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5 Flats You’ll Love Spring-ing Into

By: Lauren Ashley Smith

Good news! Mother Nature has finally had mercy on those of us who live in locales where Winter is a thing. (I’m shaking my fist at those of you with beautiful weather year round!) Since the temperatures have started creeping above the freezing point, it’s almost time to break out the shoe of the season: the flat. As a flats aficionado, I’ve learned that not all flats are created equal. Some are fine; some are even good; but only a few are spectacular, and that’s where this list comes in. I’ve slipped my feet into plenty of shoes to find the crème de la crème and now I’m sharing that knowledge with you.

  • J. Crew’s Cece suede ballet flats. To say I’m obsessed with these flats is a gross understatement. Every season, I buy two pairs. This policy has led me to amass quite a few sets of these beauties, but once you try them you’ll see why you can never have enough. They’re soft, extremely comfortable, great to look at, and they break in very quickly. These flats aren’t cheap, but they last a very long time and are definitely worth the investment.
  • Aldo’s Dealia flatThis shoe gives you a little, dare I say sexier, twist on the traditional flat. The shape is conducive to a more elevated look. I’d recommend sticking to wearing this with a bare foot, as a tight or stocking of any kind could take your look from cute to confusing.
  • Sperry’s Miramar Grosgrain Stripe flatJust looking at this flat makes me want to rob a bank, buy a boat, hit the high seas and never come back. These are perfect for a long weekend away, the office, or a nice outdoor brunch. The possibilities are endless!
  • Steve Madden’s Janna flatNot only are these flats on sale for $48.98, but they are also super chic. The mix of textures is very on trend at the moment and the pointed toe elevates them to a flat shoe you can get away with wearing with a more formal look. The Janna flats come in natural snake, black, and blue; the blue is a personal favorite. Give them a try and you’ll be amazed at what a pop of color can do.
  • Madewell’s D’Orsay flat in leather. I love this shoe! The cut outs in the heel make it almost summery. It’s a perfect precursor to a full on Summer sandal and the sandstone color (it also comes in black) has an almost nude effect for those of you with fairer skin. Any chance to elongate your leg in a flat is most certainly welcome! And as a bonus, this one also comes in suede.

Have fun Spring-ing into these super cute shoes!

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