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Honey Good the Queen Bee

Why are you a Queen Bee? After the age of 50, you have earned this distinction. For one, you have survived the trials and tribulations of thousands of personal experiences. Your mind is full of knowledge. Over the years, you have learned to be receptive and perceptive. You have given back to your family and friends.

There are those times you have had to dig deep. You have become empowered after the age of 50. Sure, you go through periods when you reproach yourself. Some days you feel visible, and other days, you feel invisible. Some days you feel lost and lonely. But the days of growth far surpass the days you wilt. Applaud yourself, Ms. Queen.

We are all a story of contradictions. You praise yourself on one hand and criticize yourself on the other. This is what it is to be human. You wish you had accomplished something you turned your back on.

Everyone has these feelings, including me. That does not diminish the fact that you are a Queen.

Therefore, when you feel out of sorts, you have the tools to explode and ‘bee’ the best version of yourself. Remember your accomplishments, big and small, and praise yourself. You have earned your stripes … wear them with pride. You are a Queen.

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Now that you are over 50, it is time to reconsider doing something fresh. You do have time. Go on out there and test the waters. 

I want you to continue to rise to your occasions, take the bull by the horn and do something important only to you. Something that will lift your spirit, something that will bring you joy.


The first step is to step into your Queendom and applaud yourself. You are a Queen. 


  • Find joy in life
  • Give back
  • Are brave
  • Are thoughtful
  • Have grace
  • Are a communicator
  • Have learned humility
  • Have perseverance
  • Take ownership
  • Have more confidence than you probably realize
  • Are the best version of yourself
  • Are kind and loving to your family and others
  • Have established your list of personal requirements that bring you a  feeling of happiness and contentment

Look into your mirror. Even if you cannot applaud yourself on all of the above …You are a Queen.


A Queen turns her actionable possibilities into joyful realities.

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My authentic name is Honey Good. It is the name my grandchildren gave me.  It seems fitting to equate the word, Honey, with a Queen Bee. After all, I am a woman after 50, like you, who has earned my title. 

Like many others, I have a dream. I am turning my dream into a joyful reality. My new website, premiering on September 6, 2022, will be known as an Enlightenment Salon, where women from all walks of life are welcomed. My Salon will be a forum of discussions on several topics of interest; its goal is to enlighten and empower.  

My Enlightenment Salon is my newest passion. I have designated myself the Queen Bee because I have earned my Ph.D. in life, and I love collecting. In this case, women.

My passion for my newest endeavor is my love of group conversations. I love to learn, and I love to council. I love women’s friendships. And I know women need one another.


After the age of 50, a woman has a wealth of personal knowledge. She knows her skills and her frailties. She knows what she does well. Also, she knows what turns her on and off. This is very important as she considers what she will do after 50. Or before 50, for that matter.

So make a list and write down your priorities on what will bring you the most joy after 50. You most assuredly know, but write a list anyway.


I am content is to be my own person. To enjoy fitting in but in my way. I learned early on the wisdom of how to voice my opinion in a group. Carefully.  Once you have bonded and are accepted, you can be original. At this point, other women will most probably appreciate you. They will not resent you as long as you remember you want to be a part of the group, not different, just original. I am qualified to lead an Enlightenment Salon. My Enlightenment Salon brings me joy.


To be an ‘original’ Queen Bee, you must feel the joy of collecting women and men (yes! men) from all walks of life and ages around you. 

An original Queen Bee enjoys the company of others and is interested in hearing their take on life. She enjoys their stories. She cares. This woman is an interested woman. Because of her interest in others, she has grown into an interesting woman. This qualifies me to be the Queen Bee of my Enlightenment Salon.   

What sets a Queen Bee apart from other Bees?

She takes an initiative. In my case, I started my hive! I get insurmountable joy collecting women into a large group. At best, I know I am an ardent collector. It is in my  DNA. I feel the need to collect, and I go out and do it.  

When I collect others, I am entitled to call myself a Queen Bee. Because I acted and committed myself to being a leader and a hostess. In this case, I worked hard to create an Enlightenment Salon for you, a place for you to express your feelings. In other words, I am your hostess, but I prefer the name Queen Bee, and you are my queenly Honey Bees. How special is that?


I  have my cake and eat it too! I am achieving a  goal that gives me the feeling of genuine fulfillment. As the Queen Bee of my Enlightenment Salon, I am giving back to all of you. And … I am well aware of the joy you will bring me. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Please use me as your example. Follow your path as I followed my path. With desire, determination, putting your fears aside, and hard work. Facing difficulties and the joy of attaining your goal is worth all your effort. You are already a Queen Bee with a head filled with knowledge. 

Wear your crown proudly. It is fitting.

Do you feel like a Queen Bee? I’d love to hear from you! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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  1. At 75yrs, I love your enchanting concept and promise to fully embrace my Queen status. In 2016, 5-days after I retired, I became a 1st time grandmother, which made my heart burst with joy, then 6 months ago another sweet little bundle arrived, causing a complete heartmelt. 3 years ago my very first prince~charming (from 2nd grade) rode back into my life, this spring we got married in our backyard. Simply, I am a believer in happy ever after and it’s never to late, to have your dreams come true. Great luck on your new adventure starting on September 6th, I will be watching~

    1. You were born under a lucky star and then made your dreams come true. You made my day! Warmly, Honey

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