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How To Make Finding An Insurance Plan Easy with HealthMarkets FitScore™

Why We Need Health Insurance 

I think a lot of us will avoid looking at health insurance plans because it is often time-consuming and very difficult to understand. I, for one, am thankful for health insurance and the medical care provided by all the wonderful doctors in the states. 

When I survived cancer, I couldn’t have done it without the amazing medical care I received, and my health insurance plan. 

As we and our loved ones get older, it’s even more important to make sure we are covered. You never know when you could be faced with a medical emergency. I always aim to stay on the side of caution rather than chance! 

Though it can be difficult to find the right health plan, what if I told you it didn’t have to be? 

Well Darlings, I have a little secret I just learned, and I want to share with you…

Health Insurance Made Easy 

Now, I know that December is a time to enjoy holiday preparations with loved ones. However, December also means that Medicare and ACA Open enrollment period is ending soon. If you or your older parents need assistance in enrolling, HealthMarkets recently launched an innovative online tool called FitScore™. 

FitScore makes it easy to shop, compare plans and enroll online.

The FitScore quiz is a quick and easy way to see if your plan is still the right fit for your individual health needs. As well, you can discover if you’re maximizing your benefits and saving money.

All you need to do is go online to and answer a few questions. Then HealthMarkets will create a customized list of insurance recommendations based on the information provided in your answers.

Less Stress, More Family Time! 

Darlings, don’t you think it’s time to take the stress out of Medicare and ACA enrollment?

You can do just that with the help of HealthMarkets’ FitScore!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit FitScore today and get back to enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones. 

Want More Information? 

Shopping at HealthMarkets and taking their proprietary FitScore quiz makes getting the coverage you need quick and simple.

FitScore is a fast, easy way to maximize your benefits and save money. After answering a few short questions, HealthMarkets searches thousands of plans from leading insurance companies nationwide to provide a customized list of the right options for you. The higher the FitScore, the closer the plan is to your ideal match.

If you enter your current physicians, prescriptions and pharmacies, the FitScore results will identify if they are covered. Furthermore, you can enroll in multiple plans at once, as opposed to having to go through the process multiple times for different family members.

With access to thousands of plans nationwide from leading companies, HealthMarkets can easily search options in your area and help you compare your current Medicare or ACA plan.

Remember, insurance plans change every year and so may your health care needs. HealthMarkets’ FitScore will help ensure that you and your loved ones have the right coverage each year.

Dental And Vision Needs 

FitScore also offers analysis for dental insurance and vision insurance! Sometimes the combined Dental-Vision-Hearing insurance product is recommended to those over 50+ because of unique needs.

* Current plan comparison is only available for health and Medicare. It is not currently available for dental and vision plans.

Take the FitScore™ quiz today! Don’t waste another second, Darlings.


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