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This article was written by HoneyGood.com contributor, Karen Sands. She is an amazing example of living life visibly as a woman over 50. Dear readers, do you feel invisible? If so, make sure to download my eBook! -Honey 
honey appearing in mirror meaningful beauty

Can you define meaningful beauty for yourself?


The phrase “meaningful beauty” in an email caught my eye recently. It’s appealing, isn’t it?

Who isn’t drawn by both beauty and meaning? The combination of the two was tantalizing, promising substance, a look at beauty that was beyond skin deep—which only made the actual content of the email all the more ironic.

So what did meaningful beauty really mean?

The email was an ad for Cindy Crawford’s wrinkle-erasing skincare line.

(Oh yeah, Cindy, you let me down big time. I may have done some angry typing for a while afterward. But I digress.)

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I have always embraced the changes in my appearance as I entered midlife and beyond. Looking in the mirror and seeing those first fine lines, then the deepening of those lines into wrinkles, along with the sagging and other changes in my aging body was never easy. The person I saw in the mirror didn’t match how I felt inside. That isn’t me. And if that isn’t me, who am I?

Who am I if I’m no longer young?

That gets to the heart of what the anti-aging industry, from skin creams to facelifts, is really promising. A reprieve from having to ask that frightening question. The chance to be who we think we are for just a little bit longer. To be noticed, relevant, visible.

Yet answering that question for ourselves, figuring out who we are when we’re no longer young, can be the most meaningful, liberating, and life-affirming step we ever take.

honey good in dress butterfly garden

Do you ask, who am I if I’m no longer young?

Nevertheless, are we brave enough to pursue that answer?

It can lead us to fulfilling our purpose on this planet, to awakening our visionary and creating the legacy we were always meant to create but couldn’t until we’d reached this point where experience, wisdom, and the search for meaning all coalesced. But we can’t create this future if we are focused on living in the past.

The anti-aging industry doesn’t offer meaningful beauty

It delays or even stops us from ever finding it. We all struggle with where to draw the line between enhancing our appearance and accepting ourselves as we are.

But let’s not pretend that we are going to find meaning in that jar of eye cream. The less time and energy we spend distracted by the promise of holding on to our youth, the more we can focus our time and energy on what really matters to us, from the people we love to the world. The more we make the effort to define meaningful beauty in ourselves, in who we are now, the closer we get to fulfilling our greatest vision yet.

After all, what kind of vision can we have if we don’t even see ourselves in the mirror clearly?

karen sands head shot

About the Author

This article was written by guest contributor Karen Sands. Karen is an “Ageless Visionary with Wrinkles who empowers people to rock their AGE.” As a coach, blogger, journalist, and author, her focus is on women like you, or as she says, the “ageless generation.”

Check out her website and follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Karen is recognized by Forbes as “One of the Top Female Futurists Worldwide” (2020), and by Bruce Rosenstein, Managing Editor of Leader to Leader as “Among the Top 42 Leading Futurist Authors Past and Present” (2021), and “One of the Authors of Top 55 Books on Longevity and Productive Aging” (2022), and listed on Futurist Ross Dawson’s Top Global Female Futurists (2023)



Dear readers, how do you define “meaningful beauty” for yourself? Share your wisdom in the comments!


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September 19, 2023


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  1. Mary Jane says:

    It is strange to look in the mirror and see ourselves in a new light. Our beauty is really on the inside! And that always makes us beautiful no matter how many wrinkles, sagging, or gray hair we may have. 😘

  2. Elizabeth Sheffer -Winig says:

    Honey, I agree with you 100%. I look in the mirror and see two things – one is my mother staring back at me, and the other is a vibrant 66 year old who has embraced her lines and sags and will be embracing her grey hair as I work with my stylist to go au natural. I love your blog and look forward to reading it daily. Keep up the sisterhood as we need togetherness in these troubled times. Sending you love and keeping your beautiful granddaughter in my prayers and the whole family.

    • Susan "Honey" Good says:

      I love every word you wrote and…I love your name. It is in my top three favorite names. Warmly, Honey

  3. Candy says:

    Actually, this was a good article I am in the skincare industry but I use natural products and stay away from fillers. I would love to write an article on Menopase

  4. Patricia Cashin says:

    I really do love the term “meaningful beauty”. I really never agonized much over my age because for the most part I have always looked “younger” than my actual age. Couple that with having my 2 children late in life, many people just assumed I was younger than I was. Well, now at 75 years old, the wrinkles have set in for good and I also look in the mirror and am (still) surprised. However, I am FINALLY proud that I am still on this earth to share my love and wisdom to those I love. I am in the process of growing out my dyed hair (many comments about looking older-my natural hair now is WHITE) and am striving to continue to live a full and meaningful life for however long that life might be. I want to encourage others to not “buy-in” to the fallacy that “YOUNG” is the best. I have finally “come into my own”!

  5. dawn foster says:

    L love your inner beauty susan and i love your eyes and happy smile Dawnxx

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