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5 Types of Dresses to Invest in This Summer

5 Types of Dresses to Invest in This Summer

Summer has arrived, and that means that dress season is in full swing. Dresses are the perfect summer attire, since they’re breezy and comfortable, while also being the hottest trend in summer fashion. It seems that everything is in style when it comes to summer dresses and accessories, from loud floral prints to neutral and subdued colors with a more reserved look. Whatever your preferences, there are some keys to investing in the perfect summer dresses. Let’s take a look at the best dresses to invest in this summer.

Sustainable Dresses

The world moves fast, but the hot new trend in fashion is to go slow. Slow fashion has become more popular recently as consumers have become more conscientious about where, how, and by whom their clothes are made. Slow fashion takes into account how each piece of clothing was sourced, produced, and distributed; the goal is to make the product sustainable and environmentally friendly at each step of the way. Slow fashion pieces tend to be made with higher quality textiles and with techniques that make them more durable. That means that buying a sustainable, slow-fashion dress is a great investment since you’ll be able to wear it more, stick with the current trends, and feel great about where your clothing has come from.

Neutral Colors

One of the key factors when investing in clothing and accessories is longevity. This doesn’t just apply to the physical fabric of the piece, though: it also applies to the style. Neutral colors have been in vogue for a while, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Dresses with neutral colors are a great investment because they can be worn throughout the year and they can last you several years. The key to these subtler dresses is to accessorize well, either with a subdued and classy look or with bold and colorful pieces. When you start with a neutral dress, you have a perfect starting point and you can go in so many different directions with the outfit. This flexibility makes summer dresses in neutral colors a great investment.

Floral Prints

Another great style that has held its own over the years is the floral print summer dress. While the colors and specific designs flow in and out of popularity, the flowery patterns tend to remain stylish through the years. Floral prints are also associated with summertime since they reflect the colors and excitement of nature during this season. Plus, these dresses are great to accessorize with whimsical jewelry and vibrant scarves and bags. They also give you the opportunity to dress in your favorite colors, whether those colors are bright or pastel. Floral prints are a fun and flexible way to make a statement with a summer dress.

Light Fabrics

The fabric that your summer dress is made from can make all the difference when it comes to both style and comfort. Light fabrics such as linen and cotton are the go-to textiles for summer since they give a light and airy feel to the dress. You won’t be too hot or sweaty if the fabric of your dress is breezy. That’s why lightweight fabrics are the best choice for investing in a summer dress.

Maximum Comfort

In the end, the most important thing to remember when you invest in a summer dress is that you should be comfortable in your selection. If you feel comfortable and lovely in your summer dresses, you’ll be sure to actually wear them frequently and make the most of your investment. On the other hand, if you’re not comfortable in your dresses – either because they’re too hot from the fabric or just not really your style – you’re not likely to wear them often. This reduces the return on your investment, so to speak. That’s why it’s so crucial to make sure that you feel comfortable in whatever summer dress you end up buying.

Overall, it’s important to remember these key factors when choosing a summer dress to invest in. All of these factors add to the total values and return that you’ll see from your dress, and choosing the right summer dress can lead to more satisfaction, comfort, and benefits throughout the entire season.

Do you have a favorite summer dress or style of summer dress that you love? Please share with us in the comments at the bottom of this page! 

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July 9, 2021


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