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Week-in-review: Surround yourself with strong women


This week on we have talked a lot about strong women: being them, knowing them, and surrounding ourselves with them.

On Sunday I introduced all of you to the idea of Honey’s Sisterhood and asked if you were interested in more in-depth conversations and relationships through We have so far had an overwhelmingly positive response to the idea and many of you have taken the steps to sign up for more information. I am so grateful! If you haven’t yet signed up for more information you can read my blog about it here or you can go straight to the sign-up page.

Continuing on this idea of sisterhood I wrote about my crazy week last week and the rejuvenation my friendships provided me. I know often times darlings our friendships get put on the backburner, but they are VITAL to us. They provide us with support and guidance and are crucial for our own growth. Don’t put it off any longer, call that friend you owe a call to. And if you need more pushing read my story.

This week our contributor Akaisha Kaderli wrote about women who support their own households around the world. It was inspiring and it seemed to touch many of you! Even though Akaisha’s story was centered in Taiwan it was so familiar to many of you who have worked hard for your families. If you missed it you can read it right here.

And for my “Survive” topic this week I discussed my own steps for handling adversity and how to turn these situations into an opportunity for positive growth. It is not easy dear readers and I don’t want you to think I take your problems lightly. However, this is a method I have used to navigate very serious issues in my life so while we are not the same I can be a bit of a source to you for times of trouble. You can read the story here.

And of course we didn’t forget style and beauty this week! It was all about getting ready for winter… boots and protecting your skin! First of all I love boots, darlings. LOVE boots so here are some boot trends I am loving for this fall and winter. And finally the winter can be very hard on our hair and skin so I rounded up some tips and products to help you protect against it. You can read that here.

This week our Facebook community really enjoyed this message and I think it’s a good one to keep in mind for the week ahead. You are in control, darlings!

  1. Hi Honey…would love to sign up on your sisterhood page. But as a Canadian, couldn’t input my province and city. Can anything be done about this?

    1. Yes. You will be hearing from Cheryl with directions on what to do. Thank you for letting me know and for wanting to be part of our Sisterhood. Warmly, Honey

    2. Yes. Try putting a city and state in the USA in instead of Canada. Let me know. If that does not work my tec person will help you. Warmly, Honey

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