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How To Regain Strength And Energy: You Can Do It!

I’m a sponsored blog partner of Ensure, but all opinions contained in this post are my own. 

No doubt you’ve seen, and perhaps even consumed, Ensure nutrition shakes. You may have heard of the brand, you may not have considered how drinking Ensure can help you regain strength and energy, especially after illness or injury.

Now if you’re a long-time reader of this blog, then you probably already know that I broke my ankle a few years ago. Little did I know, this injury would involve undergoing surgery and several months of physical therapy to get back to my old high-heel wearing self. It was tough, and I needed rest, both mentally and physically, to recover properly. I needed, most of all, a “Can Do”attitude.

So, what role does nutrition play in healing?

Did you know that as we age, we can lose up to 8% muscle loss each decade (starting as young as 40ish.) This muscle loss is often exacerbated if you’re suffering from illness or injury. There’s an Ensure nutritional drink made specifically to treat this loss; it’s called Ensure Enlive. Ensure Enlive helps you regain strength and energy, remain active and independent, maintain lean body mass for strength and mobility and supports recovery from illness, injury, and surgery. In addition to Enlive, Ensure has a variety of other shake options. I especially like the high protein and original versions.

Ensure’s Can Do campaign is all about how Can Do people recognize the role that nutrition plays in being able to live their fullest life possible. Drinking Ensure allows them to properly fuel their bodies to move past setbacks. Personally, having a Can Do attitude is what has helped me survive every tribulation from cancer to being widowed to the aforementioned injury.

Drinking Ensure helps keep me strong, post-injury, and helps me say that I can and do wear the high heels that I love oh-so-much! Life is simply too short to have to say that you can’t do something that you love.

I adore this video about Byron & Helen and their own Can Do attitudes. Not only did those attitudes help them recover from a debilitating motorcycle accident, but they are back at it and, as Helen so succinctly puts it in the video, they “work hard” at having fun. Do you?


Ensure is ideal for abbreviating the time it takes to regain strength after setbacks such as mine. And, of course, your situation doesn’t have to be as extreme as the broken ankle! If you’ve been feeling weak or lacking energy, Ensure might just have the nutrition you need to re-kick start your life.

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