to the market, I said, “Girls, let’s stay relaxed! You know we will pull it off. I am already envisioning a delicious dinner on an artistically adorned dining room table.”

My daughters are the Yin and the Yang. One a great cook. The other is a daunting artist.

And then I added, so “let’s simply be.” Read the story to find out my daughter’s response!

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