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Get my look: Two fashion problems solved with one product

I love fashionable clothes dear readers, but I also love being comfortable and I HATE feeling exposed. I have a secret for how to keep wearing my dresses in every season and how to stay cozy under sheer clothing.

The secret is bodysuits! I’ve talked about this before but I don’t know if  I emphasized just how often I wear bodysuits and how many problems these undergarments solve.

They keep me warm. They keep my clothes versatile. AND they smooth out lines under your clothes. If you have blouses that are clingy, a good bodysuit will help it lay more becomingly.

My go-to brand is absolutely Wolford, but it can be expensive. I think of it as an investment because these pieces really hold up. I also shop Wolford for hosiery. However, if you are trying out bodysuits for the first time it might be best to go middle of the road in terms of expense to make sure it’s a comfortable look for you. Here are a few bodysuits in colors that I own that are versatile and staples in my wardrobe. I’ve also searched for comparable products for you from trusted brands.

Left: Nude Jersey Long Sleeve Bodysuit – Buy it here: $21 from Missguided 
Center: Vince Camuto Scoop-Back Bodysuit – Buy it here: $48 from Lord & Taylor
Right: Wolford Pure Bodysuit – Buy it here: $210 from

Short-sleeved and sleeveless dresses

I love this Armani dress, but with the short sleeves, it can be limiting. I’m able to transform my short sleeved dresses into year-round wear with my bodysuits. Here are some short sleeve dresses that have a similar silhouette to my Armani that I would recommend if you want this look.

Left: Black Ruffle Belted Pencil Dress – Buy it here: $75 from Dorothy Perkins
Center: Alice + Olivia Wool Short Sleeve Sweater Dress – Buy it here: $38 from TheRealReal
Right: Heathered Short-Sleeve Dress – Buy it here: $74.99 from Off 5th

Sheer Tops

We all have one of those tops that we buy without realizing it’s a little sheer. Fortunately, when this happens it’s easy to correct if you have a bodysuit. I adore this Sonia Rykiel top. It’s so fun and casual and if you want a similar look here are some suggestions.

Left: Striped Long Sleeved Tee – Buy it here: $38 from Max Studio
Center: Women’s Vince Camuto Chiffon Hem Stripe Top – Buy it here: $89 from Nordstrom
Right: Sheer Striped Top – Buy it here: $39 from And Other Stories

No one should be sacrificing style for comfort darlings. This is why having a bodysuit in your closet will do you wonders.

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  1. How do the sizes work in the Misguided brand of bodysuit? small? large? Are there snaps in the crotch like years ago? Thanks.

    1. Remember, they stretch. If you wear a medium in a Tshirt go with that size. They have snaps in the crotch that never accidentally unsnap. I love bodysuits. I wear them with almost everything. Under a jacket, they look so neat.Hope this helps. Warmly, Honey

  2. I find too that long cami’s are great to smooth out and help with sheerer fabrics. I like to add yin and yang to my outfits so a long cami w/ lace trim (2 to 3 inches of classy lace) is great under a casual shirt/tee or classic button down blouse – nothing too noticable, just a interesting element. Plus, long cami’s cover the bum when I wear leggings and riding boots. Maurices carries several colors of the lace trim cami’s and I buy a size up for extra length and so they aren’t super clingy, that way I can open my shirt and blouse if I want to and I feel like I am not exposing an undergarment. I like the idea of a bodysuit, haven’t worn one since my teens in the 70’s. I am long waisted, so that becomes an issue, yet I am willing to hunt for the perfect one! I especially would like some thing like that when wearing skirts…a non-bulky layer. Thanks for putting that in my radar again! I forgot about those! (Uh oh…now I have an other “thing” to collect in various colors. Ha ha!)

  3. The only problem I have with body suits is that I am tall and slim, and, so, it’s hard to find a body suit that is long enough to wear comfortably.

  4. Well my problem with bodysuits is that they are too long-I am 5 ft. tall and they are difficult to fit. I love them but undressing in the ladies room is another challenge-another topic!

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