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Halloween Is Going To The Dogs In 2022

This year Halloween is going to the dogs, darlings! 

Well, at least it is here in my villa. 

If you’ve been here a while you know of my love for my best pup, America. So, of course, when October rolled around on the calendar I made sure to hop on Amazon and order the perfect pup costume!

As much as I love fashion and style for myself, you know only the best will do for my pooch! I’ve been an empty nester for quite some time now, but America has brought joy into my home that helps fill some of the empty space. You can’t beat a dog’s love. They are always happy to see you, quick to forgive, and willing to learn. America is truly one of my favorite people in life; and if you’re a pet lover, then I know you think she’s human too. 

What to do with your dog on Halloween

As an empty nester, or as a penthouse apartment dweller like myself, you can find joy on Halloween! We don’t have trick-or-treaters knocking on our door, but that doesn’t stop us from having a little bit of Halloween fun.  

You can do plenty of things with your pup to celebrate the holiday!

  • Dress them up in a costume
  • Take them trick or treating 
  • Host a doggy Halloween party – seriously how fun!
  • Take them to a local Halloween activity or festival 
  • Buy them a Halloween-themed treat
  • Take them to the pet store to pick out a Halloween toy

What will you do with your pup to celebrate Halloween this year?

Halloween Is Going To The Dogs In 2022

The Best Dog Costumes On Amazon

Darlings, I’m a fan of all things America (both the country and my dog!) and Amazon. I did some searching to pull some quick and easy costume options if you’re needing something for the weekend. 

Here are a few of my favorite dog Halloween costumes on Amazon:


A Halloween Party For The Dogs

Darlings, I love throwing parties. Indeed it is one of my favorite hobbies! So what better excuse to throw a party than on Halloween – and for the dogs! Seriously, this could be a party for the ages. I know America would enjoy it and I would love to add a dog Halloween party feather to my hostess hat. 

If I were to throw a pooch party, here are a few things I would do:


  • First, I would buy America and I coordinating costumes. A hostess must be dressed for success!
  • Book pup-friendly entertainment. Maybe a dog-friendly chef to whip up some spooktacular treats or a dog trainer that could teach our guests new tricks?
  • Send themed invitations. 
  • Decorate – dog friendly, of course!
  • Make sure to have goodie bags for both pups and parents on their departure. Maybe include a Halloween-themed toy or bandana. 
  • Have a space designated for spooky puppy photos. We want to share photos from this one-of-a-kind event!

Are you dressing up your pooch this year for Halloween? What will they be? Are you having a party? I want to know! Please tell me about it in the comments below. 

Happy Halloween, my Honey Bees (and puppies)!

October 28, 2022


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  1. marcia cook says:

    Such a cute costume!

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