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Home Décor Based on Your Moon Sign

Astrology writer Narayana Montúfar wrote today’s post on home décor based on your moon sign! Enjoy, darlings!

Whether we notice it or not, our five senses get immediately activated when we first walk into a room. As they perform an overall vibe-check, we sink into the overall feelings and sensations provided by the colors, textures, art, and even the quality of light. 

When seeking guidance from the ancient art of astrology to create your own heaven on earth, it’s key to go deeper than your Sun sign (or star sign). Its cosmic counterpart, the Moon, is the one that whispers who you really are, what brings you comfort, and your overall emotional wants and needs. 

Your Moon sign is the one to seek inspiration from when creating your unique home décor. If you don’t know your natal Moon sign, you can find it in this calculator when entering your exact date and time of birth. 

Home Décor Based on Your Moon Sign


If you were born with the Moon in Aries, you’re a fiery one! To feel emotionally in tune, your space must include bold art or accent pieces in shades of red, burnt orange, or hot pink. Being surrounded by vibrant colors makes you feel excited and alive. Make a space specifically designated for workout sessions, as you feel at your best when being active! 



If your natal Moon is in Taurus, you’re a creature of comfort! Earthy tones and ultra-soft fabrics reawaken your senses, as you tend to need more sleep and rest than most folks. For you, lighting is everything, so make sure you install dimmers in all your rooms to create that sensual vibe you like to be surrounded by so much. 



If you were born with Gemini as your Moon sign, you’re multifaceted! You are a lover of current trends, so mixing and matching different interior design styles with vibrant colors fits your eclectic vibe. You can even rotate art and accent pieces depending on your mood. For you, mental stimulation is everything, so having a special space to read and write is key to feeling good.  



If your natal Moon is in Cancer, you’re a home goddess! White and silver are your go-to base colors, as they create the mellow, soothing vibe you so much love. Then add some dark blue accents or oceanic-looking art for contrast. For you, having a well-equipped kitchen and dining room is key, as you love to host and cook for family and friends. 



If you were born with the Moon in Leo, you’re a queen! Bright orange, rust, and gold are your ideal colors, as they reawaken your vitality and make you feel alive. However, if you like darker shades, purple does the trick too (as it is the color of royalty). Creating is one of your favorite hobbies, so having an art studio or corner is key for you. 



If you were born with Virgo as your Moon sign, you’re very in tune with the rhythms of nature! Your heaven on earth involves natural, sustainable art and fabrics in shades of green, neutral, and even brown colors. Being surrounded by plants helps you relax, so hang some from the walls or near the windows, and put an indoor plant in every corner. 



If you were born with Libra as your Moon sign, you’re an innate designer! All shades of pink as well as baby blue bring the peace and harmony you seek to feel at your very best. Surrounding yourself with creativity and beauty is incredibly important, so don’t hesitate to invest in good quality, fine art pieces that you will keep forever. 



If you were born with the Moon in Scorpio, you’re the witchy kind. You love black but also dark red and crimson, as they reflect your mysterious allure and personality. Being one of the most sensual Moon signs, you need very high-end, silky sheets and soft blankets, as you love to spend more time in the bedroom than anywhere else. 



If your natal Moon is in Sagittarius, you’re an adventurous soul! Your home needs to reflect your fun and warm spirit, most likely featuring all the ethnic arts and crafts you have accumulated from your epic travels around the world. Burnt orange and tan go with everything, so go for those when trying to unify your art while going for the “gypsy boho” theme. 



If your Moon sign is Capricorn, you’re grounded and practical. All shades of gray and navy blue bring on the neutral tones you like so much. All you need to do is add some rose gold accents that reflect your classy and business-like personality. If you work from home, investing in a nice desk and decked-out office space is key. 



If you were born with Aquarius as your Moon sign, you dance to the rhythm of your own drum! For you, going for a loft or live/work space might feel more natural than a house or apartment. In terms of home décor, go for cool, electric schemes and mix them with art pieces made of futuristic materials like glass and steel. 



If your Moon sign is Pisces, you’re a dreamer! You love beachy, relaxing settings, so light and dark blues can mix incredibly well with magical gold accents to reflect your dreamy vibes. Taking naps is a must for you, so make sure to leave space for a day bed or a big resting area. Alternatively, having a meditation corner can be life-changing for you.  


Did your moon sign influence your home without even realizing it? I know mine did! Tell us about it in the comments below.


Home Décor Based on Your Moon Sign

About the author: Narayana Montúfar is an astrologer, content strategist, visual artist, and the author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Inner Luminary Power. Narayana thrives on maintaining a sacred and intimate connection with the sky through her writing, private readings, and abstract painting. She believes the power of the universe is best harnessed when we try to access it within ourselves.




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October 4, 2022

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  1. Von Marie Oliva says:

    Whoa! This article is great. I didn’t realize I have always been gravitating toward the types of styles a Pisces moon would prefer (beachy, light, ethereal). I’ve always been attracted to light/dark blues and grays that remind me of coastal aesthetics! So cool.

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