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Taking Care of Yourself Now

It is so important to look at these times as an opportunity rather than a setback. When will we have this ample amount of time at home to work on ourselves? It provides us with a convenient opportunity to work on our self-care. There are so many ways you can begin to improve your overall well being. From updating your beauty routine to even organizing your bathroom cupboard, you can give yourself plenty of goals that will ultimately improve yourself and ensure that you are leaving this quarantine the best possible version of you.

Update Your Morning Routine

The first step in showing yourself some care is by improving your mornings. Morning routines are crucial for setting yourself up for a productive day. If you roll over to scroll through the latest social media feed, you are positioning yourself for a lethargic day. Additionally, when your room is cluttered with clothes or loose items, it can hinder a profitable day. Your bedroom is actually a great place to start.

Organize all of your products or items you’ll need throughout the morning. For example, face cream, contacts, etc. Investing in some tabletop storage is crucial for this step. Placing your most frequently used belongings in these convenient storage containers is the perfect solution! Giving these small items a home will eliminate any unnecessary messes or clutter. Your morning will now be a peaceful beginning and set you up to accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself. 

Regulate Your Sleep Schedule

With many of us switching to part-time hours, or just adjusting to the working from home environment, our sleep schedule tends to suffer. When being in the comfort of your own home, schedules tend to go out the window. However, getting the recommended 6-8 hours is crucial. Also, making sure you go to sleep at the right time is equally important. It can be so easy to sleep the day away to then stay up into the early morning. While you are still getting those necessary hours of rest, you are not optimizing them. Fixing your sleep schedule is a gradual process, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work right away! Some essential things to focus on are limiting naps and avoiding any exposure to light right before going to bed.

Walking America

Get outside

Getting fresh air is another crucial factor in showing yourself some love throughout this time spent at home. It can be as small as sipping your morning coffee on your front porch or as physical as taking a run around your neighborhood. Now that the weather is warming up, we are able to get outside and really reap the benefits the outdoors offer.

Not only does it improve our focus, it also brings many people joy and will actually revitalize our emotions. Take your work on your porch and spend an hour or two in the sun. Getting outside allows your responsibilities to be taken care of while simultaneously improving your wellness.


Block off some time within your day to take a minute and breathe. This is a great way to close out the night. Completely unwinding from the day’s stressors and decompressing will also ensure you have a restful sleep. If mediation isn’t the route you want to take or you have tried and not seen the best results, try journaling. This can be very therapeutic and helpful when unloading from the day. List out some struggles you have faced and don’t forget to rejoice in your successes. Putting everything on paper can make it real and allow you to reflect.

Everyone is different and has their own special way to show themselves care throughout the day. Whichever way you choose to show yourself some love, make sure you turn it into a habit. We all need to appreciate ourselves! Think of this quarantine as a gift. If you have been overwhelmed with life lately, you now have a chance to fix that. Comment below with your favorite self-care tip!

What are you doing to take care of yourself during this strange time? Let us know in the comments below! 

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April 13, 2020

Passages After 50, Relationships

How to Take Care of Yourself Throughout Quarantine

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  1. Cathy S Creed says:

    Music helps me.
    We had a tornado rip through our community last night. Piled on to virus concerns.
    Hard to stay grounded.
    Thank you for all the suggestions, Honey.

  2. Nancy says:

    Living alone, I really only have myself to worry about, along with my sweet cat Chloe. I give myself time to sip coffee while I go thru emails, and watch my daily dose of news. Then it’s in the shower and get dressed. I find I’m never productive if I stay in my pajama’s. While I’m giving myself a break from makeup, I do my skin care and make sure I wear cologne. I connect with friends and my older friends whose families are not in the area. But I do give myself one lazy day a week. Otherwise, my closet, bathroom and office are in very good shape, and when we are able to venture out with a bit more leeway, there are many clothes to be donated. Also I give myself the treat of a restaurant meal, delivered and from a small local restaurant. Time does go quickly, but I hope and pray this will be over and everyone will be safe , well and we will have learned that maybe less is more…
    Thank You for your upbeat blog and suggestions. A friend of mine suggested a Facebook group called View from my Window. It’s worldwide and you post what you see from your window. Its amazing, uplifting and we are a global community.


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