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Wrapping Up This Week + A Note On Visibility

I hope everyone had a great week and is enjoying their weekend! Today, I want to sum up what went on over here at Honey Good this past week!

I started this Sunday with a topic that has seemed to become a through-line in my entire blog; that is, the idea of being a visible woman. I shared why I feel fiercely awesome and how that allows me to be confident in my inner me and, therefore, remain visible.

Next, on Monday, I shared a new TV series, Hidden Heroes. I was so impressed and inspired by the premise of this show, to give attention to everyday acts of goodwill, that I just felt the need to let you know. I left you with one question that I want to bring up again because it really is so important: What can you do to push the kindness movement further? In reflecting on this, I realized that I feel most visible when I exude kindness to those around me.

On Tuesday, I discussed the value in asking the right person for help and my own personal experience in doing so. In my case, asking someone who has gone through a similar situation to the one with which I needed help was most helpful. I love how you all shared your roadblocks to asking for help in our Facebook community. I think awareness is the most important step to moving past these roadblocks. Similar to being kind, asking for help reassures me that I am not alone and that is a powerful thing, my friends. Not only that but, you guessed it, receiving help aids in us women feeling visible.

Wednesday I shared a wonderful business in northwest Indiana called Mane Image. They specialize in taking a more scientific approach to providing solutions for women with thinning hair or hair loss. I love this because hair does so much for our confidence and helping women deal with changes in their hair as they age can do wonders for their confidence. All that, as you may expect, I hope will lead to more visible women no matter their age! You can read about my experience with Mane Image here.

Then, on Thursday, I wrote about how traveling alone after 50 is a great way to meet yourself on a deeper level. With no one else around, you’ll find what feeds your spirit and fills you up rather than obliging to other’s requests. Traveling alone can also do wonders for your confidence and maybe even give you the confidence to become a more visible woman… I know, I know, too much but I couldn’t resist throwing that in there one more time!

Finally, on Friday, I ended the week with sharing the idea of, no matter where you live, carving out a space of your own. No matter how big or small this space is, it’s nice to have a spot to just think and be with yourself. No matter how outgoing and extroverted you may be, I believe having a space that is uniquely you can do wonders for your happiness and confidence.

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