The importance of happiness and the power of a smile

Honey Good discusses the importance of happiness

What is the importance of happiness? How often do you smile and laugh during the day?

Do you smile when you meet new people? When you see your friends? When you observe people walking down the street holding hands? When you notice the flowers blooming?

I hope so because, when you smile you trigger activity in your brain that has a mind-body connection, not surprisingly, that registers happiness.

The importance of happiness

One of my favorite songs is John Denver’s “I Want to Live“.

“I want to live, I want to grow, I want to see, I want to know, I want to share, I want to give, I want to be, I want to live…”

I feel smiling is the cause and effect that gives us the marvelous ability to engage in life!

A book I read several years ago, Anatomy of an Illness, by Norman Cousins left me with this thought: “Hearty laughter and smiling is a good way to jog internally, without having to go outdoors. My mother is a prime example.”

The power of a smile

On the night of Thanksgiving 2014, my ninety-four year old mother began a journey of constant suffering caused by a doorman in her building who unintentionally pushed a clicker that opened automatic doors throwing her down on a marble floor…breaking her hip! She had surgery; pins were placed in the hip. She then contracted pneumonia, fell and broke her wrist, the pins came out of her hip and on May 18th she had a total hip replacement. She was near death several times.

I know why she is alive because I have watched and observed her actions since I was a small child. My mom has always laughed and smiled! She’s engaged.

Now don’t get me wrong, my mom is not a “see the glass half full” type. She is the opposite! But, on the plus side because she is engaged in the life of those around her, the news or a series on TV she often smiles through her depression!

We all know people who do not smile. Pass this information on to them and if you tend not be “a smiley face” I hope the facts below will enlighten you because smiling is good for your health and your social life.

Reasons to smile

Smiling will make you happier.

Smiling makes your face light up; you will become more attractive.

Smiling makes others around you happy.

Smiling causes others to smile back at you.

Smiling may be the reason you get a new job.

Your smile shows your grandchildren and children the importance of ‘the smiley face.’

Smiling shows you have the ability to engage and isn’t that what our lives are all about?

Do something GOOD today… put a smile on your face and remember the importance of happiness!

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    1. Thank you Tamra, I am so glad my articles are helpful. I am smiling that you feel beautiful inside and out. Inside is the best.. Warmly, Honey

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