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How to light up a woman’s inner beauty

How do we light up a woman’s beauty; our beauty?

It’s a current hairstyle, a beautiful fragrance, pearly white teeth, red lips and manicured nails and toes; it’s a candle lit bath with perfumed oils and luscious soaps; it’s exercise, rest and good nutrition. It’s finding your outer style and not living in a time warp. Darlings… to be a truly beautiful woman you must add inner beauty qualities that make your presence light up a room, whatever your age. You walk tall, you have a sparkle in your eyes, a warm laugh and an inquisitive mind. That is the true essence of beauty… the inner you. Everyone in the world can possess inner beauty. You just have to embrace the inner you.

Tips on how to light up your inner beauty

1.     Be wonderstruck. I say this from my heart. Every day of my life I delight in my surroundings.  This happens because I take the time to observe. Being wonderstruck has enlarged my world with thrilling encounters and adventure. Observing makes you ponder. When you ponder, you grow. A woman who is wonderstruck through her observations lights up from within.

2.     Appreciate your blessings. I had a lovely conversation with a saleswoman in the shoe department. She shared with me, that each morning, she writes down 1 to 5 reasons she is grateful that day. I could relate to her because I have always been a gratefulperson.  A grateful woman is a happy woman who lights up from within.

3.     Elevate your compassion: look outside of your inner self; feel for others. A compassionate and empathetic woman is kind, feels the pain of others and lights up from within.

4.     Examine your relevancy. I realize as women age they are concerned with the loss of outer beauty. It is our culture. I know several beautiful women who are beautiful, well over the age of 50, and feel invisible. They are educated, well- traveled, married and have wonderful families and it matters not. They have lost sight of the true meaning of beauty, the inner self. A woman who feels relevant will continue to be a beautiful woman and light up from within.

5.     Your instincts are your power. You have lived 50+ years gathering so much information and experiencing so many of life’s hills and valleys. You have the power from within to trust your instincts; your power. A woman who trusts her instincts lights up from within.

I think most of you appreciate your blessings and are compassionate women. I am not certain how many of you revel in your relevancy, are ardent observers that create wonderstruck feelings or realize your mindful power. Only you know.

Pick out one or more of the five tips and concentrate on daily. I am sure you will feel beautiful.

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