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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Honey’s Good’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide is ready for you to shop till you drop!

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother’s Day is Upon Us – Let’s Talk Gifts

I believe Mother’s Day should be every day. But I will take 365 days rolled into one day to celebrate mothers.

We have the privilege of nurturing and guiding our babies into responsible adults. It is a mammoth responsibility. We give our children their roots and send them off with their wings. It is not easy for them to leave the nest and it is not easy for us to become empty nesters. Darling, it is tough to part from those you love. Roles change and before you know it that little bundle of joy is a mother! Oh, the passages of life and the role change when you become the grandmother and your daughter becomes the mother!

It is now time to celebrate both mother and daughter on Mother’s Day. I have put together some gift ideas to ponder that will make life easier. Just push and send and there’s Amazon! It is my gift to you. Happy Mother’s Day. May your children bless you!

Beautiful Gifts to Give

BALMUDA Electric Kettle – Lightweight and stainless steel. This kettle is a perfect size! It also is designed for a precise pour, quick heating (only a few minutes), and even creates a gentle glow from a tiny neon tube on the handle. So fun!

On the page with several other items in Architectural Digest, my eye was drawn to the Balmuda Electric Kettle. It was in black and it resembled art. I actually went to the Balmuda site to read about the product and after reading about its functionality coupled with its design, I bought it. I wanted to share my find with you, I truly think every mom and grandmother would appreciate its quality. I am smiling.


BALMUDA Toaster – While I was on the Balmuda site reading about the Kettle, of course, I read about the toaster! It seems every toaster I purchase winds up having a problem. I feel certain this is finally my find. It also comes in white and it glows. This Mother’s Day gift would make me very happy and surprised!


Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender – I gained weight during COVID-19. I am finally back on my treadmill burning calories. I am also back in the kitchen with my Vitamix E310 for nutrition. This blender is fit for a Queen. You are giving your mom or daughter the best gift… a road to good health.








Always Pan Set – Our Place – I have been cooking nightly until recently for the past year and after a while, I began to truly enjoy the process. My Ultimate Concierge is a buttinsky! He is the main chef in giving advice, not in cooking. He does clear and rinse the dishes, and I load the dishwasher. When I saw this product I thought we would both enjoy this product if it does what it says! I decided to take a gamble on it. I am awaiting its arrival. I think it is a great gift and a fun gift to receive because it is so unexpected. And, I think it will work!


Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life – We are in home mode and I think we are going to continue enjoying spending more time in our homes. That is why I choose this book. A wonderful resource with a beautiful cover to match. I would love this gift.







WiFi Digital Picture Frame – Upload, send, share and display photos with music in your home easily with this WiFi Digital Picture Frame. Now you don’t have to change out your pictures with expensive printing, you can do it digitally! And the best part you will learn to do something new!





ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser – Diffuse your favorite essential oils with this Asakuki premium essential oil diffuser, it even changes into 7 different LED mood light colors for you to enjoy. Put in water, add a few drops of your chosen oil, and relax. It’s that simple! Any woman needs this to brighten up her space or enjoy during her self-care day! And, did you know that blue is the ‘peaceful color’ on the color chart? This gift will set the mood.



Antique Glass Hummingbird Feeder – We all love to watch hummingbirds during the spring and summer seasons, so why not get a feeder that is also pleasing to your eye! Add this antique glass hummingbird feeder to your porch or garden and watch the hummingbirds fly about! I had many hummingbird feeders in our yard in California. I would find the Hummingbird nests in our trees and watch the little eggs hatch into Hummingbirds. Their mouths immediately were crying for food so I stepped in to help with feeders. A wonderful gift.


Vogue: The CoversI have this book. The illustrations on the inside pages are the covers going back to VOGUE’S birth. They are magical and showcase stunning fashions from the beginning of time. It’s a coffee table book perfect for any woman.




My Lumina Ardent Love Pink Candle – Every woman loves a good candle, so why not give your mom or grandmother the gift of a beautiful soy candle. These Lumina Ardent Love Pink Candles are soy-based and smell wonderful. They are perfect for the special one in your life that loves self-care days or burning candles for fun!




Safavieh Double Coin Ceramic Decorative Garden Stool – I love garden stools. They can be used inside your home, too. I used the stools as end tables next to chairs in our den in our home in California and in our garden as well. I never tired of them because they portrayed themselves as a piece of art. as well as a useful piece of furniture, This makes such a special gift for Mother’s Day.




