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Women Need Women – An Advice Column from Honey Good

Women need women. I say this all the time. And, I think women over 50 need women even more. I am here to give advice on everything I can – and that is a lot I hope.

We all share space with unresolved problems. Most problems we face in our lifetime remain unresolved at the moment, but are solvable. I call these unresolved, but solvable problems my ‘grey’ problems. Knowing how to coexist in a calm manner with your unresolved grey problems has great value. No one lives through a day without something irritating happening! Right, Darlings?! We also may have to coexist with problems and need the help of trusting friends.

“Once you are real you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.” – Margret Wallace

I believe a woman becomes real when she grows into her authenticity. This is a gradual process that takes living through a long list of life experiences to achieve. Over time we all have mountains to climb, and life lessons to learn. A woman becomes authentic when she feels a strong emotional freedom to be who she really is. It is the realization of trusting her wisdom based on what she knows is right with the knowledge of who she is and what makes her different from all the others that makes her a woman with authenticity.

Many of you have reached the serene state of authenticity. Many of you continue to search. However all of you face daily grey problems, and hopefully serious issues far less often. During these times you need a friend who understands another woman’s feelings because she has gone through the same or a similar situation.

I am a Problem Solver

I am a problem solver, and a good one. My expertise does not come from reading books or attending classes; my knowledge comes from living and learning. How to pick myself up and start all over again with a smile; that’s how I have learned.

As I look back to my childhood, my teen years, college and young married years, my mothering years, widowed and then newly married again years, blended family years, moving years, world travel years, facing illness years and my giving back years, there have been so many experiences. All of these have made me real; authentic.

I’ve been through suicide in my family. I have embraced and welcomed gay grands. I have survived widowhood, and handled failure. I’ve received my PhD in life. That is why I created And now I’m starting a Thursday Thoughts column, where I want to answer specific questions from my Darlings.

I’ve gone through seeing other women feel invisible after 50, so let’s form lasting connections and get real. You can ask me anything – how to simplify your life, the importance of understanding others, how women feel when they retire, how to shop wisely, helping women find their way out of loneliness, the belief that age is just a number, financial security, how to pack and unpack wisely, how to buy good shoes, how to wear high heels with bunions, entertaining, the importance of multi-generational friendships and groups, learning boundaries, or how to juggle a marriage, a family and business career wisely.

My experience has given me the ability to answer your questions with honesty, sound advice and positivity. I would love you Darlings reading the column to write in with your opinions because two heads are often better than one.

The first Thursday Thoughts advice column will be this Thursday on my website, and on my Honey Good Facebook page. I have curated some recent comments and questions from the blog and social media

Please write your questions to me at and I will personally answer each and every one with a straightforward answer, humor, a reality check and the compassion of a good friend. Women need women.

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  1. Hey Honey,

    Wow, I love everything about this — from your smashingly great photo, to the personal content, to the invitation for Thursdays.

    I find it amusing that so many women (mostly the Young or Emotionally less mature) sort of “brag” about preferring male friends. I laugh loudest because I am laughing at my younger Self — Fancying myself as more “manly” than other gals and not into all that female overly talky stuff..
    For sure, I still prefer to shop alone (if at all ! yuck.) and never saw the point of manicures, but would prefer an outing on a motorcycle or watching a football game.

    But — You speak Powerful Truth about women needing one another, especially at 50 and beyond. Wow. SO important.

    As for authenticity, I am seeing parallels between my 50’s and my 20’s. As the kids prepare to launch into their own lives, I am revisiting the prospect, in the near future, of putting my own goals/needs/preferences First, even as I want to prepare a place for New Love in my life.

    Sure, I want to share it all with a male partner. But first — just as I did before Marriage 30 years ago — I need to fall back in Love with my own life.

    I will for sure email my question, which hinges on how we discern loss of authenticity vs the healthy act of compromising, when it comes to lovers and family.
    I have never considered myself inauthentic, quite the opposite. Yet, recent struggles and heartaches have taught me, undeniably, that indeed I have lost track of myself at times… Hm.

    Anyway, thanks so much for this. It really struck a chord and enhanced my day . Wonderful food for thought. So glad I subscribed and wishing you well.

    1. You are special… a thinker and believer in dancing to your own beat though while dancing, questioning. The exploration of one’s self is an elixir not to be put on a shelf. Send me your question…I will tell you no lies. Stay tuned for Thursday’s advice column. Warmly, Honey

    2. You are reentering the ‘you’ stage of life though not as a naive 20 year old without baggage.And, this is good because you are far wiser, you have had the most profound ‘sharing and love’…motherhood. Now it is your time with all your knowledge to venture out and say: Hello world…here I am. Write your question to and I will tell you…no lies! Where do you live? Maybe close to me? Warmly, Honey

  2. I’m happy you will do Thursday Thoughts! I have learned so much from other women. The questions and answers will help so many of us who are still working on our PhD.

  3. Good on you!
    I love reading your posts and am surprised but pleased that you have come up with another way to support and encourage us -your darlings😍

    1. Thank you so very much. I will have more answers for women seeking my advice in this Thursday’s Advice Column. Warmly, Honey

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