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7 Fall trends for women over 50

Hopefully, last week you participated in my Facebook Live Fall Fashion Event. (If not, watch it here.) 

The good news is that women our age are smart enough to know that trends come and go but timeless style stays. However, there’s no shame in being en vogue by wearing style staples that the fashion powers have decided are 2017 fall fashion trends.

Case in point, as I mentioned during my Facebook Live event, I read about fall trends for 2017 on Elle and realized I already had all the essentials to be fashionable for fall. Here are a few of the key fall fashion takeaways:

1. Power Red

Elle has named red the color of Fall 2017 and I couldn’t be happier about that! To me, red just screams power, passion and confidence.

2. Western Inspired

See my country style essentials on the Facebook Live event that I did. A great question one of you asked in that event, was about how many western pieces to wear per outfit and I would say one per outfit is a great way to stay chic..

3. Leisure Suits

For me, fall weather begs for cozy clothes. While regular sweatpants may be comfy, they’re not totally my cup of tea. That’s where leisure suits come in. I love that these are “on trend” again, especially on those days where I don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style.

4. Fishnets

I shared how I wear fishnets on my Facebook Live event last week, if you missed it, don’t worry! You can still watch it here. I love fishnets over dark pantyhose, truly a fashion statement.

5. Mid Length Skirts

You would think I am making these “trends” up… they are so routine, but I promised they are authentically via Elle Magazine. I love to pair a mid-length skirt with knee-high (or higher) boots and a tailored shirt.

6. Wide Belts

I love the statement that wide belts make. In addition, to defining the waist, they really add a point of interest to any outfit.

7. Belted Coats

This is another one that I touched on in my Facebook Live last week. Like wide belts, belted coats are a great way to define your waist especially in a long, heavy, winter coat that far to often ends up overpowering the female form. Belts really help keep winter’s bulky essentials more streamlined.

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