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How and why to remove toxic women from your life

Dear readers, do you have toxic women your life? My definition of a toxic woman is this…

She is, first and foremost, unkind. She tries to makes you feel inferior. She tries to lord power over you. She is a manipulator and disregards your feelings. She is spiteful, vain and takes without giving. She is an unhappy woman under the façade of her smile. She is emotionally abusive and unfeeling. In the beginning of a relationship the “real her” is not obvious.

Recently, I had an experience with a toxic woman. I was unscathed. I could have been filled with rage. I was thrown off balance, but only for an instant, by her comment. The words rolled off me. I never felt anger. Instead, I felt powerful and comfortable in my skin because I was not like her. I really did not care what she said.

There are so many things we learn as we travel our road of life. Most of the negatives I have experienced with other women I have turned into positives. I was wise enough to take away a beneficial lesson from their behavior and wise enough to learn from my mistakes. Every year, I become happier because I become wiser. I want you to feel content in your skin, be proud of the woman you are and be able to say the following:

I will not allow toxic people to have a place in my life because I am a dignified woman. I have a set of principles and I have boundaries.

How do you end friendships with toxic women

  • It is worth your while to judge yourself by the company you keep.
  • It is very difficult to end a friendship when you are a kind woman. Remember the toxic person has no problem ending a relationship with you. I have never had a toxic friendship, but I have heard stories from some of my lovely girlfriends who went through misery with a toxic girlfriend. So have no pity. This is about you, dear reader. Your happiness.
  • Question your motives. Why are you continuing this relationship?
  • A harmonious lifestyle is your best friend.  Friendships with toxic women are detrimental to your emotional and physical well being.
  • Only give the key to your heart to worthwhile women.
  • Honor yourself. Have the courage to disengage. Delete…Delete…Delete.
    As the dowager grandmother said, in Downtown Abbey while walking arm in arm with her friend, “You know dear, I have so many FRIENDS I DO NOT LIKE.”

My musings today do not really fit into my lifestyle because I don’t have toxic friends. My story today does fit, however, into the incident I just lived through.

I value my girlfriend relationships. I need my girlfriends. I treasure my girlfriends and I am lucky to have many in my life. But truth be told the center of my universe is my husband, Sheldon Good, our children, our Grands and my darling devoted pooch, Orchid Good. And I am sure that many of you feel as I do… family first.

Never the less, girlfriends are important to us. Some are forever and some pass through our lives, but every- once- in- awhile we mistakenly associate with a troublemaker. My advice is to make a fast exit. And you know how darlings, be good to yourselves…delete, delete, delete.
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September 28, 2017


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  1. MGTOW says:

    This is a universal truth at any age.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      Why so? What is it about some women that nice women want to and do ‘delete’ them from our lives? I agee with your statement. Warmly, Honey

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