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Honey Good, How to live an interesting life

I have been reflective … about picking up the pieces of my life that lay crumbled around me. I want to paint the sky blue with them and erase the darkness of the past few years. 

Elsewhere and my Ultimate Concierge’s health have taken a toll. When I look back, there were sunny days and accomplishments. But the carefree feeling of living in a safe and sound world was gone. This robbed me of daily joy. My Ultimate Concierge’s health robbed me of peace. 

The combination of the two began to rob me of hope, a very unsettling feeling. My ability to see my glass half full was slowly fading. And, then April appeared. The sound of the word allowed me to sigh with relief. I sat back on a sunny day and dreamed about how to live an interesting life, once again. I asked myself what I  missed. My answer can best be described in one word: normalcy. My normalcy may be different than your normalcy but I am thinking you agree with the word I chose.  “Just give me some normalcy,” I said out loud.


But how? If you feel as I do, you’ll have to go out and get it back! You have to pick up the crumbled pieces around you of the last few years. Get back into your groove and decide to live your normal life once again. 

It is hard to:

  • Pull oneself out of a humdrum existence; an imposed rut brought on by the ugly forces in Elsewhere. 
  • Stare fear in the face and say, no more to masks and hibernation. 
  • Live without interacting with others and seeing empty venues and walking the streets without your handbag for fear of a robbery. 
  • Fight Elsewhere and the daily problems in one’s personal life. 

But, I have been reflective … I can sink further or swim faster to catch up. The two words, catch up, puts me on an immediate high. How about you?

I want to catch up on friends, events, travel, shopping, and projects. On reading, learning, laughing, and sharing with others, and all the other good stuff. I want to be an ‘unencumbered woman,’ whatever that means at the moment. 


I want to SAY YES to everything that interests me. One thing I know is that I have to be the initiator. And, so do you. Nothing good comes by accident. You have to seek it out.

Last Sunday, I started the ball rolling! 

  • I made a lunch date with a close friend at the Ritz. 
  • Bought tickets for an upcoming Opera, Fire Shutup in my Bones
  • Made dinner dates with friends at the Shanghai Terrace and Gibsons Steakhouse. 
  • Called a friend and mentioned we wanted to join the Chicago Yacht Club. She invited us to be her guests at the April event for new members. 
  • Made plans to go shopping for some new clothes. 
  • I bought a new novel, The Last Kingdom of Shanghai by Jonathan Kaufman
  • Oh yes, I renewed our season tickets for the summer concerts at Millenium Park and updated our membership at the Art Institute.

I am on a positive roll and feel the crumbled pieces of my life turning into a workable puzzle that will be a plan. Make the effort darling. I am smiling.


So, on an emotional note, this is an optimum time for us to begin afresh. Springing forward should be our motto. I realize picking up the pieces in Elsewhere and in our private life is hard work. But, we can do anything our little hearts desire. 

Trust me I know. Over the course of my life, I have known real despair and I learned to survive and absolutely thrive. And, so will you! Especially when you have a positive attitude. Feel your empowerment … Be enlightened again. Luxuriate in self-awareness. Be the real you in you. 


The pandemic curtailed our lifestyle. We were stuck at home with our fellow inmates, so to speak! Our socialization with the outside world was held at bay. The worst part of the pandemic was that we were left choiceless and we became lethargic about everything. Age did not matter.

A quick story to prove my point. I was visiting with my daughter and granddaughter. We were sipping smoothies on my daughter’s patio on a clear Arizona day. Looking at them I said, “I always feel so lethargic.” My girls said in unison, “ I do too.” They work out every day. They are young. Like me, they are doers, and yet we all felt lethargic. 

We discussed the reason for the feeling. As we did, we decided it was because of isolation, the lack of socialization, and our blank calendars.

Dear reader, you cannot let lethargy continue to invade your life. I know it is hard to begin anew but you must and you can.

So step outside the box and say, YES to reuniting with the life you once knew and make it better than ever.


Throw away the masks or fold them up neatly and store them. Do anything you want with them except wear them. Let the sunshine in. Let your once hidden smile brighten others’ day. Let your eyes feast on others’ faces. Bloom! Thrive. Survive.  

Leave your cave. It has been long in coming. Don’t fear venturing out into the neighborhood, the shops, the restaurants, and the parks. Breathe in the fresh air and say hello to everyone in sight. Socialize. 

Pick up the phone and make calls for a Spa Day or a lunch date with a family member or friend. Apply for the job you have been dreaming of, register for a class or join a group. DO, DO, DO! 

Fill your calendar up to the brim with things you want to do, and with people you want to see, and places you want to visit. Just DO it!!!! And, then look forward.


