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How I Take Care of My Mental Health During Hard Times

My Private Life In Self-Isolation

Naturally, I am uncomfortable that the world population has been dealt a catastrophic blow with the sudden appearance of the life-threatening and extremely contagious virus, COVID-19. In all my conversations with family and friends, the first words mentioned are, “How are you and your family?” So, I want to discuss how I am really feeling and how I take care of my mental health during this pandemic.

Feeling Vulnerable

I am beginning to question the statements of are so-called authorities and I am feeling vulnerable. I am beginning to question procedures that have and continue to be put into place. As well, I assume most of you are questioning what is truth, what is fiction, and whose opinions seem the most logical. When a catastrophe strikes we want to hear strong voices give us strong answers. We are all uncomfortable when we listen to answers that change daily because are minds are adrift in understanding what are the best options to take to protect those we love. So, we feel unstable and vulnerable. We feel we have lost control over our lives and to a large degree, we have.

On a Happier Note

On a happier note, I am in control of my personal lifestyle. I do not feel vulnerable because I have the power to bring stability and happiness into my home. So do you. And, though I would love to be out and about with my Ultimate Concierge and our family, we have adjusted to our new life. We are all grateful we have one another and we are in constant contact, talking and texting often across the miles.

My husband Sheldon Good and I take daily walks with our pooch, America. We work out, we Zoom for work and play. I write my stories and engage with women, who have become my friends on my social media channels and in my new private Facebook group, GRANDwomen with Moxie… Where loneliness disappears. I am trying desperately to teach myself how to do live videos for my Instagram site and all my channels. But, I find it so difficult to video at the same time I am talking and walking, that tears and frustration comfort me. But I am determined to become somewhat skilled.

Walking America

Life In Isolation

My Ultimate Concierge and I watch great series and documentaries and we find cooking together (I cook… he watches) fun. We read together and I spend time outdoors alone with nature, my second love after my family. Actually, I am so busy, I am dizzy and so is my Ultimate Concierge, with Zoom meet-ups and conference calls and sharing our thoughts with each other. I guess you might say we are busy and dizzy and frazzled all in one day!

We have the power to live our lives within the perimeters of our home to our liking so our mental health and emotional health is an A+. In all sincerity, our private life is about as good as it gets under the circumstances. Our large family as of today is well. What more can we ask? Nothing. But…

I Feel I Have Lost Control as a Citizen in My Country

On the other hand, in all honesty, I am beginning to abhor what is taking place outside our home because it is not only affecting me but every American. And, I care.

Like many of you, I am upset with the Chinese government. And, I am in favor of a huge worldwide push to punish the government for their misdeed that is affecting the entire worldwide population.

I don’t know how you feel about our government. For my part, what alarms and disappoints me is the behavior of most of the people we elected; The men and women that serve in our local and state governments, and in the Congress of the United States. I am just starting!

Feeling the Frustration

I do feel that during these catastrophic times, our news outlets, our press, and even some of our scientists, have no right to play politics with our health and financial security. I feel they are threatening me and every citizen and the survival of our great democratic society. They are more concerned with their political survival than us. I feel victimized. As an American citizen, I should be proud of my state and local government and the United States Congress and all news outlets. I am not because they are not partnering together for the emotional and financial well-being of every American. It confounds me that the House of Representatives, who can have social distancing in their great hall, are not returning to work to help the people who elected them until May 11th!

Having Difficulty Staying Upbeat

So, Darlings, now that I have touched upon what is taking place in my mind, I am having difficulty staying upbeat. I know over 300 million citizens of our beloved America is (in some manner) probably feeling like I am. They too are wondering what next as they watch most of our politicians concern themselves with their personal ‘wants’ instead of the needs of the citizens who elected them. They should return to work, and at the very least, pass a bill to fix our national roads and highways and bridges during this quarantine period when we are all in our homes! Look at all the people they would be putting to work who are now going bankrupt through no fault of their own.

To sum up how I am going about handling my emotional wellbeing…

I am expressing how I honestly feel because during the journey of my life I have learned that storing unhappy feelings is not the answer to living a fit, healthy, and happy life.

I am Sad, Angry, Sickened, Frightened, and Disillusioned… But I Express It!

I am overly sad for my countrymen who are suffering; I am angry at local and state governments and the Congress of the United States. As well, I am sickened by the American press who no longer report all sides of a news story truthfully that would allow every citizen the opportunity to make an intelligent decision.

I am frightened when I hear our great scientists talk the talk and then… change the talk. I am disillusioned that my rights as an American citizen seem to be taken away from me. And, I am unprepared to live in a country that has control over my life, my family’s life, and every American citizen’s life. No government has the right to control my health, my lifestyle, my grandchildren’s schooling, and/or to tell an American they cannot work, taking away their right to survival and self-respect.

