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This story about fun party games for adults was written in 2017 and updated with even more games in September 2023. Enjoy!

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Try these party games for adults at your next gathering!

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You know, darlings, it turns out fun games aren’t just for kids, party games for adults are a thing! A few weeks ago I was with family and we played a fabulous game together. It was just so much fun and got everyone involved. I could not remember the name of it. So as I was describing it and the marvelous time we had to some friends someone suggested, “Taboo?” And that was it, darlings. It was “Taboo.” It was at that point I realized “Taboo” isn’t a new game, I just hadn’t played it in SO LONG.

I’m not sure when games fell out of fashion. I recently recounted hosting my first dinner party which was a fondue party, and I think people used to get together to play a lot more board games, but like fondue, we just sort of stopped doing it.

After my great “Taboo” experience I wondered… Are games coming back? And they are! There are so many great games on the market now that are adult-orientated. If everyone you invite to a gathering is up for playing, games can be a great icebreaker. They also help people work together for a shared purpose and gently force them to interact.

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Now’s the Perfect Time to Find a New Party Game for Adults

Maybe this holiday season when you are thinking through all of the gatherings you are hosting or attending you should consider incorporating more games!

Now here’s the thing, darlings, there are a lot of games out there, board games, in particular, that might be too intense. They might be very complicated or they might not involve teamwork. What I’m talking about here are games that induce social interaction that get people laughing and joking and having a good time. It can be fun for all ages which might gear it more towards family, but why stop there? Maybe it’s something to try over a glass of wine with couple friends or after a day of lunch and shopping with girlfriends? Here are some of my suggestions for fun party games to consider to get people having a great time.

Classic Fun Party Games for Adults

fun adult party games for birthday game ideas

These classic versions of party games for adults have uncensored versions!


Obviously, I can’t leave it off the list since it’s what sparked this whole idea! It’s a word guessing game and it involves a lot of teamwork! Buy this party game for adults on Amazon. There’s even a slightly more adult version of this classic game, buy Taboo Uncensored, here!

Catch Phrase

Also a word game, there are fewer stipulations and rules than in Taboo. Buy Catch Phrase at Target, here.

5 Second Rule

If you’re a quick thinker this game might be for you. It forces you to come up to answers to questions in just five seconds. Buy the classic version of this game here. This one also has an uncensored adult themed version that you can get here.  

Trivial Pursuit

Chances are that you’re familiar with the Trivial Pursuit, the ultimate trivia game! This updated master version of the classic game has over 2,500 questions. You can play the traditional way or you have the option to speed it up. The game is on! Buy Trivial Pursuit, Master Edition here.

You can have a trivia night without Trivial Pursuit. Turn your living room into a game show set with a trivia night showdown. Prepare a list of intriguing questions covering a wide range of topics, from pop culture to history. Divide your guests into teams or let them compete individually. Provide buzzers or simply let them raise their hands to answer. Keep score, and offer small prizes for the winning team or individual. Trivia night is a great way to test your guests’ knowledge, spark lively debates, and encourage friendly competition.

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Have you joined my private Facebook group! Join women from around the world, and who knows, you could set up a virtual adult game night!

Fun Adult Party Games

Family Feud

This could be a perfect choice because almost everyone has seen an episode of “Family Feud” on tv which means you’ll spend less time explaining rules and more time answering funny questions. Buy it here.

Apples to Apples

This game is a bit more subjective. Each round a player selects a card from their hand that best describes a card played a judge. The judge then gets to pick their favorite comparison! Buy Apples to Apples here.

Bonus Party Game Ideas for Adults

Being the hostess with the mostest isn’t just about providing delicious food and drinks; it’s also about ensuring your guests have a fantastic time. To add pizzaz your gathering, consider incorporating these house party games for adults into your repertoire:

Charades with a Twist

Put a creative spin on the classic game of charades by adding a theme or twist to the mix. For example, you could have a “Movie Mashup” night where players act out scenes from two different movies simultaneously, and teams must guess both titles. Alternatively, you can incorporate popular culture references or inside jokes shared among your friends. Charades is not only hilarious but also an excellent icebreaker for mingling guests.

Karaoke Extravaganza

Transform your living room into a mini karaoke stage and let your guests unleash their inner divas and rockstars. Provide a variety of song options spanning different genres and eras. You can even create a “Judges’ Panel” composed of a few guests who rate performances on creativity and enthusiasm. Karaoke nights are bound to generate laughter, memorable moments, and maybe even a few hidden talents.

Murder Mystery Dinner

Kick up your dinner parties by hosting a thrilling murder mystery game. Assign each guest a character role, complete with a backstory and objectives. Throughout the evening, guests must interact with one another, gather clues, and ultimately solve the fictional crime. Murder mystery dinners allow for immersive storytelling and encourage guests to get into character, leading to an evening filled with intrigue and suspense.

You can even purchase a game which will take the planning out! Get this one, Murder at the Manor, on Amazon.

The Key to Being a Great Hostess at Game Night

Incorporating these party games into your gatherings will not only keep your guests entertained but also create lasting memories. Remember, the key to being a great hostess is not the extravagance of the event but the genuine enjoyment and connection shared among friends. So, embrace your unique style, plan your parties to suit yourself, and let the games begin! Your guests will leave with smiles on their faces and fond memories of your delightful gatherings.

I am so glad I was reintroduced to the joy of games at gatherings. And just in time for the holiday season! If you decide to host a game night let me know how it goes in the comments or in my Facebook group

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September 22, 2023


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  1. Nancy DeMorris says:

    So funny you should talk about games! We gathered with 10 neighbors and good friends for a wonderful Thanksgiving. After (over) eating our hostess asked “who’s up for games”? Out came Dominos and Yahtzee. We had arrived at 1:00 and didn’t leave til after 8-a sure sign we had a fabulous time. Even my darling husband who “doesn’t like games” had a great day!

  2. SoCalAllison says:

    Glad to hear Taboo was a fave of yours! Hasbro Games/Milton Bradley brought that game to market while I worked there in the Editorial R&D Group! In Editorial, we worked with game designers to create the card copy, rules & package copy! Although I wasn’t assigned to that product, I played it many times! The gal who was assigned to it even named her new kitten “Taboo” after it!

    Keep enjoying game nights, everyone! It’s a great way to break the ice & get to know one another in a new crowd & to bring a family together!

  3. plonkarchivist says:

    I really like to play doodle baseball, and I tried the above suggested games, it’s really fun and useful

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