Isolation during the Pandemic did allow everyone time to think, to just be. To have stillness gives women of all ages the opportunity to be creative with their private thoughts. Remember to simply be is a gift to all of us.

Life during the Covid pandemic gave me this time. This precious opportunity to listen to my heart, reflect and let my dormant thoughts surface. I am almost certain most of you, even if you were not aware, had my experiences. You may not have given your thoughts enough time to percolate? This is the time to do just that and let them become your reality.

I hope you have taken the time to evaluate how you feel about the important components in your life. Components that bring you joy and hope. 

While we were in isolation we did not have the opportunity to make our normal choices. Because being alone is far more predictable than socializing with others; there are fewer surprises! 

It is time to return to normalcy which is daily socialization with our family and peers. Living without socialization is lonely. But do remember, experiences with the wrong people is also lonely. 

I have a few suggestions: 

  • Surround yourself with like-minded women. 
  • Think multigenerational. 
  • Add people who fill your cup. 
  • My friends range in age from 28 years old to my mother who is 100. They were ‘chosen’ by me. 

We have choices and if there is one thing I want to leave you with today is ‘your freedom of choice.’ Choose your peers, your lifestyle, and your dreams wisely. You know exactly what your needs are. Follow your positive internal roadmap and walk your yellow brick road.


Failure, darling, is a positive part of growing up. We continue to grow up during our entire lifetime. Failure should never stop you. It is a gift that will heighten your resilience and your resolution. Do not fear trying again or taking another path. 

Take the time to simply be. It is your time to evaluate. Make wise choices. You know what your needs really are. Be fierce and fearless. It is a glorious feeling.  Socialize as the mood fits you because spending time alone is a good thing, too. Amen.

Have you made efforts to spice up your life? What has worked for you? Please tell me in the comments. 

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April 6, 2022


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  1. Lulu Bouchard says:

    It all sounds good to me. Thanks

  2. Kat says:

    Thank you for the uplifting blog on this gloomy, overcast day in Bunnell, Fl I too try to surround myself with like minded folks and enjoy socializing. I like to leave people with a good feeling. Bless you.

    • Honey Good says:

      I am so glad I was able to uplift your gloomy day. Surrounding yourself with people who mirror your values is a benefit beyond compare. Warmly, Honey

  3. Bonnie says:

    Actually it was my daughter that spiced up my life. She is a very busy realtor but took two days off to fly to where I live. She then took me to a hotel where we spent the night and had a massage at their Spa, we also had a lovely dinner at a Japanese restaurant in the hotel. Love, love, love my very thoughtful daughter.

  4. Meredith OLSON says:

    Wonderful reflection and advice being talked about with many. My zoom meditation class last night talked about, “what do I need?” Let’s begin again. I am so glad to be a part of these 2 groups!

  5. Eileen greene says:

    Hi Susan I enjoy your stories so much. We met about 6 years ago at tamararask. in the desert. We joined with my brother Bruce Schwartz as I’m sure you may know he passed 5 years ago so we dropped out of the club. We live at Toscana and I am wondering if you still spend the winter in the desert.
    Be well Eileen greene

    • Honey Good says:

      Of course I remember you! No, we sold our home over a year ago and live in Chicago. I love where you live. We want to find a place on the East Coast of Florida for next year. Fingers crossed! My hubby had medical issues all year that prevented us from traveling. So, glad you read my blog. You might be interested in joining my favorite facebook group, GRANDwomen with Moxie. The women really engage. Would love to have you! Happy Passover. Warmly, Honey

  6. Gina Pollock says:

    Perfect article. Very wise and encouraging.

  7. Honey Good says:

    Don’t back away, just change direction. Stop being a doormat for others. Just say, no but diplomatically. You will feel empowered when you voice your opinion and they will respect you. It is all in the way you send your message. I don’t know if Covid has anything to do with aggressiveness.I would pick a group to volunteer with who have liked minded women like yourself. Do your homework. This group will provide you with friendships if it mirrors you. You can still travel with your sisters. As far as your husband, I laughed when I read the sentence. All men are the same! Plan a trip that does not require driving and a trip he will love.Consider joining my private Facebook group too. The women engage and they are very nice. GRANDwomen with Moxie …where loneliness disappears. God Bless you, too. Warmly, Honey

  8. Maria Marowski says:

    I am excited to have found you. I look forward to following you and being part of your uplifting journey. Thank you for being there for all of us!

    • Honey Good says:

      And, I am excited that you have found me. Thank you! I know you will be an asset to HG. Have a lovely day and week ahead. Warmly, Honey

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