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5 Mother of the Bride or Groom Dresses That WOW!

Weddings are one of those pivotal life moments every Mom remembers.

The day her daughter/son walks down the aisle to his/her waiting mate, is a tear-jerking cherished moment. With all the hustle and bustle of details that go into planning a wedding, sometimes Mother – of the Bride/Groom’s attire is overlooked and I just can’t have that Darlings! As the season for June weddings quickly approaches, I wanted to give you all my favorite recommendations for fabulous Mother of the Bride/Groom dresses.

As I posted last month, Living Coral is THE color for 2019 and with fashion central to my life, I want all of you grandmothers and mothers to look your most fabulous on the big day. Now, of course, each wedding has its own theme, colors, and vibe – I don’t want to intrude upon any of those things, but I DO want you to have the most up to date answers to the question, “What shall I wear?.” Below are my most favorite recommendations for Five Mother of the Bride/Groom Dresses that Wow:

Say Yes to The Jacket

A simple way to make a fashion statement at a formal event is to make one key piece your punchline. For example, a two-piece women’s sequined jacket dress is the pièce de ré·sis·tance! Jackets with eye-catching hand-sewn sequins and/or the A-line midi dress is flattering to all body shapes and the ¾ sleeves look good on anyone. I love the steel blue, but it also comes in pewter frost and navy. Find this dress here.

Tunics Are Mom’s Best Friend

Tunic tops exploded onto the fashion scene about a decade ago and I for one, Darlings, LOVE them! Made of a variety of fabrics, a tunic top generally reaches from shoulder to just past the hip and should be a staple of any woman over 50’s wardrobe because they flatter and the color and print options are endless. Because of its versatility, a tunic top can be dressed up for a wedding, with lace, sequins or chiffon, paired with a simple skirt or pant, keeping you cool AND stylish. Tunics are perfect for weddings because with the right embellishments they can be as formal or casual as the occasion requires. Plus, there’s nothing chicer than a woman who feels as comfortable as she is elegant. Click on the images below to show this style.


Pantsuits Are the New Black

While you might associate the pantsuit with stuffy politicians or 80’s movies, they’ve grown up and are making a strong comeback, especially in weddings. Several classic bridal designers such as Mon Cheri and Carolina Herrera are including pantsuits in their bridal collections. A pantsuit stands out, is warm (for those inside receptions with cold AC), doesn’t require stockings and you’ll avoid the debate whether the skirt is too long or too short. When searching for a wedding pantsuit, be sure you pay attention to the tailoring at the midline, avoiding a frumpy or shapeless look. If you’re feeling adventurous (and the ceremony isn’t on grass), go for wide legs as this style works best with heels. Click on the images below to show this style.

Two Words, One Name: Tadashi Shoji

Flip through any bridal magazine or blog and you’re bound to run into a Tadashi Shoji MOB/MOG dress, for good reason – his designs are impeccably crafted, have a kind of stylish ease and are modern with a sense of femininity. Worn by celebrities, his bridal collection is quickly gaining popularity. What I love about Shoji’s designs are how they are universally flattering, fit well in formal or casual weddings and are simultaneously traditional AND modern. Because they are so well made, they can effortlessly be worn to a future gala or special event – without looking like you’re wearing a MOB/MOG dress. Click on the images below to show this style.

Go With The Flow

If you’re attending a June wedding, it’s going to be hot! To help combat the heat, while looking fabulous, think flowy. For example, a tea length pixie skirt or a mesh jacket custom cut to fit will move perfectly with every step as you mix and mingle. With not a binding stitch in sight, the lightly fitted bodice is flattering to all waistlines, will not pinch and the mesh jacket is great if you’d prefer to not have completely bare arms. Click on the images below to show this style.

Traditionally, MOB/MOG’s were expected to wear matronly dresses in washed-out pastels and we were invisible to designers.

Thankfully, expectations have changed. While we’re free to express our fashion sensibilities, there are still a few cues to keep aware of: Let the bride or groom be your guide in regards to wedding colors, vibe, and style, be sure to consider weather and cultural customs when planning your outfit and don’t forget to include your son/daughter in the process.

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  1. Honey, i LOVE yor site, enjoy reading your posts, from which i often gain great advice. I feel in some ways you and I are kindred spirits, as we have a number of things in common. I adore many of these dresses/outfits, though many are out of the reach of some women, including myself. Your advice on dressing for a our offspring’s wedding iz spot-on for anyone, regardless of one’s means. Thank you

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