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As a woman who has lived through many passages and learned through my larger than life experiences (positive and negative), I’ve discovered how to take a big empowering bite out of life.

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Passages After 50


Honey Good Travel After 50, Santorini with Sheldon GoodGIFTS OF FRIENDSHIP ON OUR GREEK ISLANDS VACATION

I’ve been reflecting about … people. I always take away something from them and I hope I give back. My travels have provided me with wonderful memories and lessons.

Each special meeting has had an enriching effect. This is because nothing nourishes people more than people. Especially interesting people of all ages. I am a woman over 50 who has the time and desire to welcome others into my circle.

I expect nothing from people I meet on my travels. And, truth be told, I am always enlightened and surprised by their gestures. They may delight me with a thought, a memento, and or just plain kindness.


This happens because I open myself up to newness. Though I am over 50, I do not close myself up like the unopened bud on an orchid. Instead, I allow myself to bloom and blossom. Because of this, I never stop growing. I ask you to do the same: open yourself up to others and converse. Your rewards will prove endless.

When you put yourself out there self-confidence grows. Knowledge grows. Happiness flourishes.

On our travels to Paris, Venice, and Greece I exchanged thoughts with people from many different parts of the world. As a result, I arrived home a far more enriched woman than when I left my condo-in-the-sky. On our three-week adventure, I can honestly say that everyone I met was beyond friendly. Maybe Covid had a positive effect. People were starved for positive conversation.

I will touch on two people whose personalities and values touched me. A hotel owner, Sofia, and the captain on a beautiful yacht.

new friendship after 50


I mentioned Sofia and the gift of her olive tree in my last story. She is a woman over 50 with inner beauty and outer charm. The moment we met we communicated through our big smiles and sparkling eye contact. We were a fit before our first word. She gave me the gift of friendship after 50.

Every day she found me in her small boutique hotel, Kalesma, on the gorgeous island of Mykonos. We spent time talking ‘woman talk.’ I was interested in how she found herself building and owning a boutique hotel. And she was curious about my Instagram and my private Facebook group.

We talked about our personal life. She is divorced with two children and has a significant other, a professor on the island of Crete. I told her I was widowed and remarried. I believe it was fate that put us together.

We both love nature, especially the olive tree.


Her parents own the land where the hotel now stands. The reception area was where her first home stood. Her family runs the hotel.

Each little bungalow is a small suite with a private pool and olive trees galore overlooking the Aegean Sea. Her feminine touch is seen and felt everywhere you walk.

Sophia is unlike any hotel owner because she radiates her specialness. She is the ultimate hostess. She blooms. Sofia blossoms. Her warm conversation with guests is constant. She wants you to leave her friend.

Sophia and I bonded. It was our chemistry. They say women know upon their first meeting, in less than one minute, how they feel toward one another. I believe that to be true. I am so happy I am open to new friendships after 50.

You don’t have to travel to have the experience Sophia and I had. Remember, women need women. Give of yourself on your first meeting when you feel that special bond.

Remember, nothing good happens by accident. Your effort may bring a long-lasting and fruitful friendship. You have the time to nourish new friendships. You are over 50.


1. Lead with a smile.

2. Broaden your thinking. Open yourself up.

3. Look for an acquaintance – not a best friend.

4. Feel the vibes.

5. Realize other women are searching for conversation, too.

6. Give a small token gift from the heart.

7. Always be on the lookout for new friendships after 50. Be open to blossoming.


It was my girlfriend’s birthday and she wanted to spend her day yachting. A glorious time was had by all especially Lori who basked in delight on her special day.

Our trip took us around part of the Island. We had lunch on board, Lori took a dip in the Sea and I fell in love with a white heavy limestone heart. It fit nicely in the palm of my hand.

I always wondered why the homes on the Greek Islands were white. My thought had always been that it was because of the heat. I was wrong.

Limestone was used on all the homes and the base of trees in centuries past. This is because the Greeks realized that the lime in limestone was a medical preventative against diseases. That is why you see white homes and businesses on the Islands. Interesting, right?


While on the yacht, I mentioned to the sea captain that I admired the stone heart. Without blinking an eye, he said to me, “I can see how much you love the heart and I want to give it to you as my gift!”

Needless to say, I was beyond touched by his gesture. Not to mention, beyond happy to have such a special memory of my visit to the island of Santorini. I feel he was as happy giving it to me when he saw my shock and joy.

The metal olive tree from Sofia and the limestone heart-shaped rock from the sea captain are physical gifts with an emotional message. These were from acquaintances that wanted to show their friendship through gift-giving. Their tokens enriched my trip which made the trip so special. In other words, they are rich in emotion.


As you can see, my entire trip and experience was a gift. I devoured delicious seafood with glee. I stayed in special boutique hotels, went shopping for bracelets, and took in the sights. Of course, I simply had to buy new sunglasses, which are my favorite accessory.

However, nothing surpassed meeting and sharing myself with authentic and decent people. Meeting Sofia and the sea captain are the special memories I will cherish on my trip to the Greek Islands.

Are you open to blossoming in new friendships after 50? I sure hope so! Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.

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June 29, 2022

Passages After 50

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