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– Warmly, Honey

Honey’s Sisterhood: Continuing the conversation for women over 50

Women the world over talk and that includes us on and Honey Good’s Facebook. Our exchange of conversation is intoxicating; stimulating, powerful, stirring, rousing, funny and invigorating. We are the best of the best when it comes to communication because we love to impart, exchange and share information on all levels. We chatter and chit-chat, have serious heart-to-hearts, and yes, sometimes gossip. We connect with one another over the Internet through the art of conversation. And that brings me to my idea of starting an online conversation, HONEY’S SISTERHOOD, where we, like-minded women, can engage in more in-depth conversation.

Part 1: A sisterhood in my home

Two years ago, by chance, I met a ‘young’ advertising executive. He asked me to invite a group of women, over 50, to my home in Rancho Mirage, California.

“Would you mind having a focus group? My goal is to listen and learn, for advertising purposes, the psyche of the woman over 50,” he said.

Darlings, I had never run a focus group but thought to myself, “If I don’t try I will never know the outcome.”

Obviously, darlings, I had no idea what to expect from the seven women who were to be part of the group. I was pleasantly overjoyed. OMG not only did they engage in conversation, they could not stop talking. They communicated inner thoughts and feelings. They showed their vulnerabilities. It was dramatic. I sat listening to them draw power from one another.

These women were married, widowed, divorced, mothers, grandmothers, some had careers, they were educated, traveled, empty nesters, sports-minded and were facing the same passage of life, they were all over 50, which has its highs and joys but also its problems and issues. I knew they enjoyed the forum because they left my home with smiles and were still yackety- yacking. It was all good.

Darlings, I never leap before I think.  In the weeks that followed I thought a lot about the group. I could hear their voices; the constant flow of meaningful conversation. My heart and my mind told me to pick up the phone and ask the women if they would be interested in forming a permanent group…to continue the conversation. One day I knew I lived into my answer, “This will work. I am going to form my own group of like-minded women.” And, darlings, I did just that. I created a sisterhood for women over 50.

I made calls, adding some more names to the list. Not one woman turned me down. Darlings, this season will begin our third year. We meet at my Rancho Mirage home in California, the first Monday of the month beginning in December. Our last meeting is in May. We are a group of ten women from different cities across America; we are called snowbirds. We have one rule: Nothing spoken among the group leaves the four walls of my home. We discuss everything, darlings, no-holds-barred.

We are a working and viable Sisterhood. I am making plans to send out reminders for our first meeting and seriously thinking of starting, group number two.

Part 2: An online sisterhood

I am going to form an online Honey’s Sisterhood. On my site through the Internet hundreds of us dialogue with one another. Over the past few years I have answered all of your comments on On Honey Good’s Facebook I have replied to every one of your comments. I do not know 99% of you and 99% have never met me, yet we have formed a bond. I recognize your names and I look at your pictures. My favorite part of work is sitting up in bed late at night replying to your comments. And, the comments are growing and so is our bond.

What excites me is that we are a group of like-minded sisters communicating with one another over the Internet from places all over the world; from New York to LA, from Illinois to Georgia and Tennessee, from the Northwest region to the Southern state of Texas. Honey Good has reached across oceans with readers in India, England, France, South Africa, Australia, Germany, Italy and more. I am awe when I read a comment from a darling living in South Africa; we have found one another and bonded over the Internet. I am smiling.

I will be your conduit—the connector—to facilitate online conversations so we can have a more in-depth sisterhood for women over 50. We will have conversations touching on many topics, have interviews,etc..

Beauty and Fashion in every area
Blended families
The second home
Furnishing the second home
5 The mother-in-law
How to handle family problems with adult children
How to pack; where to travel
How to live a more fulfilling life; outside the box.
How to live your life as a relevant and visible woman.
Widowhood and divorce.
How to handle finances
Dealing with illness and a good lifestyle.
Restaurants, movies, books

 Part 3: Creating our Sisterhood

The first step in creating Honey’s Sisterhood is: I want to know if you’re interested! Some of you may have already noticed on our redesigned site that there is a Sisterhood page. It was born out of a survey of your personal thoughts. You told us that you would be interested in a conversation beyond what was already happening on and we are now ready to start the process of setting this up.

If this sounds interesting and exciting and worthwhile, I would love for you to click here and check out the Sisterhood page and register for more information as it becomes available. I can’t wait to take this next step …starting our conversation.

  1. Over 50.? Omg! How about over 80. you are amazing! Remember I watched ugrow up! Just got birthday wishes from Steve! I will be happy to share! Ooxx love joanne

    1. Age is just a number. It is all about how you feel. You are young at heart and have outer and inner beauty. xoxoxo

    2. Age is just a number. You are 20 in your head and that is why you have inner and outer beauty!!!! xoxoxo

  2. You are always thinking of new ways to connect, Honey! Very commendable!

    Love the sisterhood idea – would this be a FB type of thing or a blog that can receive input from all of us? I’d love to sign up if it’s a blog since I don’t really do FB. – yes, one of the few!

    1. Sable: I’m in the “don’t do facebook” club. And I know others. You are not alone. I consider myself more vital and live than many my age. I have lived happily w/o FB,.

    2. FB is easy. If you are a grandmother ask one of your grands to sign you up. If I can learn, I know you can learn. I am going to ask a computer person about a blog. But do learn and do sign up. It will be something new to tackle and you may make friends around the USA and world. Let me know. Warmly, Honey

    3. I am not very good at FB. Ask one of your grands to set you up an FB and come and join the conversation. It is actually easy. Warmly, Honey

  3. I tried to register but there is no provision for anyone to join out of the U.S .i.e. only U.S. states .
    I am in Canada. Are your Canadian friends excluded?

    1. Of course not! In the city simply type in where you are form and in the state you can just leave it as the first state.

    2. I think Cheryl wrote to you and told you what to do? Let me know. Late last night she told me there is an easy way. Do keep me posted, please. Warmly, Honey

    1. Hi Linda, I am so glad. I hope you were able to sign up. And, thank you for the compliment. Have a lovely week ahead. Warmly, Honey

  4. I am enjoying your posts and conversations. I find it interesting hearing and then thinking about so many different view points on all topics.

    1. Thank you very much, Victoria. I am so glad you enjoy my musings.Makes me very happy. Warmly, Honey

  5. I really enjoy your posts Honey, and for the reason that you live with grace and style – and KINDNESS. Although I’m likely living a totally different kind of life you speak to me too. Love your ‘Sisterhood’ concept. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. I️ would love to join your sisterhood. You are an inspiration with your positivity and by sharing your personal challenges with positive outcomes. I️ relate and appreciate all you share.

    1. I would love to have you. If you have not signed up go to and look for the word sisterhood at the top of the home page, click on and it will take you to the Sisterhood sign up page. Warmly, Honey

    2. Please sign up on You will see the word sisterhood at the top of the home page. Click on and it will take you to the sign-up. I am thrilled you want to be part of the sisterhood. Warmly, Honey

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