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Save or splurge: Get my looks for less

I often write about gratitude. It is perhaps the one concept that defines my life. I am grateful and that is my guiding light. And today I’m going to show you some of the fashion pieces I am grateful for and tell you how to get this fashion for less.

I am grateful, beyond measure, that after losing my first husband, Michael, at a young age (I was just 40—a baby!), the universe—via a dear friend—connected me to Sheldon Good, my love and husband for over two decades now.

I am grateful each day that I live a healthy, happy life with Shelly, my ultimate concierge. I am grateful for the prosperity that we have experienced, but make no mistake, nothing I “own” defines me. I have material things I enjoy. I have sentimental items, from jewelry to art and beyond, that I treasure. But my heart belongs to Shelly, my children, our dear Grands, and my little gem, Orchid!

Now, with that said, today I am sharing some of my favorite material things.. namely, some of the clothing I enjoy as well as affordable similar items for any of you who can not or just prefer not to spend a mint on fashion.

Nothing we own defines who we are and yet, what fun it is to dress up, embrace beautiful fabrics and shapes, and express ourselves through style at any age!

Fashion for less

Honey Good shares how to get her fashion for less

Pictured: I shared the above dress in a previous post and many of you, dear readers, love it! The dress is Louis Vuitton and the shoes are YSL. If you like the monochromatic look for less, this Diane Von Furstenberg dress has a similar flattering shape and is priced at just over $200 while this Sangria fit and flare dress is just $49 here.

Chunky heels are experiencing renewed popularity and that’s a good thing if you ask me, as they are far more comfortable than stilettos. Here’s a suede pair of chunky heel platforms, similar to the ones I am wearing above, made by Steve Madden at a reasonable price of $89.95.

Honey Good shares how to get her fashion for less

Pictured: Many of you were similarly complimentary when I recently shared a picture of this floral sweater paired with a crisp white shirt. In my eyes, this is what real style is about… it is timeless! I could and have worn this look as proudly a decade ago as I am today. Do you agree?

You can create a similar look with Ted Baker’s Opulent Blooms crewneck sweater here or this INC floral sweater for $47.99 at Macy’s.

Honey Good shares how to get her fashion for less

Pictured: Love them or hate them. many of you, dear readers, certainly noticed these glasses. Isn’t fashion fun? I get to be me and you get to be you and we can admire and respect how unique we all are in our tastes and preferences.

Don’t let the glasses distract you from these satin slacks which are absolutely one of my favorite pairs of pants. These pants can be dressy or semi-casual and I love the subtle sheen. Guess makes a similar pair in a very similar hue of baby blue for less than $100 here or, for a bit more, this pair by Red Valentino,$234 here, are quite pretty, too.

What are your fashion splurges? What do you prefer to save on when it comes to style? How do you get fashion for less? Do share your style secrets with the community! We would so love to hear from you either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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  1. Hi Honey, I love your style. I don’t know if you have discussed this, but I find it hard to find quality sweaters or tops that do not pill. Some look bad after just a few wearings. Is there anything particular to look for when shopping? I have seen name brands still hanging on the store rack that look like they are starting to pill. Yet I have some items that last for years – and those were not expensive items. It’s mostly t-shirts, sweaters, and tops. Any advice or direct me to the area that you have have already addressed this issue. Thanks so much. You are a wonderful inspiration for women. I am love stylish clothing. I do get compliments often, yet get confused as to where and in what department I should be shopping in. I love TJMaxx and Marshalls,. I buy what I love but find most clothing in a women’s department do not fit me well or are just too old looking. I am 66 years young and looking forward to another 30 years or more of a life full of excitement, feeling young, and being stylish.

    Thanks so much for sharing your brands and ideas. You are just a sweetheart..

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