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Entertaining overnight guests
When entertaining overnight guests, it’s hard not to think of the adage “there’s no place like home.” It’s an adage for a reason. As much as we enjoy being with friends and family, we will never quite be as relaxed and comfortable as we are in our own homes. We have our routines and idiosyncrasies. We like having everything just so. When having guests over, it can be worrisome to think about – the fact that they might be missing their own space. This is why it is especially important to think about what might make them comfortable when coming to visit. And not only comfortable, but you want them to have a wonderful experience! You want them to be as sad to leave as you will be to see them go.


Did you know the saying, “Like mother like daughter” dates back to the 1300 hundreds? It can be found in the Book of Ezekiel which forms a part of both the Hebrew and the Christian Old Testament. So, it came as no surprise when I opened the closet door in my daughter’s guest room, where my Ultimate Concierge and I are staying for the holiday week of Thanksgiving, and noticed on the shelf two pairs of bedroom slippers in white starched bags. A smile came on my face as I stared at the bags and thought…like mother like daughter. There were his and her hangers, a shoehorn, fresh flowers, and a beautiful candlelit with the scent of jasmine, music playing, and a beautiful dish filled with silver-wrapped chocolate kisses, symbolizing her love. And, this was for starters.

What I found permeating throughout our guest room was the character of the young woman of the house.  A young woman who followed in her mother’s footsteps; taking pride in everything she does, in this case showering her parents with comfort because she cared.  To care about others gives a woman the luxurious feeling of self-satisfaction and self-worth.

I urge you to add the word luxury to your vocabulary. Think about the lifestyle you live remembering that I am not referring to material possessions.  I am referring to your code of ethics; your make-up. It has nothing to do with money. It has everything to do with behavior.

One of the lines I often use is, “Caring is sharing.” I live my life sharing my resources, my ideas, my love and friendship, and our home! I genuinely enjoy entertaining friends and family around our dining room table as well as inviting them into our home as our houseguests. In other words, I love the company, and I enjoy entertaining overnight guests.

This time of year, many of you may be expecting overnight guests yourself. Having people in your home can be both wonderful and worrisome. Here are my tips to assure that these visits run smoothly.


The most important thought that should go through your mind as you make your plan: A great hostess makes her guests feel as though they are on a beautiful mini vacation.  

It was always easy for me to do because I asked myself, “What would make me happy and comfortable spending time as a guest in my friend’s home?” 

That is easy to answer: “I would want to be provided for in every way!”  

Now you know, darlings, why my guests want to return for a visit!

Entertaining overnight guests


When my guest enters their room, there are fresh flowers on my small entry table, a beautiful carafe of water with glass and small dishes of unsalted almonds on each nightstand, interesting art books, and magazines on shelving, soft music playing on the TV and luggage racks for suitcases.

When entertaining overnight guests, one might say the bed is the most important thing! The sheets are fresh and soft, and each side of their bed has two pillows hidden behind beautiful European pillow shams that match a crisp white duvet cover.

Every guest travels with an iPhone, iPad, and laptop, so I recently purchased a power strip that I leave in a drawer.


The guest closet holds an array of quilted hangers, pant hangers, and suit hangers. Also, a shoehorn hangs on a hook.

There are his and her terry cloth robes and slippers, a large wicker hamper and built-in dresser drawers. I have extra blankets on a shelf and on top of the dresser sits a lovely Asian bowl where I have placed a set of house keys for my guests to use for their stay.


The shower: The shower has a loofah (bath sponge,) shampoo, crème condition, body soap, and bath soap.

Bathroom drawers: There is a Lucite sectioned tray in each drawer with a few ‘maybe I forgot items’ such as toothpaste and two extra toothbrushes, a razor and shaving crème, deodorant and hairspray.

Under the sink cabinet: There are extra rolls of toilet paper, extra towels, and a hairdryer.

Top of the sink: Must have a small vase of fresh flowers and, I place beautiful jars with cotton balls, Q-tips and hand cream that sit on a tray. There is also a gorgeous Lucite magnifying mirror.

The bathroom also has a scale and a magazine rack with the latest magazines.

Entertaining overnight guests


One of my favorite areas, when entertaining overnight guests, is the den and bar area.  There is always freshly made popcorn, an array of nuts and my guests love chocolate-covered almond balls! And of course, Shelly and I have been known to mix up a mean cocktail in the evening hours.


In the kitchen, I have a large basket of fresh fruit on the counter, and the refrigerator is stocked with everything from bottled water to ‘you name it!’

I serve breakfast at home. It is casual. I have a basket of fresh bakery, freshly brewed coffee and several flavors of tea, bacon (turkey) and egg soufflé or lox and bagels, and for those that like cereal, lots of small boxes of cereal with fresh bananas and three types of milk; skim, 2%, and whole.

Lunch and dinners are ‘out and about’ unless I have a dinner party to introduce my out-of-town guests to my friends. I love to give dinner parties but I will save that story for another time, darlings.


I am sharing these musings today because I know that many of you are having houseguests over Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year. Properly prepared,  I am confident that you will enjoy the company and find that having others in your home brings joy, rather than chaos, to the holiday season.

What are your tips and tricks for entertaining overnight guests? Please share your thoughts with me via, Facebook and Instagram or in the comments section below.


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November 28, 2021


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  1. dy says:

    I love all that you mentioned. Things that I find are appreciated by my guests, in addition to what you mentioned, is enough comfortable seating for lounging, talking, & watching a movie together (having Netflix & a nice supply of universally popular DVDs is helpful), and providing available table space & chairs to play table games with a nice assortment of games in an attractive basket nearby comes in handy. (Sometimes when I visit in other’s homes seating is an issue. Even if your home is small and you don’t need a lot of seating normally you can find nice wooden folding chair sets that can be tucked away in a closet, basement, or under the bed when not needed. I would never want to leave someone without a seat!) Overnight guests especially enjoy these types of in-house entertainment, and welcoming, cozy gathering places! Memories in the making!

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I agree with you. Seating for all. And storage under the bed is just perfect. Thank you for your suggestions. Happy New Year!!! Warmly, Honey

  2. Sherri Gold says:

    You are a great hostess. I’d love to be a guest! Heck, I’d like to be family! Happy Thanksgiving/Happy Hanukkah.


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