What We Can Do to Lighten Emotional Stress

I am of the belief that it is important to discuss openly your feelings even when you are under attack from others who feel differently. Why? Because you are being true to yourself. Because what matters is what you feel. I call this emotional honesty. It’s important for your mental health.

When I was widowed and I had Cancer I was always true to my feelings. I could not be any other way. I never forced myself to feel happy until I genuinely recovered and once again felt happy. And, I never forced myself to be happy in front of my friends. I was distraught and I let myself be distraught. I let myself grieve over the loss of my late husband and my health. Emotional honesty led me back to happiness. Emotional honesty should be the principal of one’s life.

I am glad I wrote this story even though some of you do not agree with me. I was emotionally honest with myself and that’s what matters. When you take an opposing view, speak out, and express your feelings; emotional honesty gives you positive power and positive power brings you happiness and strong mental health. You can’t ask more than that, can you Darlings?

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Have you been taking care of your mental health during COVID-19? Take a moment to ask yourself this important question. 

  1. You wrote exactly what many of us Americans think and feel. Thank you for this article! Ranel

  2. Good Morning Honey,

    I enjoyed your article immensely. I am staying at home and working digitally. It was difficult at first to adjust but it is much better now. I agree with you on many points you made. I am so angry and disappointed in our government also and I decided this morning that I am going to back off on watching the news because it depresses me. I love to garden and being home more has given me the opportunity to do more gardening. It is always difficult to adjust to change. I have always been good at adjusting but maybe my age now (75) has given me a different attitude. Health concerns don’t help either even though I work very hard at keeping my weight down and eating healthy. Feeling more in control is what helps me feel happier. Thanks for your honest opinion of the situation we are all in now. I miss my daughters and grandchildren very much and hope I can visit them sometime fairly soon. Stay healthy and happy!

  3. Oh my God. Please post this on your Facebook page. You have put into words exactly how I feel and how I think about this entire mess. The rage that bubbles underneath. How is it we can see so clearly what others refuse to admit? I am aghast as I go from paragraph to paragraph reading my thoughts as if I’d written them down. How do we as American citizens stand by and watch our country crumble? They have shackled us in fear and control us by doling out just enough to keep the masses fed. And most people are happy to put their lives and livelihood in the hands of cowards. How is it that the 400 or so employees in every Walmart can go to work serving the public every day when our representatives stay at home eating ice cream and claim it’s too dangerous for them to meet. And why isn’t everyone else outraged as we are? How is it that half of us would plan to elect someone hiding in a basement?

    I have been in the house for going on 8 weeks. Like you I’m in a good circumstance here with my husband but still the anxiety creeps in. The one thing I really enjoy is to go shopping but I will tell you that I am now a one woman crusade committed to never buying anything made in China again. How people can blame their own president and not the government of China that chose to inflict this on the rest of the world I cannot fathom. Money is truly the only power in this world and each of us control only a small portion, but together we can make a difference. It takes hours (literally) to find items made in the USA or Europe. But I will no longer buy items where I do not know the country of origin. It is my only way of fighting back.

    Thank you for writing this today. It validates my feelings, let’s me know that I am not alone. I wish you would consider sending this as an open letter to the New York Times. They think we are a bunch of driveling fools that can’t think for ourselves. They need to know that some of us can see what is going on and that their misrepresentation of the facts doesn’t convince all of us. Make America great again soon.

  4. Thank you for your honesty; it is refreshing and also comforting to know that we share many similar thoughts and feelings. Your articulate description was spot on for me. It is not important that we all agree about what is going on politically. What is important is that we use our one vote the way we choose, and respect others when they do the same. The lies and untruths told are despicable, especially during this time of crisis. I pray for us to live in peace. Stay well❤️

  5. Honey, thank you for your honesty.
    Yes I am also especially very disillusioned with what is happening.
    I really appreciate hearing how you feel and knowing I am not alone.
    Stay well and stay safe.

  6. We all need to express ourselves openly — it’s therapy for our soul. I think all of us have had an emotional eruption
    during these times. We have time to critique life and ponder on how we want it to be. We are connected by various social
    media forms that allow us to at least see each other. I believe there is a very fine line between the government trying to
    control while keeping us safe at the same time. Not everyone has great common sense and many need to be directed. I don’t know what this looks like on the other side. I do know we will have learned many lessons and I hope we remember what they are and don’t revert back to all of our old ways. I am a very social person so I was very concerned about being sheltered in.
    I have actually adapted better than I thought I would. My stress levels are less because I’m not trying to figure out where to go, what to do and how to plan everything to the 9th degree. The other part of me wonders how people with less financial stability will ever survive this and come out somewhere on the other side. I think it’s time for all of us who are more privileged than others to step in and help those less fortunate — that may be our family members. Peace to you Honey.

