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How to pamper your pooch this winter

Honey Good talks caring for dogs in the winter

You all know how much I love and care for my dog! When she was in better health we would go simply everywhere together including long walks. In caring for Orchid during her illness I have come to realize just how vital it is to take care of our furry best friends and no time is tougher on our beloved pooches than the winter. Cold weather, dark dark nights and environmental factors like ice and salt make it absolutely crucial that we think about our pets a little bit more during this time of year. Even if you don’t live in a frigid environment there are factors that are hard on your dog during this time. So here I have rounded up some great products that help in caring for dogs in the winter and ideas on how to help pamper your pet.


As most of you know Orchid is a Chicago girl, but in the winter she splits her time between the city and her California home. She already has a hard time getting around because of her disease so it’s crucial we keep her paws safe. I know the boots seem funny but they really help in giving her some traction on slippery surfaces as well as keeping snow and ice out of her paws. If your dog simply CAN’T STAND the boots there are other options including a sticky paw protector.

dog boots for winter

Left: PawZ® Rubber Dog Boots – Buy it here: $13.02 at Petsmart
Right: Paw Savers Disposable Paw Pads – Buy it here: $8.99 at Petsmart

Heating harness

Now that Orchid has a harder time getting around her harness helps us comfortably guide her. Having a harness with a leash will also help you have a little more control in the winter time. And some harnesses like the one listed below offer a removable heated insert which will help keep your dog toasty on longer walks.

heating dog harness

Kumfy Tailz™ Warming/Cooling Dog Harness – Buy it here: $45.26 at Petsmart

Paw Balm

Just like humans’ skin, the pads on a dog’s paws can get dry in the winter. There are plenty of balms and salves on the market to help them stay soft but also protect them. As an aside, winter salt on city streets is not good for dogs paws and their paws should be wiped off immediately when they come inside! As a Chicago dog, this is super important for Orchid! You also don’t want your dog to lick it off because it could be toxic!

paw balm for dogs in the winter

Left: Burt’s Bees for dogs paw and nose relieving lotion – Buy it here: $5.89 at Petco

Right: Musher’s Secret – Buy it here: $12.99 at Amazon

I’m going to do a special call out for the balm recommended by my own vet for Orchid. It is just fabulous and the container is beautiful. It’s called Bag Balm Pet Paw and Nose Moisturizer.

Buy it here: $7.99 at

Safety Light or LED Collar

It gets darker earlier in the winter than  other seasons and you should take that into consideration if you go for walks with your pet at night. Consider a safety light or LED collar to increase your dog’s visibility.

light up pet collars

Left: Energizer® Blaze LED Dog Collar – Buy it here: $26.99 at Petsmart
Right: PupLight2 LED Adjustable Dog Collar – Buy it here: $14.94 at Petsmart

Our dogs just need a little extra TLC in cold conditions and if you are anything like me, when it comes to your pet, you don’t mind giving that extra love and care! Are there any products you love that help in caring for dogs in the winter? Let me know in the comments or join in the conversation on Facebook

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