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Sue Pitchforth is a home styler and virtual consultant and I’m so excited to have her back on the blog! Enjoy, darlings!

Home sweet home.  We’ve all said this at some point.  Especially when coming back from a trip.  It is true! Home is the place where we can be ourselves, it’s our anchor and our haven.  

As a designer for over 20 years, I have known the importance of your home, your surroundings, the energy that you create, and how it has an impact on your life.  This has been a guiding principle in how I approach design with my clients.

Within our four walls, we celebrate the joy in life, the sorrow, and everything in between. The power of our home and how it influences our well-being is with us every day. Most of us don’t even realize it!

After I moved from the Toronto area to Ottawa five years ago, I know that for myself, I wanted to create a home that was welcoming, safe, and positive, and made me smile.  How did I accomplish that?  I surrounded myself with things that I love and that reflected my personality, including artwork, special keepsakes, books, and treasures that I collected over the years.  It was amazing to see how quickly my home felt like “me” shortly after I moved in.

My home helped me get through cancer

Fast forward four years and my “home” really showed me, love.  I was diagnosed with cancer and had a long road of chemotherapy and radiation treatments ahead.  I remember coming home from the doctor’s and walking in my front door,  it truly felt like arms were wrapping around me.  It was the love and energy that I created in my home.  I felt safe and ready to take on what was coming.

There were some tough days, I won’t lie, but I tackled each day with positivity. I would look around my home, see the inspirational wall in my kitchen, nap on my chaise lounge in my bedroom, or gaze at my family gallery.

My home gave me strength in ways that surprised me! It has been a year since my diagnosis and I am happy to share that I am cancer free!  I know that my home was a big part of my journey and how I approached each day.


Your home has energy- make it positive

I believe that your home and belongings have energy.  Just think how you feel when your space is cluttered – you feel stressed.  Clean up the clutter and you feel better!

One of the top places to do this? Your master bedroom! This room should be your private oasis, a place to retreat at the end of the day. Remove the clutter, clean out your closet, clear the top of your nightstand, switch up the layout of the furniture, and make it feel new again!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or go shopping at all, you can shop around your home! Find items you’re using elsewhere and put them in a new place (from small little picture frames to furniture!). Reimagine your space!


Your home should reflect your personality

Does your home reflect your personality?  Do you have a collection?  Love artwork? Vivid colors?  Bring “you” into your home!  You will be so glad you did. The feeling that you will get is wonderful.

Find little trinkets, special frames, and things you’ve collected over the years that hold special meaning and remind you of beautiful life moments – display them in vignettes throughout your home.

We know how we want our guests to feel when they are in our home, always welcomed and happy.  Have you really thought about how you feel in your own home?  If not, maybe it’s time to do just that!

My wish for you this holiday season and beyond is for you to create a home that reflects who you are and gives you love each day, so you can travel life’s winding journey.

Darlings, what about your home speaks to YOU? What pieces of your home do you want others to carry with them upon leaving? 


About the author:

Sue Pitchforth is an interior designer, stylist, and virtual consultant. Her business, Decor Therapy Plus, has helped people over the last 20 years achieve beautiful interior design transformations on small budgets.


** Please note that items purchased through links on this site may result in a commission for Honey Good.


December 6, 2022


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