  7. I agree with you and I thank you for writing down what so many of us are feeling. I am experiencing all of the emotions you listed and feeling all of the frustration you feel. I feel bewildered and overwhelmed. I keep busy and continue to connect with family and friends via phone and online outlets. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your thoughts.

  8. Thank you from my heart!
    Now what can be done?
    I pray all the time and trust our prayers are being heard!
    God bless America!

  9. I look so forward to reading your blog, and this article was so true to the way a lot of us Americans are feeling at this point. I am staying busy with my gardens and our four Boston Terriers. I retired at 65 years April 1st, last month but have been at home since March 26th. Retirement has not been as expected yet, I had stuff planned I wanted to do outside of home for my community. The way I am looking at the situation is that my plans have just been delayed a little, and my body and mine are getting a much needed rest after a scheduled work time of 50 years, which I am grateful to have been able to do. Thank you Honey so much for sharing.

  10. Thank you for your powerful thoughts. I agree 100%. I have stopped watching the news for the last month because it’s just not good for my personal health. I do what I need to do, go out to get groceries a few times a month and always wear a mask and gloves.

    I can not deal with what is going on in Washington. The cowardness. The looking out for only oneself, the lies – the daily fabricated truths. We need leadership, guidance, encouraging words from our “leaders”. We are not getting that. I have refused to watch certain cable news networks because of the massive lack of honesty that is going on and it’s painful to understand how so many people fall for all of that garbage.

    I trust my governor. That is who I look to for guidance and honesty. People across the country who are protesting – why? Are they that selfish? Why don’t they get it? They remind me of rebellious teenagers, stomping their feet and just wanting to make bad decisions and rebel against their parents and other adults. Grow up. They need to be role models and set examples for their kids, not to teach them how to be irresponsible. Show some empathy for other people.

    I wish the “Stuck at Home” wording would stop. It’s negative and people react to that negative wording. Find something new, interesting and fun to do. Clean, learn, converse with people via phone, Zoom, text, etc. Play with your kids, teach your kids, involve the grandkids, find joy in what you can do.

    VOTE in November. Especially loved Margo’s post and agree, go to the NY Times.

  11. You wrote exactly what I have been thinking and feeling. The only thing you missed was Twain, have you read about their success? The virus has been wiped out, they took it seriously in the beginning! Like to know why we haven’t heard more about this , it’s not fake news. Thank god we have Fauci, what a brilliant man, i listen to him. They have kept him quiet the last few days, I miss him , he makes me feel safe and everything will be ok. What do you think of the killer hornets 🐝 now in the states? I had a friend call , asked if the world was ending? I said no, that’s suppose to be fire 🔥 if you see a big blaze ,start to pray 🙏

  12. Yes! Agree with you 100% about all of it! Some days I feel like I’m the only one. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone in these thoughts. I am also blessed in my retired home life and try my best to remain grateful! ❤️

  13. Dear Honey,
    Everyone has good points here Sable you expressed exactly how I feel.
    What I can’t comprehend is how a leader? Of the country could suggest we consume or inject disinfectant as a treatment for Covid 19. Dear God I pray no one did this.

    I have no more words for this catastrophe we are only beginning to understand.


  14. Dear Honey,
    Everyone has good points here Sable you expressed exactly how I feel.
    What I can’t comprehend is how a leader? Of the country could suggest we consume or inject disinfectant as a treatment for Covid 19. Dear God I pray no one did this.

    I have no more words for this catastrophe we are only beginning to understand.

    Unfortunately I’m getting a message telling me this is a duplicate statement on Honey Good. I haven’t responded to this before.


  15. I agree with you! This situation makes me feel manipulated and demeaned. We are Americans and can handle the truth…this roller coast of political pandering and fighting communicates the message that I should believe what I am hearing and common sense tells me otherwise. Our beloved country has survived many a challenge and in the past it motivated and brought unity. This crisis seems to be doing the exact opposite. I want to hear stories of the people who have contracted this disease and also I want to hear stories that honor those who died. Each person is precious and none of them should be a statistic. I’m sorry for the rant but it feels so good to have a safe place to express it!

  16. Nothing will change until and unless American citizens stop being duped by a puppet president who claims no responsibility, suggests we ingest Lysol and routinely makes a fool of himself and our country. We can no longer afford to be indulgent and laugh with embarrassment over his ridiculous behaviors, misogynist comments and callous disregard for the very people who support him. It is time to band together for our country’s sake and ELECT a new president. Please, people, wake up!! This is just how Hitler got his start! WAKE UP!!

  17. hello honey, so just want to say I agree about being emotionally honest and expressing that. I do believe that bottled up emotions do cause more internal body harm. BUT I wish people would be more gentle and kind, yes, we can agree to disagree but I do not like it when people feel they can be outright rude and disrespectful to others just because of difference of opinion. Love and peace!

