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The Buzz: New Day, New Strength, New Thoughts and a NEW Giveaway

New Day New Strength

You’ve heard it before… life is only what we make it. And on the same token, time is such a funny thing, especially after 50. But each day is a chance to reflect on past experiences, mistakes, and what we’ve learned along the way, only to make today the best it can be. I believe the stories on HoneyGood this week encompassed these topics with grace.  

I have made mistakes, and I have known what it is like to truly grieve, but I have also discovered how to gather the strength needed to pick myself up, connect with others, try new things, walk back in the direction of true happiness and love once again. Because I know I deserve that… and so do you. As Eleanor Roosevelt once put it so elegantly, “With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

Embracing the Good with the Bad…

Whether the death is sudden or you have time to plan, you are never prepared to lose your life partner. It is an experience for which I have no words. And yet, I recently spoke with Helen Mitternight of the Keep it Juicy! podcast about what it felt like to become a widow and how I survived. I invite you to listen to this very private conversation, made public, here.

My story does not end with loss, however, because I found love again after my first husband’s death. This week I re-shared a story about new beginnings and how I — and you — can survive, and even thrive, when life throws knockdown blows our way. You can read all about here.

Speaking of thriving, this week a HoneyGood contributor shared the ins and outs of getting your house in order for retirement or financial independence. Many investment professionals, journalists and commentators seem to complicate the issue to the point that we can’t even understand it. Safe withdrawal rates, stocks, bonds, balanced funds, commodities, options, laddered portfolios, annuities, offshore accounts, hedge funds … are you kidding? However, don’t get too stressed out yet because retirement is not rocket science and we have broken it all down for you. You can do it… Start here!

And on a more upbeat note, does anyone else smell spring in the air? Warmer weather is finally a month away, so it’s time to start thinking about spring fashion. This week, I primed you with the secret to flawless makeup after 50 (and a giveaway), as well as some stunning and stylish trench coats for spring at a variety of price points, from the ultra affordable to the luxurious. All of my picks can be purchased here, but I would love to hear from you! What spring trends are you most looking forward to?

Finally, happiness and grace are all around us. Sometimes we just need that extra push to keep seeking them, especially after 50, which is why this week I also re-shared my thoughts on moving through the world and remaining visible. No matter your joie de vivre, go where the love is and keep your heart open to new opportunities to bring you happiness. After all, love has rarely steered me wrong…

What to Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating: If He Wants You, You Will Know It

And on the subject of LOVE

My friend and author,  Laura J. Wellington, has a new book out that is a fun, witty and accurate depiction of modern dating — ideal for those of us over 50 who are looking for love. Her book called, What to Do When Jane Knows DICK About Dating: If He Wants You, You Will Know It was recently published and is a must read! Check it out on Amazon here.

Plus, three lucky readers will win a copy of Laura’s book from the publisher, Post Hill Press. Simply register to win here.

Thanks for following along, darlings. Stay strong, and remain positive. We must take the good with the bad, but through it all, we are in this together! Please “spring” into the conversation on my Facebook page where we have a vibrant, outspoken community of women over 50 just like you! 

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