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How to Create a Fabulous Outdoor Oasis for Spring

How to Create a Fabulous Outdoor Oasis for Spring

The last eleven months have been a rough time for most of us, to say the least. All the restrictions, quarantines, lockdowns, and other measures that were put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 made us realize just how important it is to have a living space that feels peaceful and comfortable. Now that we’re used to the idea of spending more time at home than usual, it makes sense that we’d look for new ways to enjoy our homes, both indoor and outdoor. So, why not create a fabulous outdoor oasis? With spring just around the corner, this could be the perfect time to start thinking of ways to do so!

Below are six tips on how to transform your outdoor living space into that perfect fabulous outdoor oasis you’ll love spending time in.

Clean and Declutter for a Fresh Start

Spring cleaning is a great way to refresh our home’s interior after a long winter, but our outdoor living spaces deserve some TLC as well! Start by removing all the furniture and decor from your front porch and patio and giving them a thorough scrub. Rely on the pressure washer to remove the grime and dirt that has accumulated during colder months, and move on to cleaning your outdoor furniture.

Clean the doors and windows, tackle the gutters, and remove any weeds. Freshen up all the accessories as well, and make sure to mow the lawn to give your outdoor living area a fresh start.

Treat Your Front Door to a Fresh Coat of Paint

Spring is the perfect time to make changes, and your front door is the perfect place to start transforming your home’s exterior and boosting its curb appeal. Think about the color palette of your outdoor space and see which new colors you can bring in to make it more vibrant and inspiring.

Not only will a fresh coat of paint make your doors look new, but it will also provide them with some extra protection from the elements. Plus, it will act as a warm welcome to your guests. If you’re looking for a simple tweak that is as pretty as it’s practical, this is it.

Mix and Match Your Seating

Speaking of making your outdoor area more welcoming, nothing says inviting and cozy quite like a nice conversation area. Multiple areas that offer different seating options are ideal for entertaining large groups of people. Practical double-duty pieces such as garden stools can be used as extra seating when you are having guests over while also acting as side tables when you are relaxing on your own. Alternatively, they can be used as cute plant stands, especially if you paint them in a vibrant hue such as yellow or blue.

You can also include other seating options such as woven chairs, benches, and poufs. Mismatched outdoor furnishings will help create a laid-back vibe in your outdoor living area while also making it more flexible.

Create a Special Zone for Your Favorite Pastime Activities

Your outdoor area should also have a dedicated space for enjoying your favorite pastime activities. For instance, if you’re someone who enjoys reading, a cozy nook filled with your favorite books and a comfy chair could easily become your favorite reading spot.

If you like watching movies, you can easily create your own outdoor movie theatre by adding entertainment equipment such as a quality outdoor tv and a soundbar, thus ensuring an immersive outdoor entertainment experience. You can also add a couple of pillows, a yoga mat, and a water feature and create a perfectly calming meditation spot. When it comes to designing your special outdoor zone, the sky’s the limit, and all you need is a bit of creativity to create an outdoor space that will get you excited about spending time outside.

Bring Up the Coziness Factor

In order to be functional and inviting, your outdoor living area also has to be cozy, so make sure to include some homely pieces. Textiles in particular are great for bringing up the coziness factor, and they’re rather easy to incorporate.

Rolling out a warm, cozy outdoor rug will soften the underfoot and anchor your outdoor living space, while the blankets and the pillows will serve as cozy add-ons for those colder spring evenings. Not only will cozy fabrics make your outdoor space more functional, but they’ll also add visual interest by introducing texture, color, and patterns.


What’s an outdoor living space without some accessories? Even just a couple of well-placed decor pieces can go a long way in making your outdoor space more inviting. Aside from colorful pillows and rugs, you can also add accessories such as table cloths, lanterns, candleholders, and flower pots. For a greater impact, go for pieces in vibrant hues or striking shapes and patterns.

Also, if there are some trees in your outdoor space, consider adding a hammock. It’s one of those affordable backyard luxuries that can help elevate any outdoor space without breaking the bank while also being a great decorative add-on.

Create Your Fabulous Outdoor Oasis

Maximizing your home’s exterior potential is about making simple tweaks that will make it more attractive, cozy, and inviting, and give it the TLC it deserves. Use these couple of tips above as an inspiration for creating your own fabulous outdoor oasis you can enjoy come spring.

Inspired to turn your outdoor space into a fabulous oasis? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this page!

This article was written by blogger, Lilly Miller

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February 17, 2021


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