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Your Story in a Book… Stories for my Grandchild

Stories for my Grandchild

Every grandmother has her story. Her life story to share with her grandchildren. Every grandchild wants to hear stories from their grandmother about her life. Stories for my Grandchild, the book/journal, is your opportunity.

Yesterday, I was interviewed live on TV, at the NBC station in Palm Desert. It was my first TV interview, and I was beyond nervous. My ultimate concierge told me, “You are the expert.” His comment startled me because I have never thought of myself as ‘an expert.’ His opinion did have a positive effect on me because he felt I could talk well and I respect his opinion.

Before we went live the newscaster, Brian, made me feel at ease. I enjoyed the interview, which was primarily about the release of my book/journal, Stories for my Grandchild. (For those of you who have already purchased the book, please do add a review to

Last night, my ultimate concierge and I finally saw the movie, Green Book, which I highly recommend. As I walked into the theatre, sat in the theatre, and left the theatre, there were so many women who I thought were grandmothers, and I wished I had the book to hand out to all.

Today is the day!

Today my book/journal, Stories for my Grandchild will be available on Amazon,, and in many bookstores across America, as well as in other countries around the world. You and I are co-authors. I have written questions for you to answer in your handwriting. My questions invite you to tell the story of your life to your grandchildren. You are writing your memoir, a keepsake to be passed down from generation to generation.

You will reflect on the many roles you have played, the lessons you have learned, the challenges you faced, your roots, your dreams for your grandchildren, your reflections as a grandmother and your closing thoughts. There are also a few pages for photos. When you complete your story, this little jewel will be an emotionally packed book/journal for your grandchildren, children, nieces, nephews, and beyond.

Stories for my Grandchild


The answer is easy. I love everything I do.  Every day, I am passionate, motivated and I am vested. Plus, I enjoy giving back. Seeing the last sentence makes me realize that I am a woman who gains ultimate pleasure in giving back. I feel I am receiving a gift when I give to others. In fact, at those times, I feel the greatest pleasure. To me, writing this book is giving back to you and your grandchildren. I am smiling. Why?

This book/journal is giving back to every grandmother around the world as she shares her story with her grandchildren. A grandchild will read their grandmother’s life story and have it for generations. Who wouldn’t find the time to write Stories for my Grandchild?

Writing this book/journal was the happiest of times. It was a peaceful and introspective time in my life as I sat and thought about how I would write some of the more difficult prompts for you to answer. It was a fun time, too. I would wonder how you would answer specific questions and wonder how I would answer my questions. It was a creative time with art and fonts and quotes and colors. “It was the best of times,” as the saying goes.

My Wish For Grandmothers Everywhere

My wish is for every grandmother worldwide to have this book. If I had a wish, I would wish I could wave my magic wand and drop a book off at every grandmother’s home all over the world. Why? Because it is important to leave your history, your story, your values and your loving thoughts for your grandchildren to have in their possession all of their lives.

I have been asked, “Are you writing another book?” Well, darlings truth be told I do have one safely in a file in my Google Drive. It is a bedside table book for women of all ages. I plan to work on it more soon. Stay tuned!

Have you purchased Stories for my Grandchild yet? What’s the most important lesson or tale you wish to leave with your grands? Please share your thoughts either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. (For those of you who have already purchased the book, please do add a review to

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