  18. I am 100% with you Honey. Our press is a joke. I remember how Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley and others of the day presented the news. There was no bias expressed or implied. The facts of a story were presented and we, as intelligent individuals, took those facts and drew our own conclusions. Our politicians, with few exceptions, are motivated by power, money and job security. They do not serve their constituents. This has nothing to do with a particular party. Both parties are guilty. With this covid virus, what we know to be correct one day, as told to us by experts, is completely changed the following day. As for China, I want to buy American. I do. But have you tried to find even a hair blower that isn’t made in China? Try it. Our leaders have given control of our products, transportation, real estate and even our food to a country exhibiting nothing but disdain for Americans and our way of life. Sorry Honey. I guess your message hit close to home for me. Keep on being genuine and speaking your mind. So far, our thoughts and words are still our own. Blessings.

  19. I feel exactly the same. You said what has been on my mind and in my heart. Sending you a great big (virtual) hug.

  20. I don’t agree with you, Honey. But thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am neither a medical doctor nor a researcher so I put my trust in our scientists and feel that they are doing their best under these terribly trying circumstances. Also, I have the utmost faith in our wonderful Governor here in New Mexico, Michele Lujan Grisham.

  21. Honey!! I am so glad I found you!! Your comments about the above are so open and honest. I love that!! I feel the same as you. It is unsettling how I find I’m questioning what is true and what is not. I love the fact you said how the inside of your home is yours and how you want to live. It is safe. Thank you so much for you being you. It has been so wonderful and freeing to me to find others that think so much like me. I love the open and honest words you express each day! Thanks again!!

  22. Well said, I agree. I feel much the same as you do. It amazes me that our elected officials and those paid salaries of our tax dollars are acting like children all wanting their way without concern for Americans. I m especially concerned that some of the awful anti America actions of people leading us at this time are happening. I m anxious for the truth to come out, for those responsible to be exposed and dealt with. I am America strong and I want all in America to be the same. I am ready for this to be over, I am ready for our friends, families and ourselves to be safe in our own world. In the meantime we will b safe in our home environments and daily walks in safe places where we keep social distance, wear masks and smile with our eyes and waves at each other. God is good, so very good…some people are greedy and foolish and care only for themselves, not America or her citizens. Sad…

  23. I liked what you said, but you left the President of the United States. I have a huge problem with his random comments, misunderstanding of how serious this virus is, and his total lack of leadership in thes unpresented times. I don’t feel secure in his leadership at all. Fortunately I live in a state where the governor is doing a great job and i look to her for leadership.

  24. Everyone has wonderful insightful comments!! I would add this. If you know someone that can be suffering economically from this crisis, please help them out! We give to charities but make this personal. Say a cleaning woman or your hairdresser— these people can’t work! How are they feeding themselves, paying rent etc.?? Send them a big check, if you can, no questions or repayment necessary!

  25. It feels so good to see in writing that someone else feels exactly the same way I do. My husband and I have both thought for years now that Congress and the Press are dividing this country. Thanks again

  26. You are exactly right Congress and House and the Media all are letting us down!!! They are destroying our country for their own agendas. You have expressed what many are afraid to. I applaud You!! The best I have read in days.

    1. Thank you, Doris. Thank you so very much. Stay well and stay safe and stay grateful for blessings. Warmly, Honey

  27. I am with you. Follow the money if you want to know the truth. I believe most of us are feeling the same as you. Thank you for your courage to speak out. Unfortunately I believe there is corruption everywhere. You can’t believe anything you hear. Just keeping praying for things to get better.


    1. My goal was not to discuss one party over another party but rather to discuss both parties that are in control of our local, state and national government and… our press who distort the truth. Our schools are falling apart, our roads, highways and bridges in our cities and states are in disrepair. Our National Gov’t under many Presidents before Trump knew that China controlled 96% of our drugs and did nothing to change it because of greed. They didn’t think about their citizens.They thought about their pocketbooks. I love my Country and I think every American in the future should thoroughly vet every person they vote for and not vote party but vote character. I hope all is well and you are both safe. Susan

  29. First and foremost I thank you Honey for the gift of your thoughts which we all share to some degree at this sad time in our country and in our lives.
    Your courage to share what has become such a sensitive topic inspires me. I completely agree with you and appreciate that our group respects the opinions of others and validates our feelings whether or not they agree with them.

    1. You are so welcome, Rachel. “A gal’s gotta do what she’s gotta do” Your comment made me very happy. Warmly, Honey

  30. Dearest Honey, I applaud the courage you have to be open, honest and candid about this worldwide disgustingly cruel man-made killer. These people do not hold life dear. I am encouraged by your words because I just knew that there had to be others who have the intelligence to feel the same. Keep the faith and the wise words coming. I love you. – Connie

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