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The best eye makeup for women over 50

After 50, we need eye makeup that doesn’t smear, doesn’t flake and, above all else, it cannot migrate into fine lines. Today, I am sharing some of the best best eye makeup for women over 50: no smearing, smudging, flaking or aggravating!

Best Eye Makeup After 50: Brows

Well-groomed eyebrows are essential at every age. After 50, when brows thin, filling them in artfully (not obviously) becomes even more important.

I like Tom Ford’s Brow Sculptor ($45 here.) It’s more than just an eyebrow brush.  The calligraphy tip allows you to choose the width of your stroke, from thin to wide. Remove the opposite-end cap to uncover a grooming brush and sharpener.


Best Eye Makeup After 50: Tweezers

Admittedly, tweezers are not makeup per se but it is essential to keep brows well groomed and tweezers are a must. Plus, at a certain age, hair occasionally migrates to other parts of our faces!

Tweezerman is the gold standard of tweezers, in my book and the Ultra Precision Tweezer, ($36 here) boasts finely tapered points that grab even the smallest and finest hairs (magnifying mirror sold separately). Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated stainless steel is designed to keep tweezers from corroding.  These are simply the best!


Best Eye Makeup After 50: Eye Shadow

In my opinion, after 50 it is essential to find a dependable eye shadow brand that will not flake or smear. Lorac makes a great shadow that stays put and is highly pigmented.

I like the Pro Matte Palette ($28 here) which can be used wet or dry (this means, for example, you can use it wet to create a fine line, a la eyeliner).

The palette includes 8 shadows that can be used to create everyday looks, as well as smoky eye looks, for more drama.


Best Eye Makeup After 50: Mascara

Waterproof mascaras are great for the summertime, but I hate when they leave unwanted residue behind after you take your makeup off! This Dior “Diroshow” mascara is the perfect solution. It stays on all day but easily comes off with a gentle wipe. Plus that curved brush is amazing at shaping lashes. Get it for $29.50 here. And, read my story about the best mascaras for those of us over 50, in case you missed it.


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