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tips for your home's entryway

I am redoing our foyer and I have tips for your home’s entryway. I think you’ll find, darling, that these tips are things you would not necessarily expect. They are not decor tips.

The dictionary defines an entryway as a passage for affording entrance. I just love that.


My first and most important tip is simple. Acknowledge that your entry is the first glance your guests will have of your persona.
How do you want them to feel? How would you like them to perceive your style? You are the mistress of your home. And the entryway should immediately establish your aura.
I am confident you will have to go this alone and I have faith in you that you can. It shocks me that the foremost magazines on decorating rarely, if ever, show the entryway of a home. Let alone give a tip!
Since deciding to redo our entryway, months ago, I have combed the magazines for tips and photos. Not only for overall design but also for accessories. Such as light fixtures, wall covering, furniture, and flooring. I have not found any photos or stories. Shocking!
But look on the bright side. This gives you time to contemplate your personal style. What colors, textures, and styles of furniture will suit?


If you plan on doing your entryway for the first time or for a redo, my second tip for your home’s entry is, patience! 

My Ultimate Concierge and I began our journey last November. And by December, everything was ordered. New flooring, new wallpaper, new paint, new accessories, and so on. 

Two weeks ago, on the first day of July, the workmen finally started. I waited six months. The project is supposed to be completed by the middle of August. Really? I sincerely have my doubts.       

I am patient because I want to enjoy and savor every moment. First and foremost, I am grateful to my Ultimate Concierge who gave me the go-ahead. 

His feelings about the entryway? “What’s wrong with the entryway? It’s fine.” My response and I meant it from the core of my soul; “Everything!” When he said yes I knew I had successfully jumped the highest hurdle and my dream would come true. A new entryway!  

Why would I allow myself to be unhappy about the slowness of the project? It would deprive me of my joy. With my positive attitude of looking at the big picture, I don’t mind waiting patiently. I am reveling and enjoying every moment because I know the end result will make me a very happy mistress. 

So, darling, be a patient mistress.

See a bit of the process going on here at my home below!


My third tip for updating your home’s entry is to hire true craftsmen. Do so for your flooring, wallpaper hanging, fixtures, and painting. For the overall design, I recommend hiring a designer. You are spending your money. How do you do this? Easy. Talk to friends you admire and have your style. Remember your style is your biography.

Read how a Woman’s Style is Her Biography here!

Here is a brief rundown of the process and how it worked for me.

I had a conversation with my friend Linda. I love her home and I knew I would like who she recommended. Though my project is not large, I decided I wanted to hire a  designer. 

Once the designer was on board, she had the responsibility of hiring the best craftsmen. She did the shopping for samples of fabric, wall covering, lighting, and flooring. Then brought them to me for approval. Imagine looking at hundreds of paint colors, fabrics, wallpapers, and tiles for floors on your own. 

You are not a designer. You are the mistress of your home who wants to create her personal persona. I assure you, you need help.

When I interviewed my designer and we immediately clicked. Our ‘togetherness’ has blossomed into friendship.

Here’s the “Before” of my entryway:

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Be considerate and kind to the craftsmen who will make your entryway gorgeous and make you so happy. During the day I ask them if they would like a soft drink, coffee or water. I bring them cookies and other goodies. I talk to them and make them feel at home. Ultimately, I enjoy their time at my home.

There’s one man laying our floor who is a husband and father in his early 50s. At the beginning of the second week that he was in our home, he caught me off guard. I walked into our foyer to say good morning and before I could open my mouth he said, “Good morning, Honey Good!” I swear!!

I was surprised and asked him how he knew I was Honey Good. He said, “I couldn’t help but listen to conversations taking place in your home last week. They were so interesting I looked you and your husband up online. Guess what, Honey Good? I signed up on your site so I can read your stories!”

OMG, I was so flattered! Just to let you know 20% of my readers are men.

The guys (2) are still in our home working on the flooring. This is the third week and I don’t know when they will complete the job. I love having them here. I love the tumult.


Our home is always busy and filled. Elena my dear assistant is here, Stella, the assistant to my Ultimate Concierge and to myself, is here. Michelle is also here to assist and Rebecca comes every day for workouts. Then there are the dog walkers who run in and out all day.

The grocery man delivers. Amazon delivers. There is never a dull moment and I love it this way. I revel in the inclusion of having people in my life. We are a United Nation, a melting pot, in our condo-in-the-sky. Mexican, Hungarian, Puerto Rican and Sweedish, Black, Russian and Romanian, and all Americans who get along.

And, that is what I want to reflect in my entryway. A place you want to hang your hat and stay a while.

I want an entryway that says in its design, welcome. A mistress who greets you with warmth and style, an Ultimate Concierge who made it happen. And, of course, a pooch named America who is the ultimate greeter. It is our home and it is open to all.

Peep a little more of the process below!


To sum it up:

  1. Your entry should reveal your persona.
  2. Your patience is a must.
  3. Hire high-quality craftsmen and designers.
  4. Show consideration and respect to the people working in your home.
  5. Have a good time.

In conclusion, I hope you will consider these tips for your home’s entryway. But, of course, darling, they could apply to anywhere in your home.

Have you taken on a remodeling project in your home? I’d love to hear your tips! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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July 20, 2022


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