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Regain Your Confidence With TENA

Sponsored post: I received compensation in exchange for writing this post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Not too long ago, I discussed how an unexpected reunion with my old college roommate led me to think about how we can say ‘yes’ to life. Plus, you know that I never turn down an opportunity for new experiences. From moving from Honolulu to Palm Springs to Chicago, I’ve always been a bit of a natural go-getter.

Unfortunately, there’s a very real roadblock that some women after 50 deal with that prevents them from taking chances and living their life to its fullest. I’m talking about the common, yet not-so-willingly talked about subject of incontinence. While it may not be the most glamorous of topics, it’s 100% real. And, if this is going to be a platform for women over 50 to connect, relate and learn, we have to be real with each other.

I am ecstatic to introduce a company called TENA to all of you! Not only do they believe that people who deal with the ‘Unexpected Leak’ deserve to still be able to live their life fearlessly, but they have several wonderful products to help us do this.

TENA’s newest line of products, TENA Intimates, is designed to wick away moisture to keep you dry and protect your skin’s natural layer of protection.  Plus, the products come in varying thicknesses so you use just the strength you need.

My favorite thing about this product is that they are designed so that no one knows you’re wearing them… unless you tell them of course! You know that I am all about loving the way you look and wearing clothes that truly make you happy which is why I love just how discrete the liners are. Not only can one be sure that no one will know, but one can also be sure that no embarrassing accidents will arise even in the whitest of white pants.

For a limited time, you can use my PROMO Code HG5 for $5 off any one pack of TENA Intimates at Enter code at checkout. Offer expires 12/31/2017.

If you have something to say about incontinence and the other sometimes embarrassing problem that face us as we mature… let’s talk! We don’t have to be embarrassed! Here, on our community NO TOPIC is off limits!  Share your comments either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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