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The Buzz: A Fresh Start on the Horizon

Fresh Start

It’s been another busy week, darlings! Not only can I smell spring in the air, but I can feel that long-awaited sense of renewal starting to come alive as the seasons change, slowly but surely. This heightened sense of a fresh start was brought to life through the stories shared this week on From finding hope in hopeless situations to starting to think about spring wardrobe accessories, my honey bees and I covered it all!

A Fresh Start for All

Not only is it looking as though a fresh start is on the horizon for me in the coming season, but for my beloved Orchid as well. Our soft-coated Wheaten Terrier met her trainer, Don Sullivan, when she was two months old. She is now eleven and had the surprise of her life last week when she was reunited for the first time in eleven years with Don, better known as the DogFather. This story about finding hope in the hopeless can be read here.

Starting Anew Overseas

For those of you thinking about starting anew overseas, this week’s post from Honey Good contributor Akaisha Kaderli is a must-read as well. In preparing for a retirement overseas, most people occupy themselves with the practical concerns of residential visas, banking, owning property, finding a doctor they like, medical care that they can afford and dealing with any language barriers. However, while these above topics are important, there are additional obstacles you will want to think about and prepare for ahead of time. So what does it really take to move overseas? Akaisha sheds some light on the topic here.

A Fresh Set of Problems

While many things will be new this season, my frustration with technology will likely remain the same. I love to look at my Mac. I love her sleek look and her window that opens up the world. I love to use her keyboard that allows me to rattle off emails and write my musings to all of you, dear readers. BUT, there is another side to my Mac. It is called the ‘back end’ where all her technology is stored; in other words, what makes her work properly. And this week, she gave me some trouble, so I shared the many emotions I go through on a daily basis as I continue to learn about the many blessings and quarrels related to technology. You can read all about it here.

Fresh Spring Accessories

On a more positive note, this week I really got into the spring spirit and shared a look at one of my favorite clutches, a brilliant blue clutch by Louis Vuitton, that I purchased over a decade ago. I fell in love with the color then, and I still love showing this clutch off for dinner dates or luncheons today. I also rounded up a list of some of my favorite clutch handbags at a variety of price points. Trust me, they are just the right size and they always make a gorgeous statement! There are links to purchase each of them here.

A Fresh Look at Self-Care

Another way to begin a fresh start is to take a hard look at your self-care regimen and make sure you’re getting adequate sleep. Do any of the following sound like you? You’re spending adequate time in bed, but you typically wake up tired and unrested. You can’t seem to shut your brain off long enough to get a good night’s sleep. You’re way past your college days where you could sleep for 5 hours and have that last you two days. You’ve tried everything – pills, no caffeine, counting sheep, but nothing’s working. Fortunately, there exists a host of things you can do (or not do) to help you not only fall asleep quicker, but improve the quality of your sleep as well, and Honey Good contributor Trysh Sutton of Pure Path details them all here.

Commence the Spring Cleaning

Finally, as we all know, spring cleaning is a must in the wake of the new season, but not in the ways you might expect! March is a time of awakening and rebirth, and there is always that feeling of lightheartedness as the flowers begin to bloom and the tree branches spout new buds. My motivation also perks up because March is a verb, so each year I have a strong desire to take action, such as removing unnecessary clutter from an often overcrowded area, my head. Instead of my closet or makeup drawers needing a spring cleaning, my problem is the overabundance of information stored in my head after the long winter months. The most recent story I shared on Honey Good this week was about how I make a conscious effort to reorganize my daily lifestyle to spring clean my mind. You can learn how I prioritize all of my positive and negative thoughts here.

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  1. Huh? The East Coast is experiencing major storms and you feel Spring in the Air? I live on the much milder West Coast (California) and we are experiencing light rain, which is typical Winter for us.

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