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Honey’s Perfect Picks: Mother’s Day Gift Guide & Beyond!

Honey’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide was updated on May 6, 2020, with new perfect picks! We decided to re-publish our April perfect picks and Mother’s Day Guide because we wanted to give you the opportunity (if you had not already) to browse some of Honey’s favorite things both for herself and as gifts for others. Happy May, Darlings. Let’s use this month to bloom together. 

Honey’s Perfect Picks, A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May is the month of blooming!

In the early morning hours of a California morning, I walk in all directions in my yard with my pooch, America. My eyes cannot help but take note that May is also the month of blossoming and growth. I notice the sun’s increase in strength shining down on a greener, lusher, grass that looks and feels like a carpet under my feet.

My red-flowered Hibiscus trees are flowering as if to say, “good morning.” They remind me of my sweet life in Honolulu. Their bright multicolored bursts bring a smile to my face. The regal Washingtonia Palms seem to touch the clear blue sky as the purple bougainvillea wrap around their trunks and continue climbing to the top.

May is definitely the month of nature’s blooming and our blooming.

Thoughts of COVID-19

My mind switches to thoughts of COVID-19 and you, women over 50. Despite the tragedy at hand, you are showing your signature of strength. Many of you have learned new computer skills. You are now attending online classes as well as learning the art of ZOOMing so you can connect with your families and friends.

You are back in your kitchen full time! You are exercising and adapting to your in-home-workouts. With Spring in the air learning to garden, actually talking on the telephone to old friends, spending more time with your husbands or significant others, and realizing the importance of alone time. Many of you are working from home, #WFH, and finding new and creative ways to set up your homes for business and projects.

To celebrate the special GRANDwomen in your lives, I updated my April Honey’s Perfect Picks for May with all of the above in mind. And, you still have time to order some gifts for Mother’s Day if you’re looking for last-minute ideas.

Supersonic Fuchsia Hair Dryer Set

Darlings, I’m in love with the new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer in fuchsia. It’s so slick, and looks very futuristic, does it not? If you’re looking to treat yourself, or your hair, this is a great gift to give to yourself or someone you love. I also adore the matching hair brushes.

Self-Care Items For All

I love a great robe, and I’m sure you do too! Whether you’re treating yourself to a self-care day, or heading out of the shower or relaxing around the house, this Hanro plush robe is a favorite of mine. It comes in three colors and its shorter… perfect for the upcoming summer months.

I know you all love a good facemask! These great Beauty Rest’ore lavender masks refresh and revitalize your skin. Create your own spa day in your home during self-isolation with this product. Made with lavender oil, aloe, and hyaluronic acid this mask will calm your mind and rehydrate your face. How wonderful!

Computers, Phones & Watches

Technology is going to become more and more important in our lives. So, naturally, I had to include it on my Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Many of us will no longer need two cars, and many will no longer need a car. Our homes have become a multi-purpose center. We now host school rooms, offices, movie centers, go-to medical online research. ZOOM is the way to visit our children, have meetings with our employees/co-workers, enjoy our movie groups, and book clubs virtually. A new computer is your investment in almost every form of intellectual curiosity and enjoyment. How many times a day do you ask Google?!

Here are a few of my favorite technology picks! Amazon has many great models and places to buy from. Do research on your exact needs, and don’t be afraid to call a tech person in your area for help over the phone. I’m sure there are many local stores still operating as they have been deemed an essential business.

My essential tech picks:

  1. Apple MacBook Air
  2. Apple MacBook Pro
  3. Apple Desktop Computer
  4. Apple Watch
  5. iPad

Workout Jacket & Tennis Shoes

I note from your comments you are working out, taking exercise and yoga classes virtually. You are walking and biking and becoming more and more casual in your dress. I love color, so I chose clothing by Puma athletic wear and Easy Spirit walking shoes that make me feel feline, alive, and happy. Easy Spirit shoes are designed with you in mind. A revolutionary new spring collection of walking shoes designed with 3 layers of advanced technology for triple comfort. Hard-to-find sizes and widths, arch support, breathable material, easy adjustability, and are orthotic friendly.

  1. Puma TFS Retro Track Jacket
  2. Easy Spirit Tennis Shoes

Cooking Products

If you have been cooking as I have been cooking, these are great kitchen products to add to your kitchen supplies. I fell in love with them because they make my life in the kitchen more efficient and they are attractive.

