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The Buzz: We’re Talking Routines

You’ve probably figured out by now that routines are helpful for staying on track and getting things done on a daily basis. But did you know they also have incredible health benefits like better sleep, better stress levels, and better overall health? It’s true! So during the week, if you don’t have one already, try getting your body on a regular schedule so you can use your time wisely and accomplish those goals of yours… you won’t regret it!

But as beneficial as weekday routines can be, today I’m curious what your weekend routine looks like. Does it include staying in bed late, sipping coffee with your love, reading a few chapters of a novel, or going for an early morning walk to spend some time with nature? Are they just a little quieter? What do you enjoy most about your weekends? I would love to hear from you, darlings.

In the meantime, and in keeping with one of my favorite Saturday morning routines, here is the Honey Good week in review!

The Week in Review

How to Learn to Count Your Blessings

It’s easy to give the advice to a troubled friend, “Learn to count your blessings.” But how? How does one focus on the good — so that it may grow — and minimize the negative?

As often as possible, I try to see my glass half full, and what I offered you this week was what I have learned in doing so. I offered you, my imperfect application of wisdom. Read all about it here.

The Power of Surfing Your Edge

This week, Honey Good contributor Carolee Belkin Walker discussed how aside from looking and feeling better, exercise has helped her develop endurance and build resilience and strength, which is, at any age, like money in the bank.

But she also discussed the importance of digging deeper, surfing your edge, and utilizing power habits. What do all of these mean for you and your health? Find out here.

The Shift

Two weeks ago I was in a quandary. I called my best friend, Gail, for advice. It had to do with an important issue that needed resolution. But how?

Darling women over 50, Gail was able to teach me a valuable way to solve any problem. I decided to try her solution before I shared her advice. I followed her instructions, and darlings, to my amazement it worked. It worked because it is the best answer to problem-solving and almost any problem.

I had tried to solve my problem in the manner most of us tried but was met with 100 percent resistance. When I used my friend’s suggestion, the negative resistance faded away because what I discussed made sense and the situation reversed itself and turned positive.

So what was her simple, but life-changing, advice? Read here to find out.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Blings

I have to admit, I love jewelry. Accessories are one of my favorite ways to change my look. Plus, I am a big believer in the merits of classic style. And while some fashion silhouettes are eternally flattering and timeless, I’m always willing to experiment with a new cut of diamond.

But seriously, jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be chic.

In fact, when it comes to costume jewelry, it should be fun in my opinion, just like my top “bling” picks for spring! You can see them here and enter my giveaway for a gorgeous necklace (there’s still time!).

Is Oil What’s Missing In Your After 50 Skincare Routine?

Oil has gotten a bad rap when it comes to beauty. Women don’t aspire to have oily hair. Oily skin gets blamed for blemishes. Even suntan oil has lost popularity, bringing to mind leather skinned ladies who value skin color over skin health.

But the truth is that oil may be just what’s missing from your beauty routine, especially as we age. Find out which ones I swear by here.

My Perfume Professor

This week I shared a story about my mother. One of many titles I have bestowed on her is Perfume Professor!

My mom, now in her nineties, was really my professor on everything womanly, as most mothers are for their daughters. She educated me, giving me the tools to be a fabulously feminine woman.

I watched her dress, accessorize, take care of her skin and put shoe trees in her shoes! I even watched as she put flowers around our home and dressed to please my father.

One of her many lessons was the importance of perfume on a woman’s body. “A woman’s scent is part of her mystique,” she explained. But she had so much more advice to share. Read all about it here.

Let’s Hear From You!

What does your weekend routine look like? You can comment below or find me on FacebookTwitter and even… Instagram. Let’s chat!


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April 21, 2018


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