White Waffle Robe – I love my waffle-style robe so much that I have two of them. They are soft against my body after a warm shower and I feel fresh and look crisp and feminine whether I am walking around in my robe or applying my make-up. And the robe launders beautifully. I would love to be given another one! And, the style is classic so it is a complementary garment for every woman. The brand makes the robe for men, too.








Shangri-La Organic Luxury Teabag Collection I enjoy the flavors of several varieties of tea. I don’t enjoy opening a drawer or cabinet and gazing at several tea boxes that take up space and are not pleasant to the eye.  Shangrila-La luxury Teabag Collection is delicious, space-saving, and eye-catching, including its name! That is why I feel relaxed before I have a sip.




Bombombs Hot Chocolate Bombs – My Ultimate Concierge’s love for hot chocolate started my search for a most delicious brand. Voila! This hot chocolate is delish, even in the summer on a cool or rainy day, or before bedtime. My mom loves the hot chocolate bombs, too.





Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond FearFear is the reason one stops before one starts. I buy this book for others because losing your fear is magic, like a breath of fresh air. Once you understand the message you will revel in its magic. A wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. Don’t forget your daughter!







Stories for my Grandchild – Naturally I love the book Stories for my Grandchild. I am the author. I was hired by Abrams Noterie. I took the assignment because a family’s history, your grandchild’s heritage are very important to them. Do you know a child, grandchild, or yourself for that matter that does or did not ask, “Tell me about how you met dad!” “Tell me where my grandparents or great-grandparents came from!” We all crave to know our family story. In Stories for my Grandchild, a grandmother tells the family story to her grandchild. It is a treasure that will be handed down from generation to generation. It is a forever keepsake and a worthwhile Mother’s Day gift.


You are My Sunshine Music Box – A music box is cherished forever. My daughter Jenny gave me one that plays her father’s and my love song. I have had it for years and it plays our song, Moon River when I am in the mood. That is why I choose a music box for Mother’s Day. The gift is a sentimental ‘keeper.’





Engraved Mother’s Day Rock – I collect rocks with sayings and my children and grandchildren give me rocks for gifts. That is why I could never let this Mother’s Day go by without a Mother’s Day Rock. It says it all, doesn’t it?




Rose Flower & Vase Gift for Her – Until my Ultimate Concierge gave me a gold long-stemmed artificial rose, I did not appreciate the significance and sentiment behind a ‘fake flower.’ What I learned to realize, is that I have a lifelong memory given to me from the heart. I think this is a wonderful gift.






Ippolita Sterling Silver & Doublet Pear Pendant Necklace – Well, you all know I love everything Ippolita and that includes the woman Ippolita, who I have the pleasure of knowing. I have been invited to her workroom in New York, met her craftsmen, admired the multi-colored stones in large trays that sparkle like the bright sun, and tried on (and purchased) several of her finished pieces of jewelry. I would love to open a Mother’s Day gift box that said, Ippolita. So would your mom or grandmother or daughter. I promise!




Julia Vos Valencia Delicate Bracelet –  Summertime is here and I love my mother of pearl jewelry. I dress it up, I dress it down. I wear it with every color and I am a woman who loves pearls. A special Mother’s Day gift.






Swarovski Authentic Nirvana Ring – Twenty-five years ago my Ultimate Concierge and I were in Paris. We walked into a Swarovski shop and my husband bought me the ring you are looking at. I love wearing it as much today as I loved wearing it when I got it. I always receive compliments because it looks like clear lucite with facets. Swarovski is still making the ring! I wear it on my middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger. I love the Swarovski brand. Your mom or daughter will, too.


Master Secret Glow Highlighter – I just purchased this product. I was sent samples of different glow highlighters and the following day, I received a magazine with an article written about glow highlighters! I became intrigued and I am glad I did. And, I do think this is a lovely gift for Mother’s Day with a card that reads: “You are a glowing mom.”






Joanna Varags Magic Glow Wand – I also purchased this Magic wand. It was also written up in the magazine article. They always say, ‘two is better than one.’ I have not decided which of the two is my favorite. But, I have decided I like the glow.





I hope you found something beautiful to get your mother or daughter this Mother’s Day! If you have any ideas for gifts, please post them in the comments at the bottom of this page. I would love to hear from you and get your opinions.

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April 15, 2021


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