  1. KitchenAid Multi-Cooker
  2. Breville Smart Oven Air
  3. Smeg Retro 4-Slotted Toaster

Candles For Work Space, Home & Bedroom

We are all spending much more time at home, and I am sure after this invisible enemy is gone from our lives, many of us will continue spending more time in our homes. Every woman loves an atmosphere in her space. We want our homes to have that certain feeling that comforts our soul and gives us a sense of peace.

Here are some candles chose by women with exceptional taste and, of course, candle lovers!

  1. Meyer’s Clean Day Scented Soy Candle
  2. ’85 Diesel Candle by D.S. & Durga
  3. Voluspa Tarocco Orange and Panjore Lychee
  4. JO MALONE Mimosa & Cardamom scented candle

Cookbooks for All!

With all the cooking going on in our homes, I wanted to give you some great cookbook ideas in my Perfect Picks and Mother’s Day Gift Guide. I hope you buy one to try new recipes. Keep your kitchen interesting during quarantine!

From the Oven to the Table by Diane Henry: This cookbook is no fussing around. Everything goes into a Dutch Oven or on a sheet pan. Chicken with feta cheese etc. And she is a beautiful writer. So, when I am reading her recipes and instructions, there is a calm about her.

JAMIE OLIVER’S MEALS IN MINUTES: A Revolutionary Approach to Cooking Good Food Fast: Perfect 30-minute meals that are healthy and great tasting!

My Mexico City Kitchen: Recipes and Convictions by Gabriela Camara: I love that she tells her readers that everything can be a taco! Gabriela Camara is a restaurant owner and Chef with great recipes.

EVERYONE CAN BAKE: Simple Recipes to Master and Mix by Dominique Ansel: Great for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Maya Luxurious Tea & Accessories

How about a virtual tea party with the ones you love? This Maya Luxurious Tea set is just the gift to give yourself and a grandchild so you can have long-distance tea parties together. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

Reward your senses, mind, and spirit! All blooming Maya Luxurious Tea are handmade from 100% natural tea leaves and flowers of the highest quality. Maya Luxurious Tea provides a variety of blooming teas, like Blooming Happiness, as well as an elegant array of accessories. The latest feature is Maya’s Tea Infuser Bottle. I do hope you enjoy this product as I do!

L’OCCITANE Hand Wash & Hand Cream

We are washing our hands a lot, my sweet readers, and because of this, I thought it would be great to have some of my favorite products to buy for yourself, your mother, or grands included in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide. L’OCCITANE is one of my most favorite brands.

  1. L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Hand Cream
  2. L’OCCITANE Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Body Cream
  3. L’OCCITANE Lavender Cleansing Hand Wash
  4. L’OCCITANE Immortelle Divine Creme
  5. L’OCCITANE Eyes & Lips Bi-Phasic Make-Up Remover

AKAR SKIN – Mother Nature Bundle

Get this great skincare Mother Nature Bundle containing over 50+ plant-based superfoods that are primed to address all of your skin concerns. This AKAR SKIN 4-product set contains only the essentials for your daily skincare routine. Perfect for normal, dry, and sensitive skin. They believe in using the latest extraction and formulation processes, keeping our planet safe while crafting the most high-powered skincare solutions for your skin. An excellent gift for you, your mother, or your grandmother!

AKAR SKIN is committed to delivering the purest, nutrient-dense products created with only one thing in mind – your wellness. They (or you!) will be so happy with this beautiful product.

As well, AKAR SKIN is offering Honey Good readers 20% off their products with the code “HONEYGOOD20“! Happy shopping!

Stories For My Grandchild – A Grandmother’s Journal

Stories For My Grandchild Cover

As well, I’ve included my “Stories For My Grandchildren” journal. It’s the perfect gift to fill in your life story to give to your grands as their keepsake no matter what time of year. But with Mother’s Day around the corner, this is the perfect occasion. Share your stories and memories with your family to pass down from generation to generation.

Happy Mother’s Day & Stay Safe!

I hope you enjoyed my perfect picks and Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Darlings, I am personally sending you a gift of thoughts: Be positive. Stay grateful.

Explore new avenues, my readers, and stay connected. Enjoy the quiet of the day and night. Even though we may not be able to hug our Mothers on Mother’s day, we can still be with them in heart and mind. I am smiling.

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  1. Dear Honey , Your message on how you take care of your mental health was so good! I agree with your remarks about our government and we are now aware three are evil people. My husband and I have been married almost 61 years, we live in a great house with a pretty yard and a lovely front porch, which is my husband’s favorite place to be in late afternoon with our precious Emma. Emma is a “mostly” border terrier and rescue! Love and look forward to your messages and by the way my beautiful mother’ maiden name was Good. Thank you for being an inspiration with your positive outlook on life.

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