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Why it’s important to show respect and gratitude to helpers

Honey Good talks about the importance of showing respect and gratitude to helpers and introduces you to some of her helpers.

No one can do everything alone which is why it’s so crucial to show respect and gratitude to helpers. 

2015 is almost over. I have written over fifty “Good Morning” stories, or GMS, my Sunday special, this past year!

It is not easy to think back on one’s life, recall an incident, and then put those private thoughts into story form. No one can help me. Every thought has to come from me.  When a thought comes to mind, I have to put those thoughts into words and then into a story.

But I do have many helpers in my life and that is today’s GMS.

The other night when I was lying in bed wondering what to muse about in GMS, the word ‘helper’ came to mind because of an incident that occurred today and has occurred daily over the past twenty years!

Rosa, my housekeeper, from San Salvador, never leaves our home without showing her appreciation for her job. “Thank you for everything, Suzi. I love you so much!” And I respond, “Thank you for everything, Rosa. I love you, too. Your help means so much to me.”

I thought of the important helpers in my life from my husband, Shelly, to my HoneyBees at, to my girlfriends, my family, my dog Orchid, and, last but not least, my housekeepers! And I carried my thoughts one step further as I lay in bed that night…

Thank the Gods that my parent’s taught me the value of gratitude and gratefulness so that I could feel grateful and always acknowledge thanks to those whose help me. Thank the Gods, I have had the wisdom to draw the right type of people into my life, people that are giving and caring.

I had my GMS theme:  helpers. Now I had to put my thoughts into words!

My first and foremost helper is my husband, Shelly, my right hand guy! In twenty-five years of marriage he has answered every single solitary call, putting me first and foremost. I am so grateful to him, my best friend, my confidante and love.

My closest girlfriends, my support and focus group! They put their two cents in on everything from bunions, bras and breast lifts to real problems we face at this passage of our lives. I am so thankful for them.

My Honey Bees who help me run my site,; my social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and my Public Relations. They answer one hundred emails each day from me, never complaining. I am most appreciative of them.

My mother is my helper, my teacher and my loyal friend. To this day, at age ninety-four, she reminds me of how to meet and handle life’s issues. I love her to my core.

Orchid, my pooch, helps me relax when she kisses me and cuddles by my side as I write.

My grandchildren and my children. They love me and it is so helpful to feel loved.

Now that I have given credit to those most important in my life I thought I would have a little fun telling you about my housekeepers… my helpers!

My housekeeper helpers 

Over the course of my life I have had several funny, interesting, learning and loving experiences with my housekeepers… my helpers.

As many of you know, I grew up in a small Midwestern town in Illinois I call, ‘Kankakee by the Sea’. From the time I was a little girl, my mother employed a married couple as her housekeepers. Henry and Belle were from Ireland. I would come home after school and Belle would welcome me at the the door and, in a strong Irish brogue, with twinkling eyes she would say, “Darlin’, would you like a spot of tea?” and then she would give me a hug. I would always answer yes. We would sit down at the kitchen table with hot tea and honey and I would tell her all about my day. Henry and Belle were part of our family during my growing up years. I loved them.

When I married I followed in my mother’s footsteps. I hired a mother’s helper; a college girl named Tommy, who helped me take care of my home and babysit my first child, Jenny. I was a young newlywed with limited funds and very involved in community activities. Tommy was a college student in need of free room and board. She went to class each morning, arriving home at noon to help me take care of our home and Jenny. We became girlfriends! She stayed with me throughout her four years of college.

Nisi was one of my housekeepers when I lived in Honolulu. She was from Samoa. I helped her study for her American citizenship test, and learned important facts myself. She spread kindness through our home and helped me with all my needs. When she became a citizen I threw a party for her in our home. She stayed with me until she married. We helped each other.

Edie was from England. She was at least fifteen years older than I. When I interviewed her she sat across the kitchen table from me and interviewed me! She said and I quote, “I will help you run your home and meet all your needs if you have an Electrolux, clean with Parsons ammonia and if you are Jewish!”

I answered all in the affirmative and as I always say, “Edie hired me!” She was with me when I had three dogs, two cats, goldfish, two daughters with a million friends, and a large home. She was the helper of helpers and often came with bandaged knees from going up and down our stairs all day. When my daughter Jenny married, I sat her at the head table with our family to show my gratitude for her loyalty and constant help.

Naze was my housekeeper in Chicago for many years. She was born in Lebanon and fled to America with her huge family because they were persecuted Lebanese Christians. She became an American citizen. She was a real lady who spoke French, had beautiful posture and prepared the most divine Middle Eastern foods for me. She stayed with me until she was eighty-six years old. She was a second mother, helping me in the house. Naze was also a confidante.

Yoli is from Belize. She is with me now. She took over the house from Naze. She helps bring calmness into my life as well as taking care of our home. She does everything in slow motion. I do most everything quickly. She walks slowly, she talks slowly, she peels the carrots slowly, she dusts slowly, she takes a message slowly and she eats slowly! In other words, she takes her sweet ass time! She, unknowingly, has helped me learn that slow and steady gets the job done. The house looks sparkling clean, the messages are perfect and the carrots are peeled to perfection. My gratitude towards her is shown daily. I always thank her when she leaves our home each day.

Last but not least, there is my darling Rosa who has been my housekeeper and part of our family for over twenty years. She takes care of our California home as though it were her own. And tells, me, “Suzi, I take care of you and Senor and your casa because you are my family and your casa is my casa.” She is the ultimate housekeeper. She is kind, soft spoken and makes the best guacamole and bean soup for me with tender and loving care.

My favorite people are kind, accommodating, supportive and cooperative, sympathetic and always make me feel they are eager to please. I revere each one, with gratitude, for their kindness and help.

Do something GOOD today: Teach the value of gratitude to your grandchildren. And remember to put a high value on respect and gratitude to helpers in your life.

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